Primeval Labs Phosphatidic Acid – Boost Muscle Strength & Mass?


Every few months, a new supplement or compound becomes popular, especially when it comes to the fitness world. However, despite the rise and fall of these supplements, very few of them actually work.

A huge reason behind why they don’t work is because they don’t have the research and evidence to support their claims. Phosphatidic Acid is an ingredient that has become exceedingly popular in recent months due to how it can increase strength and muscle mass.

However, unlike other trending supplements, this ingredient has proof that it works, something very few other options can say.

What is Phosphatidic Acid?

Phosphatidic Acid is derived from something called a phospholipid. In a complex process, phospholipids, or diglyceride fats, bond with glycerols, making up the foundation of cell membranes.

The more Phosphatidic Acid in the body, the more cells can metabolize, increasing how well people lose weight. At the same time, Phosphatidic Acid also sends signals to the brain that stimulates the growth of lean muscle mass, improving overall strength.

While understanding Phosphatidic Acid and how it works within the body is quite difficult, the way the ingredient works with the body to provide a wide range of benefits is really what has everyone so excited. As more knowledge about Phosphatidic Acid comes available, a fuller understanding of its benefits have come to light.

Benefits of Phosphatidic Acid

As mentioned above, the biggest benefit of Phosphatidic Acid is that the claims it makes to increase strength and decrease fat is support by real evidence. More importantly, this evidence isn’t just limited to labs and research. Phosphatidic Acid has gone through many trials, including human research trials.

All of this work on Phosphatidic Acid proved that it does in fact have the capability to boost strength levels, increase lean muscle mass, and lower overall body fat. Because so few weight loss options on the market come with such profound evidence, it’s easy to see why people are so excited about Phosphatidic Acid.

In order for supplemental ingredients to work properly in the body, they need to be absorbed as completely as possible. This is the problem with most supplements, they don’t have high bioavailability. This is another huge benefit of Phosphatidic Acid.

The ingredient is extremely bioavailable, reaching where it needs to go quickly and intact. As a result, Phosphatidic Acid is able to boost its levels throughout the body in a more effective manner.

Phosphatidic Acid is also able to increase the muscle strength of users. As was found in various human studies, when Phosphatidic Acid is taken over a period of several weeks, it is able to increase the amount of physical output experienced, even when diets weren’t changed.

The result of this increased strength is that Phosphatidic Acid can also boost lean muscle mass. For those trying to build stronger, more muscled bodies, Phosphatidic Acid is the perfect answer.

The muscles gained through using Phosphatidic Acid wouldn’t be useful if the muscles aren’t visible. As many experts know, even a thin layer of fat can hide all the hard work of building strength and muscles.

Another benefit of Phosphatidic Acid is that it can also increase fat loss, allowing users to show off their new muscles. Over time, with continuous use, Phosphatidic Acid can provide a comprehensive fitness support, by increasing strength and muscle mass, as well as decreasing overall body fat.

Purchasing Phosphatidic Acid

Because Phosphatidic Acid is so popular at the moment, it is more important than ever to find a qualified source for the ingredient.

Primeval Labs is currently offering a potent and efficient Phosphatidic Acid supplement. On the Primeval Labs website, a bottle of 60 capsules of Phosphatidic Acid can be purchased for only $34.99.

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