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ProLean Cleanse Review

ProLean Cleanse is a dietary supplement which aims to repair your digestive tract and detoxify your body. Learn everything you need to know about this colon cleansing supplement today in our ProLean Cleanse review.

What is ProLean Cleanse?

ProLean Cleanse

ProLean Cleanse is a nutritional supplement which claims to improve your digestion while flushing toxins and pounds from the body.

The main benefits of taking ProLean Cleanse are:

— Release Toxins From The Body
Lose Weight
— More Efficiently Absorb Nutrients From Your Food

ProLean Cleanse also aims to be easy to use: just take one capsule of ProLean Cleanse before your first meal, and then a second capsule before dinner.

ProLean Cleanse is manufactured by a company called ProLean Cleanse which is headquartered at 2722 N Green Valley Parkway #50547 in Henderson, Nevada.

How Does ProLean Cleanse Work?

ProLean Cleanse claims to use natural ingredients in its formula. Those natural ingredients include:

— Senna Leaf
— Aloe Vera
— White Oak Bark
— Gentian Root
— Slippery Elm Bark
— Psyllium Husk
— Goldenseal Root

The manufacturer claims that the supplement is created in a laboratory using all natural ingredients with no preservatives.

You take one capsule before your first meal and another capsule before dinner. The herbal formula goes to work cleansing the colon.

Here’s how ProLean Cleanse describes its method of action:

“The power of our supplement comes from the interactive power of our core ingredients. For example, psyllium seed husk are a natural, indigestible source of soluble dietary fiber, helping to relieve constipation and as act naturally to cleanse your system and help detoxify your body. Used as a regular dietary supplement, it aids in the treatment of various digestive problems, including bloating, and can relax the colon to help increase regularity. Aloe Vera is a well-known natural laxative, helping your body rid itself of unnecessary toxins. Mixed with other complementary ingredients, ProLean Cleanse is the solution to help detoxify the body and facilitate healthy and effective digestion.” [sic]

ProLean Cleanse doesn’t describe exactly how much of each ingredient is in ProLean Cleanse. Instead, it just spits out a list of ingredients and expects customers to guess as to how much of each ingredient is included in the formula.

However, many people suspect that psyllium husk is the most prominent and active ingredient in ProLean Cleanse. Psyllium husk is popular in other cleansing supplements, including Metamucil. The husk fibers bind to toxics in your digestive tract, pushing them out of the body and encouraging regular bowel movements.

It’s unknown exactly how the other ingredients promote healthy cleansing – even the official ProLean Cleanse website doesn’t describe how it works.

Instead, it simply says the natural ingredients “help stimulate your digestive system” and reduce the risk of cramping.

How to Buy ProLean Cleanse

You can currently only buy ProLean Cleanse online from the official ProLean Cleanse website. Unfortunately, ordering ProLean Cleanse can be a tricky process, as the company tries to lure you into an expensive autoship program.

First, you can only order ProLean Cleanse through the “free” trial. After entering your contact information, you’ll click through to the next part of the ordering form where you enter your credit card information.

Why do you need to enter credit card information for a free trial?

Because the trial isn’t totally free: you’re charged $4.95 for shipping and handling.

The ordering form makes it seem like you’ll only be charged $4.95. But if you look at the bottom of the ordering form and highlight the text (it’s almost transparent if you don’t highlight it), then you’ll see that you’re agreeing to some shady terms and conditions.

First, you’ll need to call ProLean Cleanse to cancel your trial within 18 days (25 days for non-US orders). Then, the customer service representative will give you an RMA number, and you’ll need to pay to ship ProLean Cleanse back to the original manufacturer.

If you don’t cancel your trial and don’t ship your “free” trial order back, then ProLean Cleanse will charge you $129.93 “for the cost of the bottle.” Then, every 30 days after that, you’ll receive another shipment of ProLean Cleanse and get another charge on your credit card: this time for $69.90 plus $9.95 shipping and handling.

This autoship program could be handy if you need to take a fiber supplement twice a day, every day of the month. But most people will end up with multiple packages of ProLean Cleanse they’ll never use and hundreds of dollars in charges on their credit card.

If the high price, shady autoship program, and mysterious ingredient profile don’t bother you, then ProLean Cleanse may be your next colon cleansing supplement.

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Supplement Police
Supplement Police
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  1. I notified the Better Business Bureau. Took 3 months, but I got a full refund.
    I offered to send the unopened bottle back, they didn’t want it back

  2. Canceled my “trial” Twice, still charging me for it! It doesn’t work, plus apparently the company is ignorant!

  3. Ihave called and left my phone no.with no reply now i’m leaving this message. I have already wrote once before I don’t want anymore of your pills ! Iwant this cancelled now no more money taken out of my acct. you did not have permission to take. I will turn you in to better business bureau

  4. Now being harassed by phone calls from “customer service”, but making leeway towards getting a refund.

  5. Another customer who has been ripped off by ProLean!!!! They would not honor my trial period and charged my credit card. Still fighting with Citi to get a refund that ProLean has refused. Stay away from them!

  6. I can not find the number to call and cancel this product. Could you help me please and thank you

  7. I would like to discontinue product and get money refunded, I should have investigated this product/and/or company before ordering “FREE” trial.

  8. This is a f**k top compagny thats only after people monney customers service are so stupid…they start counting your free trial on the same day you order i order on the 21st jan. Receive product on the 29th and get charged on the 11th feb. I am taking this to court that for sure ..i have the postage paid envelope..the wrost my bill of ladding state they ship it on the 23th jan..for all of you their number is 1(855)8051326..dont order from them…ill keep you posted

  9. Please unscribe me from ProLean orders. I do not want this product again. Cancel any further orders. Thank you, Jenelle PS I thought I had called to discontinue this product.

  10. Its easier to just go to your local vitamin shop and get a cleanse without all the extra hoopla. I can tell you that you can get more of a better product. My shop I go to have very knowledgeable and experienced people who work there. I would fall gor all those hype and scams.

  11. They were only suppose to take out shipping and they charged my card full price. How do I refund my acct.

  12. I told them my husband was a lawyer,I would be reporting the charge and fraudulent and letting everyone know it was a scam and they refunded my account immediately.Prolean cleanse and Garcinia Cambogia.They refuse to let you speak with a supervisor and they offer only 75$ back at 1st and then 100$.I said NO,that’s illegal and that charge was unauthorized. “Happy Refunded Lady”

    • OMG! That happened to me, I had to threaten with the MN Attorney General’s office report(which I may do yet) before they agreed to take their product back and not charge my account again! They tried to wheel and deal with me about the future discounts and giving me his employee discount because he is only “trying to help” me. SCAMMMER!

  13. What a joke I was charged 129.93 on 07/04/15 for a product I didn’t even get to try..been trying to get money back stop my autoship with no luck yet today the bottle shows up..Now I try to send it back the flyer warned me about Friendly Fraud…

  14. I cant say if the cleanse works I know the customer service doesn’t After mistakenly submitting my information I was charged for SH needless to say I did not receive the “free trial” that was 07/04/2015 I had no number to call or information until the bank called me and I was charged the full price…and so it began trying to cancel, find out why and yet today I get the bottle so enclosed was just that and a flyer alerting me not to commit Friendly Fraud. I am shocked as I also struggle to stop, cease, return whatever to get them to stop they promised to return my money. Ha Ha This is a joke…

  15. Complete scam. The cleanse doesn’t work at all and while they sent me a free bottle they also charged me $80 without telling me.

  16. I really need a phone number to contact your company. The number on the bottle is incorrect

  17. I From morocco
    How are you
    so t want this
    but how give me this…. I am far usa
    how much this product in morocco
    And how much the cost of communication this product in morocco
    Please give me answer Total costs in morocco
    if possible ( transfer )
    And Thanks you
    Best Regards .

  18. I do not want this product. I want to return it and carb and flat blocker. Only tried 4 prolean and stopped because it was very painful. Dont not charge me for these product because i dont want them. Card blocker unopened. Please respond immediately

    • Marixa,

      Thank you for leaving a comment. I’m sorry to hear that ProLean hasn’t gone well for you.

      As you will see in our review, we tell people to pass on this product as well.

      Please know that we do not sell this product. You need to contact the manufacturer to try and get a refund. Chances are, you are on an auto-ship program and they will charge your card again.

      I hope you get your money back.

      — Supplement Police

      • ProLean is a rip off I cancelled my order.and they still charged me 80 dollars on my credit card for one free bottle. That was supposed to be free.

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