Polar Team Pro – Performance GPS Tracking For Team Sports?


Tracking your athletic performance is necessary in order to succeed at your workout routine or sport. Those who implement tracking systems into their routines are often shown to perform better, to enhance their workout system, and to experience more effective outcomes from their efforts. While there are many methods that you can implement to track your athletic performance, one of the best ones is to add a device that you can trust and that is well equipped to provide you with the information that you are aiming for.

With that, this review would like to introduce you to the Polar Team Pro. This device is ideal for sports team that wants to enhance their individual performance and the group as a whole. Here is everything you need to know before you buy:

What is the Polar Team Pro GPS Based Performance Tracking?

The Polar Team Pro is a t-shirt that provides you with GPS based performance tracking for team sports and individual actions. With this system, you’ll gain insight into a number of performance measurements, such as your heart rate, team training, individual player impact and so much more.

To date, the device has become one of the most popular mechanisms to track team performance. For example, it is used by over 150 NCAA teams, 50 pro soccer teams, 13 NFL teams, 5 NBA teams, and 5 NHL teams. Since other professional sports teams trust this device, you can do so as well.

Also, it is important to note that this device is not only suitable for team members, but it also works well for coaches who want to track their team’s performance.

The Features of the Polar Team Pro

The Polar Team Pro enables you to take your team to the next level. The device is equipped with a number of feature which appear on the device’s application. The application can be accessed through a tablet device and as your team plays, you can see everything that you need right on the screen. Here are the specs that you receive with this device:

Polar Heart Rate Zones

The polar heart rate zones enable you to monitor the effort and performance of the entire team. With this mechanism, you’ll be able to ensure that your team is performing at the best intensity level at every single training session. With that, you’ll notice better results over time.

Individual Training

Aside from providing you with an overview of your entire team, the performance tracking system also gives you insight into how your individual players are performing. For example, you’ll be able to identify as to whether they are making headway with their individual intensity level so that they can continue to be vital and effective members of the team.

Polar Speed Zones

The next mechanism that you receive is stats about polar speed zones. The polar speed zones mechanism allows you to designate how intense you want the team session to be. The intensity levels affect the speed or the pace. If you want to change the polar speed zones, then you can do that as well. Furthermore, different sports have various speed zones so you can customize as you see fit.


The fourth mechanism is sprints. You can monitor the number of sprints that your individual players are making for every training session.

Training Load

The training load is the value that your players receive from each session. The chart identifies the shortness of a high intensity session and how the load compares to a similar but shorter session. You’ll also be able to view your player’s recovery time.

Recovery Status

You also receive information about the status of your player’s state of recovery. This information is developed based upon the player’s cumulative load from the training and their daily activity. The recovery stat also makes it easy for you to find the right balance for your player in terms of training and rest.

How Does the Polar Team Pro Work?

The Polar Team Pro device is wearable device, but not like the wrist watches that you are used to. Unlike other devices, this one provides you with the ultimate level of wear. The device comes in the form of a t-shirt. The base layer features an array of sensors that are seamlessly integrated. As you wear the shirt, the sensors will monitor your heart rate and other mechanisms that you need to perform at your best.

Further, unlike other products, this one ensures that your movement is not constricted while you’re on the field and it even keeps your body moisture levels at a minimum so that you can train comfortably. You’ll also be able to stave off ultraviolet rays that can cause serious harm and with that, you’ll be able to give it your all while on the field.

The Features of the Shirt

It is also useful to understand the features of the device. Here are the main features of the device so that you know what to expect:

  • Polar Team Pro Sensor
  • Polar Team Pro Shirt
  • Polar Team Pro Book
  • Polar Team Pro Web Services
  • Polar Team Pro App

Each of these components work to make your performance and team monitoring so much better. If you do plan to use it for your team, you’ll receive live performance stats for up to 60 players. Also the device is customizable, it is cloud based, and you can designate 16 language if you need to change.

Where to Buy

If you are interested in the Polar Team Pro device, then you can visit the brand’s website and request a quote. The product’s starting price is currently $7,500. Of course, depending upon your device requirements, the device will vary. Further, the quote price includes the sensors, straps, dock, washing pouch, shoulder bag, and a once year license of the Polr Team Pro web service and application. You also receive one year o customer support for free.

Polar Team Pro Summary

Overall, if you are interested in this device, just visit the brand’s website and get your quote. You’ll be able to turn your team and your own performance into something that you can be proud of.


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