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ProstaKare Review – Is It Right For You?

The health of the prostate is a subject that is either ignored or presented when it’s too late. However, despite the lack of information on the topic of prostate health, a huge number of men will suffer from some type of prostate issue by the time they’re 70. From the statistics alone, talking about prostate health should be a priority for every doctor and every man who wants to live a healthy life.

One of the best ways to keep prostate problems from starting in the first place is to use a form of preventative treatment. Unfortunately, most medications don’t offer long-term preventative options for men who want to protect their prostate. This is why it’s important for men to consider a natural supplement as a way to guard their prostate.

ProstaKare is a natural supplement that addresses all the worries and concerns associated with caring for the prostate. It doesn’t just help treat multiple conditions, it can help prevent these conditions from ever taking hold. ProstaKare is one of the only supplements on the market that was formulated to give men the tools they need to properly care for their prostate.

What is ProstaKare?

Created by Dr.’s Richard Mynatt and Steven Mynatt, ProstaKare is a preventative care option for men who want to live their lives to the fullest. ProstaKare is a supplement that keeps the entire prostate healthy, so no other medications or treatment methods are needed to prevent prostate issues.

Because problems with the prostate are such a serious issue, but aren’t talked about enough, ProstaKare is trying to accomplish a two-fold campaign. The first goal of ProstaKare is to inform men about common prostate conditions, such as benign prostate hyperplasia and prostatitis, and how to recognize these issues. The second goal of ProstaKare is to provide superior preventative care for men, so they can enjoy complete prostate health.

ProstaKare uses two very specific active ingredients to help prevent enlarged prostates or prostatitis. The first is saw palmetto, a natural treatment option used in Europe for benign prostatic hyperplasia. The second ingredient that makes ProstaKare so potent is beta-sitosterol, which has been consistently found by scientists to aid in urinary health and has become an amazing alternative treatment for enlarged prostates.

While saw palmetto and beta-sitosterol are the two main, active ingredients found in ProstaKare, they are certainly not the only ones that offer amazing benefits for prostate health. In addition to these ingredients, ProstaKare also contains Quercetin, an anti-inflammatory, and Lycopene, which has been connected with the prevention of prostate cancer.

By combining all these beneficial ingredients, ProstaKare can assure users that they are getting the best treatment option available. And, because it’s made with natural ingredients, ProstaKare is safe for even the most sensitive of users.

Symptoms of Benign Prostate Hyperplasia and Prostatitis

Because issues surrounding the prostate aren’t widely spoken of, especially compared to other health conditions, it’s extremely important to the creators behind ProstaKare to inform the public about the many health concerns surrounding the prostate. Two of the most common problems men have with their prostates are benign prostate hyperplasia and prostatitis.

Benign prostate hyperplasia, or BPH, is the enlargement of the prostate. The probability of a man developing BPH begins to increase as he ages. In fact, by the time a man is about 50, the likelihood of him developing BPH is 50%. For every ten years a man adds to his age after 50, another 10% is added to the probability of him developing BPH, so by age 70, 70% of men will develop the condition.

Prostatitis is the inflammation of the prostate, sometimes caused by infection. While prostatitis does not increase the risk of getting prostate cancer, it can affect men no matter what their age. In fact, studies have found that prostatitis is the number one reason men under 50 visit a urologist.

While men of any age can develop BPH or prostatitis, a good rule of thumb for determining which one a man has developed is his age. A man under 50 probably has prostatitis while a man over 50 probably has BPH. Either way, as soon as men start to experience any of the symptoms listed below, they should make an appointment with their primary care doctor or urologist.

The symptoms of BPH and Prostatitis include:

– Frequent need to urinate
– Problems urinating
– Pain or burning while urinating
– Fever
– Chills
– Multiple trips to the bathroom during the night
– Difficulty starting to urinate
– Problems stopping urination
– Slight or weak urine stream
– Dribbling
– Sudden, urgent need for the bathroom
– Inability to empty bladder
– Straining

Most symptoms for BPH and prostatitis are similar, so it should be left to a professional to diagnose which condition from which a patient is suffering. Thankfully, ProstaKare treats both these conditions, also helping prevent them before they become a serious problem.

Benefits of ProstaKare

It can be very difficult for men who suffer from prostate issues to feel like there is a solution or that life will ever get back to normal. Thankfully, ProstaKare doesn’t just help regulate prostate problems, it also helps prevent them from ever arising again.

ProstaKare promotes:

-A better night’s sleep
– Complete emptying of the bladder
– Fuller stream force
– Less itching and burning
– Less general discomfort
– Fewer trips to the bathroom
Complete prostate health

And, just as important as the many symptoms ProstaKare treats, the supplement is recommended by physicians with experience in the urology fields. Not only do these doctors recommend ProstaKare, they also distribute it to their own patients suffering with BPH or prostatitis.

Purchasing ProstaKare

ProstaKare comes in packs of different sizes, so there’s something to meet everyone’s needs. The more customers purchase, the more benefits and the higher the discounts they’ll receive. For those considering ProstaKare as a preventative supplement, it’s best to plan on taking the supplement for a long period of time, since ProstaKare can’t promise the benefits of the supplement will last after users stop treatments.

For those interested in taking ProstaKare to deal with an already existent prostate problem, the best way to determine treatment time would be to ask a doctor or to call ProstaKare at 1-855-999-2008.

The packaging options are listed below.

2 Month Supply – $83.95
3 Month Supply, Plus 1 Month Free – $140.85
5 Month Supply, Plus 2 Months Free, Plus Free Shipping – $234.75

For any questions regarding the purchase of ProstaKare, customers can use the number listed above or the contact form located on the ProstaKare website (

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