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Americans love their tea. Drawing, perhaps, on the traditions of our ancestors in Great Britain, the roots of tea in the United States are nearly as essential to understanding our industry as it is to our culture.

Though the kinds of tea enjoyed vary based on location, culture, and even the economic situation of a particular part of the country, the importance of different kinds of tea to the economic viability of a multitude of industries cannot be overstated.

In fact, some sources point to the market for tea to be one of the fastest-growing in the country, and certainly one to look out for in the world of investment in years to come.

Because of the incredible patronage attributed to the industry all over the world, companies producing teas have had to undertake a unique fight in recent years.

As the fans of hot and cold tea alike grow in number, over saturation in the market has demanded that producers of tea are pitted against one another in a fight for consumers.

Specifically, fans of sweet tea in the south, with the rise of social media, have begun to associate a few particular brands of tea with their own culture, leaving other brands out in the cold.

As a result, both the top dogs and the bottom tier tea-producing organizations have taken steps to differentiate themselves from the competition.

For the most part, revisions to company-structure are a dime-a-dozen.

Companies classified as a Limited Liability Corporation are constantly given clearance to restructure and redefine their company image in order to appeal to a unique form of consumer with a different list of demands.

Typically, these revisions mark a slight increase to profits, but very little substantive change to the type of product provided by the company.

However, the increased over saturation of the market for tea has also helped to facilitate the creation of an entirely new industry of hyper-specific companies which cater to a niche market of tea consumers.

About Pique Tea

Many of these organizations boast about the uniqueness of their product, putting their own original spin on the old idea of hot and cold tea alike.

One such product of this revolution in the ancient industry of tea goes by the name Pique Tea.

The company provides a “100% real” tea that is simply poured into “hot or cold water,” dissolving in seconds and becoming ready for near-immediate consumption.

A far-cry from the complicated process often associated with some forms of hot or cold tea, these simple little packets are making waves, especially in smaller circles of younger lovers of teas.

Many consumers are raving about the unique take on tea provided by Pique, and for good reason!

However, the nature of a consumer’s market means that potential users of any product should conduct a fair amount of research into the nature of any producer of their product of choice.

In this review, we will examine some of the claims, ideas, and products offered by Pique Tea.

Scanning for vulnerabilities and strengths alike, this guide ought to serve as an objective resource to inform the new consumer on the reality behind this unique niche company.

Pique Tea Website

Like many of the companies which came before it, Pique Tea’s website attempts to appeal to a subset of Americans concerned with uniqueness and originality.

Additionally, the ideal consumer for Pique Tea is a patron who is interested in well-sourced, delicious teas from the top of the world.

Specifically, the company’s landing page attempts to most effectively appeal to this versatile consumer base in several different ways.

The sleek and simple design used in the blocks and rotating slides on the top of the page make it easy for consumers to click around to start to get a feel on what kind of product Pique is offering.

With a demonstration in the first section on the site, the producer paints the picture of an easy-to-use and satisfying product for the new and busy consumer.

Continuing down the site, Pique Tea gives a basic introduction to the key components which make their product so special.

Saying that they use the “top 5% of tea leaves,” “2x the antioxidants of leading tea bags,” and “free from artificial flavors,” the simple designs by the company appeal to the simple and healthy foods desired by the consumers of unique health-based teas.

One of the most essential components about the website of Pique Tea comes in the form of the many company testimonials they provide towards the bottom of the page.

Featuring quotes from Forbes, InStyle, Yahoo! Health, and Business Insider, the company paints the picture, and rightfully so, that their tea has been making waves within the world of the media.

The reviews are resoundingly positive, and do a lot to further the image of the company.

Following in the simplistic traditions of many of their predecessors, Pique Tea effectively demonstrates their place in the consumer base of health-conscious and originality-concerned of 2017.

Pique Tea Reviews

As previously mentioned, many of the most potent reviews of the company come from outside and renowned sources and magazines like InStyle and Business Insider.

But because many of these reviews focus on the economic success and originality of the company, it is important that consumers consider the reviews of the common patron of Pique’s Tea in order to most effectively understand the company’s legitimacy.

It is in this area that Pique Tea draws their greatest strength. The folly of some companies who try to differentiate themselves from their competitors, a flaunting page but a failing product, is not inherent to Pique Tea.

To the contrary, preliminary reviews of the most popular of Pique Tea products are consistently positive.

For a prime example, take a look at the Amazon reviews for the company’s Earl Grey Black Tea. Winning 4.5 stars out of five from 118 reviewers, the company’s product is no doubt a favorite in many households.

And this positive listing is not an isolated incident—the Instant Green Tea listing by Pique won the same 4.5 rating from a total of 159 reviewers.

Pique Tea Verdict

The site, the magazines, and the reviewers seem to uniquely be in agreement on the products offered by Pique Tea. In the face of a constantly shifting market, the company has fortified its product, providing a unique take on an age-old industry.

Though many companies in 2017 seem to change their organization in meaningless ways in exchange for a minimal increase to their weekly profits, the products offered by Pique Tea are both unique and delicious, offering a uniquely honest, original, and healthy type of America’s favorite drink.



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