Purest Vantage D Mannose: Cranberry & Dandelion Extract For UTI?


D Mannose by Purest Vantage is a supplement that consumers can use to help them eliminate toxins and other impurities in their body for a healthier liver and urinary function. The remedy is available as a one-time purchase, but consumers can order multiple bottles at once or enroll in a subscription to save some money.

What Is Purest Vantage D Mannose?

Taking care of the needs of the body is primarily done through the user’s diet. In fact, there is a natural way to solve nearly every imbalance that consumers can think of. To strengthen the bones, drink milk. If the throat is sore, drink tea. When it comes to the urinary tract, consumers can even soothe that with the natural benefits from the ingredients in D Mannose.

With D Mannose by Purest Vantage, consumers can improve both the health of the liver and the urinary tract. Read on below to learn about the ingredients that contribute to the change.

How D Mannose Cranberry & Dandelion Extract For UTI Helps

The reason that D Mannose is so helpful to consumers is because of the formula. The main ingredient is obviously D Mannose, which works within the body to balance the needs of the liver and urinary tract. Along with the benefits described above, the following ingredients contribute to the efficacy:

  • Cranberry juice powder, which eliminates the toxins from the body and heals consumers with UTIs
  • Dandelion extract, to speed up the rate that the liver eradicates toxins from the body

Cranberries are already well known for their potent help with urinary tract infections, but the combined power of D Mannose with cranberry is a defense and solution that every consumer will appreciate.

Using Purest Vantage D Mannose

Consumers will need to take two capsules a day, though they will be split into two different doses throughout the day. These instructions can be changed by a medical professional, if the user feels that they need a more potent dose.

Pricing For Purest Vantage D Mannose

On Amazon.com, consumers can buy 120 capsules of D Mannose for $14.95. However, there are two ways to save big on the purchase – ordering more than one bottle at once or beginning a subscription.

When ordering more than one bottle, consumers will get a discount that is based off the number of bottles they order. Choose from:

  • 10% off 2 items
  • 15% off 3 items
  • 20% off 5 items

During the subscription, consumers will get a savings of 5% per bottle, bringing down the cost to $14.20. However, if the user decides to subscribe to at least 5 products, they can increase the savings to 15% per supplement.

Contacting The Creators Of Purest Vantage D Mannose

Even though the user purchases the D Mannose remedy through Amazon Prime, the creators of the treatment – Purest Vantage – will be the ones that can answer any questions about the treatment. There is no phone number available, but consumers can send an email to [email protected].

Purest Vantage D Mannose Conclusion

D Mannose is meant for anyone that has issues in the liver, urinary tract, or kidneys, and wants to solve it with a natural remedy. The ingredients are minimal, using the natural benefits of D Mannose and raspberries to help consumers stop suffering from frequent UTIs.

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