QUARTZ Water Bottle – Self Cleaning UV-C LED Eliminates Bacteria?


When looking at the current pollution scenario in the world, we can see that there are nearly 20,000 plastic bottles that are dumped across the globe per second. This is a staggering figure which shows that we need to reduce our dependency with plastic, as this chemcial has been scientifically shown to take at least 1000 years to degrade.

Alternatively, we can also see that there are over 480 billion bottles that are dumped into landfills per year. This amount of plastic is enough to “wrap around the earth’s equator more than twice”.

About QUARTZ Water Bottle

QUARTZ Water Bottle is an all new ‘Self-Cleaning Bottle’ that delivers pure water to users on a daily basis. In a more technical aspect, we can see that this bottle is “reusable, rechargeable and insulated”.

Using an all new ‘digital purification system‘ that features UVC light, this system allows us to obtain germ free water every time. All one has to do is press a button, and the UV lights inside start to eliminate microbes that might have infiltrated into our water.

Other Key Aspects About QUARTZ Water Bottles

Delivers results in 60 seconds:

Using a highly concentrated 280 nm UV-C beam, the bottle is able to clean water in under 60 seconds. This is a highly useful feature especially when we are outdoors or are travelling to places we are not really familiar with.

Cooling Effect:

Owing to its ‘double insulated’ outer body, Quartz is able to keep water cool or hot for as long as 12 hours.

Large Quantity:

Each unit has the capacity to hold around 525 ml of liquid within it. Thus, the bottle is not too bulky and is able to satiate our thirst as and when the need arises.

Scientifically Backed:

Clinical research has shown that this ‘self cleaning’ bottle is up to 10,000 times more hygienic than regular plastic bottles that are made from BPA and phthalates.

Other Things To Consider With QUARTZ Water Bottles

Cost Effectiveness:

When looked at from a statistical angle, we can see that the average person in the United States spends around $1000 on bottled water. Thus, through the use of Quartz we can save up on all of these unwanted added costs.

Long Battery Life:

After charging the core unit just once, the bottle can last upto 2 months. To recharge, all we need to do is plug in the bottle to a power source via a USB cable.


The outer body is made via the use of powerful materials that possess ‘high tensile strength’. This ensures that we can take Quartz with us on a hiking trail, outdoor adventures or even when travelling abroad.


Owing to its size and sleek design, this bottle can be easily carried on the road with us. Additionally, it packs quite easily into our gym bags and is able to give us pure water even in sweaty, unhygienic surroundings.

Advanced Technology:

As mentioned earlier, Quartz has been seen to combine the “power of the sun with the advances of the digital age”. Each bottle makes use of highly specialised ‘UVC LED chips’ that are small, energy saving and highly effective in cleaning out harmful antibodies from our water.

Lastly, the bottle is much less toxic (mercury free), and more economical compared to traditional Mercury based UV technology.

Where Can I Make A Purchase?

QUARTZ Water Bottle is still in its kickstarter phase and can be availed of for a reduced rate at the moment. For starters, there is a pledge for $59 that allows us to obtain one Quartz bottle for a discount of 40%.

Additionally, there are other more expensive packages that allow us to obtain large quantities of these bottles at highly reduced rates. Payments can be made via paypal, mastercard and visa, and deliveries are expected to begin in March of 2018.

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