Proccor Glycodrin – Glucose Disposal Agent & Nutrient Partitioning?


About Proccor Glycodrin

Proccor has brought you Proccor Glycodrin, a potent GDA and nutrient partitioner. There are 8 key ingredients in the supplement including GS4, Berberine, Bitter Melon, Panax & Ginseng just to name a few. There is also 400mg of the Gs4 Plus from the very respected and prestigious Sabinsa Corporation.

It is considered the highest quality Gymnema extract in the world. There are no banned substances or fillers in the supplement either. So, it has all you need nutrients wise without any of the harsh chemicals or fillers.

How Does Proccor Glycodrin Work?

The supplement works by giving you a powerful nutrient complex that mimick insulin. The extracts in Proccor Glycodrin are some of the most powerful partitioners on the market and make up the building blocks of the supplement. Not only that, but they are standardized using Gs4 Plus for a massive 75%. These are not like other cheap extracts on the market. Most of the other similar products are completely useless.

The entire purpose of the key components in Glycodrin are to help you create an entirely new body composition. Helping you go from where you’re at now to overtime switching to a leaner body with more muscle mass and less fat. You’ll be able to enjoy some carbs while taking the supplement as they’re actually required for the supplement to work.

Because Glycodrin can control blood sugar levels and send other nutrients to be used to fuel the muscles instead of Glycogen, it’s essential you eat a cheat meal that is high in carbs. It must be timed perfectly to be effective however. But when used correctly you’ll be able to rebuild your muscles and entire body composition.

There is an unparalleled quality and all ingredients in the supplement have been selected after rigorous clinical studies. And they are used to ensure maximum levels of benefits. There are no artificial fillers or flavors or dyes. Only pure natural ingredients can be found in the supplement.

Where Can I Buy Proccor Glycodrin?

You can buy Proccor Glycodrin at the company website at One bottle of 120 fast acting capsules is $32.99. There is free shipping and a 100% money back guarantee. Delivery takes 1-5 days time.

Proccor Glycodrin Review Summary

The supplement is full of some of the most powerful nutrients designed to partition and shuttle carbs. It helps to control blood glucose levels and stands in a realm of its own. All Proccor products are said to be tested before being used or released to the market. They have strict quarantining process prior to allowing the materials to be used for ingredients. They are tested for accuracy, potency and impurities as well as heavy metals.

After all the testing is completely, only then are they allowed to use the materials to form the ingredients for Glycodrin or any of their other products. After all this, the materials are then safe and ready to be used for you. They intentionally use a 1-5% overage of ingredients to make sure all cases that settle still contain 100% of the listed ingredients and meet their claims.

All of the products like Glycodrin produced by Proccor are made in top of the line facilities that are cGMP, FDA registered and NSF complied. They use strict processing methods on level with pharmaceutical grade practices.

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