ProshapeRX – Effective Herbal Appetite Suppressant Diet Pills?


When embarking on a weight loss journey there are so many diets and pills that it can be overwhelming. The ingredients in the pills so often have long names that are hard to pronounce, let alone understand what they are. One option that is made from natural ingredients is ProShapeRX.

What Is ProshapeRX?

ProshapeRX claims to be an option that will help to safely and rapidly lose weight. This is not one of those pills that are taken and miraculously the weight just disappears. The pills are one component of a two-part system. The second aspect is a workout routine.

By creating a healthy lifestyle, the makers of ProshapeRX believe that the pills can help the stubborn fat release and then the new figure can be maintained by regular exercise and good eating habits.

How Does ProShapeRX Work?

The way this supplement works is initially by curbing the appetite. This naturally reduces the amount of food eaten which means the total daily caloric consumption goes down. On top of that, several ingredients lessen the absorption of sugars created by breaking down starches. The ingredients also increase the metabolism of fat, reduce cholesterol absorption, and help balance sugar levels. When paired with a healthy workout routine, they claim to have great results.

ProshapeRX is endorsed and recommended by a Medical Herbalist. Mr. G. Alexander has been in the industry for over 40 years. He claims that ProshapeRX is the only system he would ever recommend to his patients. He believes that the main issue with having trouble losing weight is the overly processed foods most people eat.

Most of the nutrients are lost in the food and the body has a hard time getting it removed from the system. He says the combination of natural ingredients works together to help remedy this problem.

The Ingredients Are All Natural

The main active ingredient in ProshapeRX is Hoodia Gordonii. It is an African succulent plant. The Bushmen who live in the Kalahari Desert use the plant to curb their hunger while on long hunting trips.

The remaining ingredients and ProshapeRX's beneficial claims are as follows:

  • Beet Root- Support liver metabolism to help strengthen blood and balances PH levels
  • Chitosan- Fiber found in exoskeletons of crustaceans that prevents absorption of cholesterol
  • Green Tea– Increases caloric expenditure and burns fat
  • Fenugreek Extract– Known to reduce cholesterol and balance sugar levels
  • White Kidney Bean Powder- Helps to interrupt the digestive system in the conversion of starch into sugar
  • White Willow Bark- Increases metabolism, caloric expenditure, and burns fat

A Note Of Caution

Since ProshapeRX contains crustacean shells, people who are allergic to shellfish need to be very careful when, and if, they take this product. Some people vary in severity with their allergy so consulting a healthcare provider is best.

In customer reviews, there were some side effect complaints. A number of these were contributed to an allergy, but not all of them.

Here is the list of complaints:

  • Back pain
  • Constipation, diarrhea
  • Insomnia
  • Headache
  • Nervousness, Irritability
  • Stomach irritation
  • Rash

How Much Does ProshapeRX Cost?

ProshapeRX can be purchased on the official website for the product. There is the option to buy just the pills from Amazon and a few select supplement distributor websites as well. However, when bought off the website, the recommended workout routines are also included in the price.

There are a number of packages available on the website:

  • One Month Supply- $68.95
  • Two Month Supply- $125.95
  • Three Month Supply- $154.95
  • Four Month Supply- $192.95
  • Five Month Supply- $247.95
  • Six Month Supply- $247.95
  • Twelve Month Supply- $330.95

Bonus Gifts

When buying in bulk, ProshapeRX increases the money saved and includes more gifts. For the four-month supply and up a $25 gift card is included to Natural Health Source. For a five-month supply and up a box of GenFX HGH Releaser is included. With the six and twelve-month supply comes free express shipping. The bonus of the twelve-month supply is the cost per month breaks down to $28.

Money back Guarantee

ProshapeRX provides customers with a trial period. The product must be tried for at least 60 days. Even when buying in bulk, if after the 60 days the customer is no satisfied, they only need to send back all the unopened bottles to receive a full refund. Everything must be sent back and received within 67 days from the time of delivery in order to get refunded.

The Difference With ProshapeRX

One major factor that sets ProshapeRX apart is the fact that they are one of the few weight loss supplements that are actually made from natural ingredients. The Hoodia Gordonii is 100% pure and sourced from South Africa.

Another difference is that it is free of any fillers or additives. That is uncommon in diet pills, so therefore they will have more of the ingredients to be able to help the weight loss process versus fillers just taking up space. ProshapeRX also has the added benefit of improving the digestive process.

Hoodia Gordonnii was recently discovered to be more of a scare resource than it was first thought to be. This has led many pharmaceutical and supplement companies to change how they used the succulent. They ended up cutting part of the Hoodia Gordonnii with other components to cut costs. However, when using anything less than 100% pure Hoodia Gordonnii, the liver can be damaged. This is why ProshapeRX is strict about making sure their source is actually 100% pure.

Final Verdict

ProshapeRX system is a combination of an all-natural supplement with a workout guide. The pills contain ingredients that each play a specific role in the weight loss process. Combined, the ingredients increase metabolism, suppress appetite, reduce cholesterol production, and slow down the conversion of starches into sugars.

A large obstacle for people trying to lose weight is managing their appetite and food intake. The suppressant effect of ProshapeRX is a beneficial aspect that will improve the chances of success. As with all supplements, the weight loss will vary from person to person.

By pairing ProshapeRX with a consistent workout regime, customers will experience the best results. This is why it is promoted on the website to do so. Articles and instructions are provided when the product is purchased.

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