PT PushUp X-celerator – Compact Sit Or Stand Strength Exerciser?


The PT PushUp X-celerator is a device that helps consumers to get extra support during their workout, while improving strength with the use of resistance bands. The product is part of a Kickstarter effort to gain additional funding.

What Is The PT PushUp X-celerator?

Getting a healthy exercise routine in anyone’s routine is crucial for anyone that wants to keep their body toned and strong. However, since many people do not have the time to go to the gym, it is more convenient to find products that consumers can keep at home, which creates a new issue of space. There are many machines that can fold up and be put away, but the PT PushUp X-celerator delivers a completely new level of support for consumers.

The PT PushUp X-celerator is incredibly compact, and can be used anywhere to get the desired impact from a workout. The device is simple to learn to use, considering how many exercises it actually supports. The lightweight structure is small enough to fit in a suitcase to bring along to work or for travel, which is the greatest part of the appeal.

Read on below to find out how such an extraordinary device can help so much.

How It Works

The main focus of the PT PushUp X-celerator is that there’s resistance bands to help work with the natural building of muscle. This works on many levels.

First, the safety of the user is easier to maintain without the use of free weights and dumbbells. Without these extra pieces, consumers can carry the PT PushUp X-celerator from place to place with ease. It is also easy to store out of the way.

The best part about the PT PushUp X-celerator is that it works with different resistance band levels, depending on the age and skill level of the user. Choose from:

  • Light resistance, for consumers under 110lbs that want to start their fitness regimen or start with rehabilitation
  • Beginner resistance, for inexperienced users of any weight
  • Strong resistance, for consumers that regularly exercise at home or a rehabilitation center
  • Power resistance, for advanced users

Using the PT PushUp X-celerator

The wonderful thing about the PT PushUp X-celerator machine is that there are over 30 different exercises that can be done with it. From the information online, consumers should be able to perform many of the common exercises that happen in the gym. However, there should be instructions included to help consumers create a regimen that helps with their resistance.

Pricing For the PT PushUp X-celerator

The total retail value of the PT PushUp X-celerator is not yet listed, but that is because the product is part of a Kickstarter campaign at the moment. Consumers will be able to make pledges for limited spots to help them get exclusive pricing before the device is released next year.

Consumers can choose from the following pledge amounts:

  • $129 (super early bird special), offering the full package that includes the PT PushUp X-celerator, two vertical supports padded handles, a wrist/ankle strap, 4 resistance bands (2 long, 2 short)
  • $179 (early bird special), offering the full package
  • $229 (flash sale), offering the complete package, plus two extra resistance bands
  • $258 (early bird special), for two complete packages
  • $329, for the complete package, with two additional long bands and two additional short bands
  • $387 (early bird special), for three complete packages

The first of the shipments is expected to go out in May 2018, as long as the company meets their minimum goal on the Kickstarter campaign.

Contacting the Creators of the PT PushUp X-celerator

Right now, the main way to reach out to the creators of the PT PushUp X-celerator is to comment on the Kickstarter page. All of the comments will be posted publicly, helping other consumers to benefit from the answers as well.

The PT PushUp X-celerator Review Summary

The PT PushUp X-celerator is meant for nearly everyone. People that are used to their sedentary habits may have a hard time adjusting to a rigorous routine from the gym, but the lack of weights with this device makes it more accessible to a wider range of people.

The fitness platform ensures that any consumer can get a workout from the position that they are most comfortable at, and has even been encouraged for use with physical rehabilitation after injuries or with arthritis. To gain strength, the resistance bands meet consumers at their current level of fitness, while giving the opportunity for continued growth.

If you want to find a machine that works with you at every level, and that can go anywhere you do, invest in a pledge towards the PT PT PushUp X-celerator.

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