Prime Labs Elderberry: Elite Series Immune System Support?


Prime Labs Elderberry is a supplement that uses the natural berry juices and enzymes to promote a healthier immune system. The treatment is available through, though consumers are eligible for several discounts.

What Is Prime Labs Elderberry?

Like every other system in the body, the immune system needs support. Some conditions can cause it to be extremely weak, though the average person still can have their difficulties. Even something as mild as a cold or a fever can make someone miserable but getting sick frequently may indicate that the immune system is not getting as much support as it needs. The Elderberry supplement from Prime Labs may be able to help.

Prime Labs Elderberry takes the enzymes of berries and uses them to nourish the immune system. Specifically, it contains anthocyanins, which are chemicals that specifically help with the immune system, and the formula contains 1150mg of the extract in every dose. Along with the nourishment of the immune system, these enzymes also help consumers to reduce inflammation, which can occur in the body with an infection or with irritation.

Read on below to see how to get the described benefits of the Elderberry supplement.

Using Prime Labs Elderberry

Consumers will need two capsules daily to get the desired benefits of Elderberry. Since it is a natural fruit supplement, there should be no interference with other supplements or medications. Even though no further instructions are included online, consumers may find additional details in the package they receive.

Pricing For Prime Labs Elderberry

The total cost of one bottle of the Prime Labs Elderberry supplement is $13.99, and it can be ordered through There are several promotions available to save consumers money on the purchase, as they increase the number of bottles they order from the Better Mornings seller on the website. Those discounts include:

  • 5% discount on two or more products
  • 10% discount on three or more products
  • 15% discount on four or more products
  • 20% discount on five or more products
  • 25% discount on six or more products

Right now, there is no return policy available.

Contacting The Creators of Elderberry: Prime Labs

Even though Elderberry is sold by, consumers can go to the customer service team of the creators – Prime Labs – to get more information. The team can be reached by sending an email to [email protected] or by filling out the form at

Prime Labs Elderberry Conclusion

Prime Labs Elderberry is good for consumer that want to support their bodies and attempt to prevent sickness. Unfortunately, there is no way to measure how much it prevents, since most consumers find that illness is unpredictable. However, much like products like Emergen-C, this treatment may help protect consumers within their own home if friends or family are sick. To see the full effect, consumers can make their purchase through, since they are the only licensed third-party seller.

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