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Protandim Nrf1 Synergizer Review

Protandim Nrf1 Synergizer is a new nutritional supplement that promises to help tune your cells at the genetic level in order to regulate the aging process. Let’s find out more about how Protandim works today in our review.

What is Protandim NRF1 Synergizer?

Protandim Nrf1 Synergizer is a nutritional supplement made by LifeVantage, a multilevel marketing company that sells a number of other nutritional supplements.

Protandim claims to relieve oxidative stress on the body by flooding your body with antioxidants.

The supplement will launch in Q4 2016 during a live broadcast that will take place around the world. The Nrf1 Synergizer is expected to work in a similar way to LifeVantage’s other nutritional supplement, the Nrf2 Synergizer (yes, the company released the Nrf2 Synergizer first and is releasing the Nrf1 Synergizer second).

The supplements are called Nrf1/Nrf2 Synergizers because Nrf2 is a protein that binds itself to a DNA sequence:

“Nrf2 enters cells to stimulate protective genes and enzymes to neutralize the effects of free radicals”.

The Protandim NRF1 Synergizer launch was announced on February 19 during LifeVantage’s Elite Academy in Nashville, Tennessee.

How Does Protandim NRF1 Synergizer Work?

Protandim Nrf1 Synergizer claims to work in tandem with the original Protandim Nrf2 Synergizer. In a press release, LifeVantage President and Chief Executive Officer, Darren Jensen, had this to say about how the supplement works:

“The Protandim NFR1 Synergizer is formulated to strengthen the mitochondria, which are the power house of all cells for better cellular health. It is designed to work in tandem with our flagship Protandim Nrf2 Synergizer product and further enhance our body's ability to naturally produce antioxidants and reduce the effects of cellular stress on its own.”

So far, all we really know about the Nrf1 Synergizer is that it will be launched worldwide sometime in Q4 2016. We don’t know any further details about how it works, which ingredients are included, or how many clinical tests have taken place (if any).

Fortunately, we do know how the original Protandim supplement, the Nrf2 Synergizer, claims to work. That supplement uses ingredients like:

— Milk Thistle Extract
— Bacopa Extract
Turmeric Extract
Green Tea Extract

Together, these ingredients claim to flood your body with valuable antioxidants. Antioxidants are special molecules that target free radicals in your body, relieving oxidative stress. They’re found naturally in a number of fruits, for example, and many people take supplements to ensure they get sufficient antioxidants every day.

The Protandim lineup takes this a step further by actually claiming that these ingredients active the Nrf2 protein. As mentioned above, Nrf2 is a protein that binds itself to your DNA. By activating this protein, Protandim claims to regulate survival genes and reduce oxidative stress even further.

Scientific Evidence for Protandim

LifeVantage frequently mentions that it’s a science-based company committed to making supplements backed by extensive scientific evidence.

So what does the science behind Protandim say?

LifeVantage dedicates a page of their site to discussing the science behind the supplement. That page mentions how Dr. Joe McCord, a “world-renowned scientist and pioneer in free radical biology”, created Protandim after devoting his life to the study of free radicals. Dr. McCord is listed as the “former LifeVantage Chief Science Officer”, so it seems like he no longer works for the company.

Dr. McCord and his team cite three studies that have been performed on Nrf2 Synergizer over the years. Those studies include:

Ex Vivo Study Shows Protandim Has Protective Effect

One study published in Free Radical Biology and Medicine in March 2011 showed that the antioxidants in Protandim can have a protective effect.

Researchers specifically examined the effect that Protandim had on human saphenous veins, or HSVs, which are widely used for bypass grafts. Researchers concluded by stating that:

“Results showed that HSV cultured ex vivo exhibit an ~ 3-fold increase in proliferation and ~ 3.6-fold increase in intimal area relative to freshly isolated HSV. Treatment of HSV during culture with Protandim, a nutritional supplement known to activate Nrf2 and increase the expression of antioxidant enzymes in several in vitro and in vivo models, blocks IH and reduces cellular proliferation to that of freshly isolated HSV. Protandim treatment increased the activity of SOD, HO-1, and catalase 3-, 7-, and 12-fold, respectively, and decreased the levels of superoxide (O2•−) and the lipid peroxidation product 4-HNE.”

Basically, Protandim was tested on human tissue outside of the human body (“ex vivo”), where it showed an ability to reduce oxidative stress in that tissue, reducing cellular proliferation while increasing the activity of certain molecules.

In other words, Protandim was observed to have a protective effect in this study.

2010 Study Shows Protandim May Reduce Oxidative Stress in Mice

A study published in 2010 in the Journal of Dietary Supplements involved testing Protandim on mice.

Researchers tested the supplement on mice to gauge the effect the supplement might have on humans with muscular dystrophy. Oxidative damage has often been suggested as one of the major causes of muscular dystrophy.

Researchers took a group of 3 week old mice and separated them into two treatment groups. One group received normal mouse food while the other group took mouse food with Protandim added in.

The mice received the diet for 6 months, during which researchers tested their oxidative stress. The Protandim food mix in mice was observed to be safe and well-tolerated for a period of six months.

Researchers also observed that the mice eating the Protandim food experienced a 48% average decrease in plasma thiobarbituric acid-reactive substances (TBARS) as well as positive movement in a number of other oxidative stress indicators, like 38% less MRI signal abnormality.

After the six month period, the mice that took Protandim did not significantly alter motor function nor histological criteria.

So mice were observed to have lower levels of oxidative stress in their system after being treated with Protandim. The supplement was also safe and well-tolerated with no serious complications reported.

2009 Study Shows Protandim Can Boost Heart Health

A 2009 study published in Circulation examined the effects of Protandim on heart health. Researchers were studying the relationship between right ventricular (RV) function and pulmonary arterial hypertension.

To do that, researchers took a “mechanical animal model” and compared it to an established model. Then, they added a dietary supplement, Protandim, that was observed to prevent fibrosis and capillary loss and preserve RV function “despite continuing pressure overload”.

In other words, Protandim was shown to decrease pressure in the heart, which could reduce the risk of heart attack.

There are some problems with all of these studies. The first and most glaring problem is that none of them have taken place on human subjects. The 2009 study used a mechanical animal model, for example, while later studies used mice and ex vivo human tissue.

The other problem is that there are only three listed studies.

Fortunately, LifeVantage claims that more Protandim studies are on the way – although it hasn’t mentioned whether or not human clinical trials have taken place.

Since the Nrf1 Synergizer has not yet been released, we haven’t yet seen any studies specifically on it.

It’s always a good idea to wait for reliable research to come out before you start taking a nutritional supplement. With LifeVantage’s Protandim Nrf2 and Nrf1 Synergizers, we haven’t yet seen that research.

Protandim Nrf1 Synergizer Pricing

Protandim Nrf1 Synergizer has not yet been released, so we don’t know the pricing details for the upcoming supplement.

The original Protandim Nrf2 Synergizer, however, is exclusively available through LifeVantage distributors. These distributors sell Protandim directly to consumers and prices are not typically listed online.

However, a quick Google Search shows us that LifeVantage network members are selling products through eBay and other third party retailers, where pricing looks like this:

— 1 Bottle (30 Capsules): $40.49 USD

You may find cheaper prices, but that appears to be the approximate price at which most LifeVantage distributors are selling.

LifeVantage tells you to take one caplet per day, so one bottle lasts for a month. Each caplet contains 675mg of a proprietary formula.

It’s expected that the Nrf1 Synergizer will offer similar pricing to the original supplement.

About LifeVantage

LifeVantage Corporation is a publically-traded (Nasdaq:LFVN) multi-level marketing company that claims to take a science-based approach to making nutritional supplements and promises to “transform health, wellness and anti-aging internally and externally at the cellular level.”

In addition to the popular Nrf2 Synergizer (and the upcoming Nrf1 Synergizer), the company makes supplements like TrueScience Anti-Aging Skin Care Regimen, Canine Health, the AXIO energy product line and the PhysIQ Smart Weight Management System.

The company was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Should You Use Protandim Nrf1 Synergizer?

Protandim Nrf1 Synergizer is a nutritional supplement preparing for launch in Q4 2016. So far, neither Protandim Nrf1 Synergizer or the original supplement, the Nrf2 Synergizer, have been tested in humans in any major studies – they’ve only been tested in mice and on ex vivo human tissue, where they showed modest antioxidative effects.

Until more reliable research on real human subjects is conducted, it’s impossible to verify the claims made by LifeVantage. In any case, you shouldn’t take any supplement or medicine that has never been tested on humans in major clinical studies.

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Supplement Police
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  1. “Since the NIA ITP program’s inception in 1999, Protandim is the only nutritional supplement tested that has been proven to increase the median survival in mice, thus delaying the aging process”
    If you think it’s a scam because they studied Protandim in mice then you call your doctor and ask them because you won’t trust me.
    I think its comical how everyone wants to rip apart the efficacy of Protandim and their 23 peer reviewed studies when most other companies have zero. I’m sure other companies may have one or two but have any of them been funded by the American Heart Association? National Institute of Health? Didn’t think so.

  2. I have extremely bad anxiety and a high stress level and this #Protandim has helped both those issues. It has also helped with keeping a clear head and not being so tired and drained all the time. I would highly suggest this product to anyone!

    • Do you have an anxiety disorder, panic, etc? How has Protandim helped you so far? Do you feel completely well? Thank you.

      • My friend has always had extreme anxiety and began taking the first protandim supplement a year ago or so and has weaned completely off her Rx medication.

  3. The studies are on the website. The publications are on the website. The price is on the website. One note: “positive” human trials by pharma companies led patients to take many drugs that have proven through the years to cause much more harm than good. But because their doctor prescribed it (based on journals and pharma claims), they trusted it. For example, patients take statins to prevent heart attacks, but statins are not proven to reduce the risk of heart attack. And now the use of statins is coming under scrutiny. My point is that anything we ingest has risks.

    Protandim is all natural; the formula is patented (6 times; the specific ratio of ingredients is synergistic to produce your body’s own anti-oxidant enzymes – many times more effective than food anti-oxidants);and the anecdotal evidence, as well as the science, is worth considering. As long as there is no allergy to any of the 5 ingredients, the supplement is safe.

    The company is careful to warn distributors what claims are compliant for natural supplements. Some distributors have been cut off for infractions. Unfortunately, the nature of MLM makes it difficult for the company to monitor every distributor. If you have a complaint, please contact the company. Many of these claims spring from enthusiasm over results seen. Most LifeVantage distributors are excited about what they perceive to be a medical breakthrough; but they aren’t scientists. Check it out for yourself online.

    • We are talking about the new product, Nrf1, not the original Protandim. There are no studies or patents on the new product.

  4. To Jennifer and SB and Rita and Darcy and Brian and Roger…..;
    I have been in the MLM industry for so many years and it can and has been rewarding.
    However the “distributor” must have an understanding that success is based on the fact that you treat it like a business. My family had owned a few bars in a small town where I grew up and the MLM game is very similar. While a bar is a great place to socialize and relax, it is still a house where you pay to consume alcohol at extremely inflated prices and are sometimes subjected to some pretty low class dishonest people. So as I read this very small article and the 14 comments at this time,
    I can see the validity in my small comparison.
    Now I have been with LifeVantage, for nearly 3 years, and yes I did find the Myhill and Dr. Mcord story an easy one to sell. Paul Myhill worked on this idea for over 10 years, through success and failure. The final patented product Protandim did not sell retail at GNC stores.
    However Tony Little sold more “Gazelles” (elliptical style exercise machine) through telemarketing than the general retail store method.
    So 10 or 11 years ago Myhill launched his product and went to the MLM method.
    I have now been through three management and executive changes with LV and I am trying desperately to stay with Darren Jensen and his latest plan.
    However reading these comments is not helping my confidence in staying. It looks like the quality of distributor is sinking quickly.
    Can one of the distributors that posted comment intelligently please….
    Here are my concerns…
    Roger: protandim is not new…..its has been 15 years in the making.
    Brian: seriously?????? Headaches laziness and now turning your sleepy sister into a gymnast throwing cartwheels??? How is this helping to promote a decent MLM company??
    Rita, Darcy, Jennifer, S.B., OMG!!!!! Please seek help from a board certified physician that actually attended medical school and COMPLETED AND OFFICIAL RESIDENCY PROGRAM IN MEDICINE.
    I like LV, I enjoy the history of protandim, and I am trying to accept that Mr. Jensen is trying to expand the product line to get as far away from the dependency of the original protandim.
    So please understand, there is NO SCIENCE ANY MORE, simply sales and promotions for the sake of profit and with the history of protandim or the backstory if you prefer, LV can be a successful MLM.
    But it is not helping if you claim the old out dated Protandim turns “grey hair brown” or treats
    Debilitating symptoms of Cerebral Palsey.
    That is insanity.

  5. What a joke. They launched this new product apparently without any scientific testing or validation. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but at least with their original Protandim product they tried to make it look like it had studies to back it up (they didn’t)! Look on their web page. No science. Even better, look at their FAQ page for this Nrf1 product. All the hype and advertising is about how the product will support, strengthen, and boost production of your mitochondria. The last question on the FAQ page is: “Is there a test I can do to see if my mitochondrial health is improving? Answer: While there is no test at this time, Lifevantage is in the process on studying the effects of Protandim NRF1 Synergizer.” LOL! Good to know they are “in the process”……that is such a great selling point! Here, take this pill, we have no idea why you should take it, or if it will harm you in the long run, but we sure like to sucker people in and line our pockets while we have “studies” underway. Here’s an idea, why not actually test the product before you sell it? I guess they blew their research budget on the fancy video that makes everything look all science-y.

    • Have you tried it now that they are gaining recognition ???? I gave this product to my dad didn’t tell him what it was after a month he can’t believe how good he feels sleeps better and has more energy his arthritis pain has subsided he can lift his arms above his head which he couldn’t do before they are all natural products unlike what you get from your doctor I know what id prefer to put into my body he is 75 year young I want him to be around for ever so I will keep buying them for him

  6. It can apparently cure headaches and heart valves and all kinds of other ailments. While LifeVantage know better to make unsupported medical claims of its magic pill, its distributors make all kinds of wild claims. It also cures adhd and depression, ask my sister in law. This is one of those areas where human clinical trials need to be done if it really is a promising magic pill. Until then, emotional pleas and unsupported claims mean close to nothing. There are suckers born all the time and pedaling a cure all is nothing new. It’s amazing that this old con is still working.

  7. Indeed it is early on in the life of Protandum. And yes there are more studies underway, which are much needed. Yet the real life clinical trials have been beneficial and quite numerous.
    The product does seem to be doing what it claims it can do for those who take it as suggested. The clinical results thus far have been rewarding and continue it offer much promise.

    It is important to note also that, as mentioned above, it is not the “magic bullet”, which it does not claim to be.
    It is often used in conjunction with other natural supplements as well as with prescription medication. You will note that the “clinical” stories are from folks who have rather serious medical issues. And they are seeing results!

    What I am intrigued by, concerning this product, is the simple synergistic ingredients which are producing the results. I encourage especially the scientific minded audience to read the results of the research that has been done and to follow what is ongoing.

    Oh and I am using the Protandum product myself! And seeing benefits after a very short period of time.

  8. I was a skeptic until my wife tried it and is now “headache free” from chronic headaches, 20 a month at least for over a 7 year period…myself, I use to take naps every day and that is a thing of the past…my sister who has had lyme disease for over 15 years, lost her job, her life so to speak to sleeping everyday, even doing the laundry was a task that resulted in laying down for an hour or so is now doing cart-wheels after only a couple weeks of taking Protandim…

    It’s so easy to knock something because one refuses to give over to the science behind it…

  9. Ok first off Protandim has been tested on humans, ABC News John Q tested it and it did was it is patented to do. Second like out parents told us growing up don’t knock it until you try it EVERY person who has give protandim a try has had amazing results. Third Protandim was once available in stores but it is doing much better through networking, Study the company before we start writing reviews with false information in them.

    • Ridiculous. Not EVERY person who has tried it has had amazing results. It’s unfathomable that you would even think such a thing.

      The reason it sells better via MLM is that when it was on store shelves, it didn’t have people like you making outlandish claims about it.

      Study the company? LOL. Anyone who really studies the company (starting off with the lie about who “invented” their first product) would be able to tell it is a pyramid scheme masquerading around as a medical breakthrough.

      • Trailhiker, you obviously have some issues with network marketing. To an extent you are correct, not everyone “feels” something. Some people do not notice anything. That does not mean that Protandim Nrf2 doesn’t work. It just means that person is very healthy. Most of the people who do notice “something” are people like myself who have medical issues. Because oxidative stress has been linked to more than 200 different diseases.
        As for the science behind Protandim Nrf2, if you have a problem with the fact that the study was done on mice or in a test tube than you need to bitch to the scientist who conducted the study! They are the ones who decided to do the study and how they would conduct the study. LifeVantage had nothing to do with the study.
        It is obvious that you have no clue what a pyramid scheme is. MLM companies have been around for a long time. Mary Kay, Amway, Avon just to name a few. If they were a pyramid scheme they would not be a multi billion dollar companies.

        Network marketing is just a better business model and companies are starting to use it more and more. There is a growing number of testimonials about what Protandim Nrf2 has done for people. Mine included.

  10. Oh good grief. Protandim is a ridiculous curry pill masquerading as a medical breakthrough, sold by gullible people trapped in a pyramid scheme. The “science” is primarily on rodents and done for marketing purposes. Joe McCord did not create the product, Paul Myhill did, and according to one of his Facebook posts, even he no longer takes it.

    The only human study done with a control group showed that Protandim was useless, and a placebo performed better.

    Now a new synergizer pill is being rolled out? Can’t wait to see the science on this one.

    • My husband had a severe right side heart valve problem, frequently turning blue, gasping for breath. We were told it was inoperable. But we found a doctor, a heart transplant doctor, that took the risk of repairing it. Husband had started taking Protandim a month before surgery, June 9, 2015. He healed quickly, the open heart scar is barely visible, his almost snow white hair is becoming more brown, and has so much energy that I can’t keep up with this soon to be 78 year old gorgeous hunk of a hubby! So I started taking it too. I’m starting to feel younger, my sore knees don’t hurt me any longer, the swelling in my finger joints is disappearing. I’m sold! It’s a miracle product with a lot of real science behind it. We’re both health care providers and know a lot about supplements, herbs, etc. and the synergistic blend in Protandim is a genius-inspired product. Because of what it does, we’re reducing several of our other supplements that we take, and will be saving money!

      • Hi Jennifer,
        My Mom had a heart valve replacement two months ago and is doing well. She was unfortunately having problems with nereopathy in her arms before the heart surgery and doctors do not know if it’s a form of ALS. I found a supplement protocol to reverse the neureopathy and Protandim was part of it. My question yo you is – “Does your husband have to take any drugs for his heart problem and can protandim effect the effectiveness of those drugstore? My Mom takes high blood pressure meds and I don’t want to do damage to the heart while trying to reverse the neureopathy in her arms.

        • Rita, you can contact me and I can connect you with a cardiologist who is an advocate of the product.
          Darcy Dunker @ Gmail . Com

          Just push all of that together and you have my email, I would love to talk more with you.

    • Trailhiker it might be time for you to move to another forum if you have something of quality to state and factual, I’m sure everybody here would be happy to listen.

  11. The ABC Primetime Report ( was done on a human on TV that was not intended to validate the product, but it did. The first study on for Protandim was a human clinical trial. Other study methods were done as well to prove it worked the same in every type of study.

    Most of the people in LifeVantage, Like myself, have never been in a network marketing company. The science and the health benefits everyone is experiencing is what is attracting us all and even people who are leaving other major companies. LifeVantage is a network marjeter’s dream. :).

  12. I can appreciate a lot of the information in this article, but as a nurse I also understand that human trial are the aspect that takes a supplement from that open market to the controlled market of prescription medication. There has however been plenty of research on the individual ingredients with in the supplement.

    The article cited 3 studies on protandim but a quick search on PubMed will reveal that there are currently at least 16 published studies on protandim with more in the works. When you add in the fact that there are now international conferences on Nrf2 technology that are not sponsored by Lifevantage, you can begin to see that this development is on the cutting edge of health and wellness.

    If it hasn’t been abundantly clear, I am a distributor and I would never tell anyone that this is a cure all. I would however explain that this supplement has changed my wife’s life because of the disability she had related to degenerative disks in her back.

    I would then tell them that this has taken my brother in law from needing heart surgery because of medication resistant atrial fibrillation to being released from his cardiologist because it hasn’t been acting up for over a year.

    I can also tell you about my friends 3 with cerebral palsy whose children have been able to walk,and even run, consistently without crutches since being on 1/2 a protandim and axio, an nrf2 synergizing sports drink from lifevantage, which has allowed them to get off the stimulant adderall.

    Anecdotal, true, but there countless stories like these. The science is there whether you accept it or not. Also, just to help you with some accuracy, and to verify this check the quote from the ceo, the supplement that is coming out is not Nrf1, but NFR1. Don’t feel judged, most of the distributors don’t know this detail. From a business stand point, I can honestly say that I hated mlms. I grew up with my parents in Amway and going no where.

    I only got involved with this company because of the research and the viable results in my family.

    I can only sell something I personally believe in. I believe in protandim and lifevantage.

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