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Could this be a goodbye to fitness trackers as we once knew them to be? It is possible. PrecisionWear has pulled out all the wonderful things about your regular fitness trackers – enhanced them, and added even more benefits that sports watches or activity trackers simply could not deliver.

Unlike other fitness trackers that you typically wear on your wrist, PrecisionWear is worn on your body through a vest like garment that can track your entire body motion because of where it sits. It is described as your virtual sports science team.

And, they want the consumer or prospective consumer to know – this is not only made for athletes – although they benefit tremendously, it is also ideal for any physical activity enthusiasts and even the sporadic ones. Why? Because injury during physical activity, namely sports are possible for everyone.

The seasoned athlete because they spend a great deal of time conditioning and working out, and the occasional sports player or gym goer because they do not have the same experience. To some degree a double edge sword. However, physical activity is imperative to overall health and wellness so being knowledgeable and prepared is key.

Not doing something because you ‘might injure’ yourself is silly. It is like saying I can’t go outside because I might get rained on. Or, I can’t eat at restaurants because I may not like the food. Whatever the case is – not doing it because of risk is an excuse.

Being physically active can in fact prevent so many other health issues, so get out there – get active, but be prepared.

What Is PrecisionWear?

This product is designed for anyone is wants to improve their overall performance and reduce the risk of incurring a muscular injury. It helps you understand and know how your body is reacting to training using several different variables. These variables include;

  • Stride imbalance
  • Force
  • Velocity
  • Impact

Typically, this type of information is only available to the top 1% of athletes. This may be because of availability, or trained minds to read the results. Precision Wear wanted to change that, and that is exactly what they have done. Having this type of information not only available but easy to read can benefit so many more people outside of that 1%.

You see, smart watched, fitness bands and other activity trackers serve their own purpose. It is not always difficult to estimate how many steps you have taken, or how your heart rate is doing at the gym.

What they can’t tell you however is the load you are putting on your body through activities like sports. They are unable to tell you what pressures are occurring when you are training. And, that’s OK. That is where Precision Wear fills in the gaps.

Markers Found on PrecisionWear

This device, can analyze and more importantly simplify 21 different key metrics through its vest like tracker. This ranges from how your actions are affecting your body and how your body is responding. Metrics such as; speed and sprints, total distance, metabolic power, anterior/posterior training, and total stress loading.

In addition, it will also deliver heart rate data, heart rate variability, heart rate recovery rate, and recovery points.

The five main steps you accomplish with Precision Wear are as follows;

  1. Identify the activity
  2. Know how you’ve leaded the body
  3. Know what parts of the body you’ve loaded
  4. Know how your body has responded
  5. Receive recommendations

Additional metrics include; stride variability, ground contact time, stride waveforms and vertical stiffness.

Three Components to PrecisionWear

The first component is the Precision Wear itself. It is a compact tracker that is warn in the back of an accompanying ultra-lightweight and breathable vest. It uses the latest motion and sensor available technology. It works through the 21-metrics mentioned above throughout the physical activity.

The second component is the PrecisionNET app. This app is available on Android, Apple and Windows 10. It records each of your training sessions, analyzes and compares changing data and will provide you with a summary after each use. This will outline the recommendations for you, and results.

The whole idea behind this type of tracker is to minimize injuries. This means, recommendations may include taking a day off or lightening the load on your next chest workout, etc.

The third component is the heart rate belt. This will provide data on the internal load where the other features focus primarily on the external loads. Together, you get an entire picture of how your body is feeling and responding.

Interested in Ordering PrecisionWEAR?

The Early Bird rates are still available but only while quantities last. PrecisionWear starts at $184.00 USD plus shipping. There are several other options available and quantities, so be sure to visit their feature on Indie Go Go for more information.

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