Mermaid Toast

These days, there is a strong misconception that healthy good doesn’t taste good and it certainly does not look either.

Fortunately, health foodies are debunking this common myth and are showing off their amazing, beautiful, ad nutritious creations by sharing gorgeous photos on the web and providing the recipes to go with them too.

One prominent example that is sweeping the web is Mermaid Toast by Adeline Waugh, who is a food stylist, blogger, and foodie.

Mermaid toast is her latest creation and many are categorizing it as a meal that is just too beautiful to eat.

What is Mermaid Toast?

Mermaid Toast is the latest creation by Adeline Waugh and it features two components – the toast and the second portion, which is the cream cheese that is decorated in a manner that is reminiscent of a mermaid design.

Further, you’ll be surprised to find that the cream cheese does not contain any unhealthy substances such as sugar, fats, cream, and the like.

Better yet, the beauty of the toast may just be what it takes to take your kids to eat something healthy, filling, and much more nutritious than traditional breakfast foods.

Mermaid Toast: A Healthy and Magical Meal

Mermaid toast is the best way to enjoy from a healthy and magical meal. Here are the main components of beautiful creation so that you can make your own version at home:

Almond Milk Cream Cheese

Cream cheese does not need to be fattening and harmful to your health. These days, there are much better ways to enjoy breakfast without overburdening yourself with calories.

When it comes to Mermaid Toast, the cream cheese on the toast is made out of almond milk, which you can make in your own kitchen with ease.

Blue Algae

The “secret ingredient” to the mermaid look of the toast is blue algae which is completely edible and even delicious.

All you need to do is to sprinkle the algae onto the cream cheese and to shmear it gently until you get that beautiful mermaid-like look.

Edible Gold Flakes (Optional)

The final ingredient that you may want to add to the mermaid toast is edible gold flakes, which you can purchase online at certain health food stores.

Just sprinkle a few of the flakes onto the surface of the cream cheese and you’ll have the same gorgeous and delicious mermaid toast that is taking over the web.

Not only is mermaid toast healthy and beautiful, but it is very easy to make at home. With this toast, you can add a healthy and nutritious meal to your day and even surprise your children.

About Adeline Waugh and Vibrant and Pure

The creative genius behind mermaid toast is Adeline Waugh, who runs Vibrant and Pure – a health food website with the same gorgeous creations.

You can view all of her food stylist talents throughout the website and not only will you be drawn in, but you’ll instantly desire to start making the creations for your own kitchen.

Further, if you’re interested in Mermaid Toast, then you’ll find a similar creation, Unicorn Toast, on the Vibrant and Pure as well. The unicorn toast is just as beautiful as its predecessor and it just easy to make too.

Now, the next time you want to make toast, you may want to consider doing so with edible algae, gold flakes, and some healthy homemade cream cheese that you can find the recipe for on the Vibrant and Pure website. With all of the resources available on the site, you can achieve the same amazing results.


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