Polar Perk – Easy To Use Cold Brewing Device For Coffee?


Polar Perk is an easy-to-use cold brewing device for coffee. Rather than making a pot of hot coffee in the morning, this accessory lets you refrigerate it overnight for a cold cup in the morning.

What is Polar Perk?

Coffee is a morning staple for most people, helping to give them the boost they need to embody the energetic personality required for different tasks. If you drink a lot of coffee, you know how essential it is to keeping your brain functioning at the best capacity. However, some sensitive palates can’t handle the intensity of a steaming hot mug, especially if you need to drink it quickly and be on your way. With the popularity of cold coffees on the rise, Polar Perk can help you get the drink you want.

Polar Perk is meant to help you create a cold cup of coffee, without having to dilute it with ice to chill it. With this device, you can brew your coffee with cold water, using a special setup in the pitcher to subtly infuse your water with coffee over the course of the night. With this special brewing process, you actually eliminate the acidic taste of some coffees. Taking care of the brewer is easy, requiring little to no effort to keep it clean between brewing sessions.

Most of the time, the only way to get a cold cup of coffee is to purchase a pre-made one from the grocery store or to visit a coffee shop and asked for it iced. Unfortunately, both options take more time and money out of your morning, which means you have less time to get ready for the day. Additionally, this process forced you to choose between having fresh coffee versus undiluted coffee. You don’t have to split your decision when you use Polar Perk instead.

How Does Polar Perk Work?

The website for Polar Perk doesn’t go into too much detail about the science behind cold brewing, there are plenty of resources online to learn more about the process. With cold brewing, you are essentially steeping the coffee in cold water over an extended period of time. As the grounds are soaked, the flavor becomes potent, without tasting bitter. The process is uncomplicated, but the results are unmatched.

Many people say that cold-brewed coffee has a better flavor than hot brewed, since the acidity is so much less. The soaking and steeping process basically gives your coffee the time to eliminate all of the negative aspects of hot coffee, while also being ready to pour out and go. You are still able to flavor your coffee with the creamer you want. However, since the beverage is cold, it may be difficult to blend in sugar completely.

Using Polar Perk

Creating cold-brewed coffee is relatively easy with this device. First, you will fill up the infuser with your favorite coffee, which works the same was as if you were filling a filter. Then, you will fill it with filtered water, dropping it inside the pitcher with the infuser. Since the brewing occurs with cold water, you will need to leave the entire Polar Perk in the fridge overnight, which means you can wake up to cold coffee in the morning for an extra spring in your step.

You are still able to add whatever creamer and flavoring you want. However, since you are using a cold liquid, it may be difficult to disintegrate sugar in your cup.

To maintain the consistent quality of the Polar Perk pitcher, you can wash it along with the rest of your plates and cups in the dishwasher. The website doesn’t state if you should wash it only on the top rack, or if the material is resistant enough to wash it on the bottom rack.

Pricing for Polar Perk

To bring home the Polar Perk for cold-brewed coffee at any time, your total cost will be $19.99, plus a shipping and handling fee of $7.99. However, if you order soon, you may still be able to enjoy the promotion available right now. On the Polar Perk website, you can get a second brewer for free, leaving you only responsible for covering the cost to ship it with your original purchase.

Contacting the Creators of Polar Perk

With such innovative and helpful technology, you may already be sold on this product. However, if you have any other questions about the device or the process, then you can speak with customer service department via phone or email.

To speak with someone urgently, you can call 855-704-5412. However, if you are not able to reach someone within your preferred amount of time, you can submit your question to [email protected] for a later response.

Polar Perk Conclusion

With the Polar Perk device, you are able to have delicious, cold-brewed coffee for your morning, without having to set a timer on your machine. Instead, prepare the pitcher right after dinner, and leave it in the fridge until you need to leave for work the next day. You will be able to get the same caffeine boost, but with better flavor that you normally have. When time is of the essence, Polar Perk can help you limit the amount of time you have to wait until you can bear the temperature of your coffee.


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