Sterodrol – Pharmapro’s Legal Test Booster For Mass Gains?


One of the premiere leaders of the supplement market is Pharmapro, known for their potent supplements designed to optimize the performance of athletes and bodybuilders. One of their most popular and explosive products is Sterodrol.

Sterodrol is a prohormone that is synthetic formula made up of hormone and hormone precursors that are metabolized in the body to enhance muscle strength, size, and staying power, as well as being powerfully beneficial in losing fat.

Sterodrol is one of the trailblazers in the new generation of anabolic supplements that are having powerful effects on its users.

Reviewers have reported being left amazed after only four weeks of supplementation. This is a fully legal formula that gives the kind of results you would expect from banned substances, in a short time frame to help you optimize your fitness goals.

About Sterodrol

Consumers that have used anabolic products and prohormones are not oblivious of the fact that when you combine various forms together, the results you get can be many times more effective than any one ingredient on its own.

With knowledge of this concept, what Pharmapro has done with Sterodrol is to pool many strong legal anabolics into a single product so as to achieve the most effective level of explosive growth.

The main benefit of purchasing Sterodrol versus other products, is the attention to the right substances being used and in an amount adequate enough to induce an anabolic reaction.


  • T. Alatus Del – Is a new development in the nutraceutical family and has numerous constituents in charge of promoting androgenic/anabolic activity.  Prior to its use, T. Alatus was first subjected to tests in order to guarantee its effectiveness. T. Alatus is the primary ingredient of Sterodrol and a recent research validates its ability to multiply testosterone spontaneously.
  • Physalis Somnifera – In India it is used for medicinal purposes, and used to improve vitality. The scientific community is of the opinion that it does this due to presence of components referred to as withanolides.  Sterodrol employs an extract that is particularly standardized at a 2.5% concentration of with anolides to produce maximum anabolic activity and to enhance muscle protein synthesis for maximum muscle strength size, and density.
  • Reynoutria Japonica – This amazing herb is both an aromatase inhibitor and a selective estrogen receptor modulator.  These properties are beneficial in the sense that they only promote natural testosterone synthesis, but they serve as a separate anti-estrogen product.  Studies have shown that a 20% extract of reynoutria has performed excellently on its own in enhancing anabolism; let alone when it is used in combination with other powerful anabolics.
  • Hebanthe Paniculata – Is an adaptogen sourced from South America. Pharmapro added it to sterodrol formula because of its ability to harmonize hormonal function. It also has specific chemicals like 20-hydroxyecdysterone.  Its application has recorded huge success to step up recovery because of its anti-inflammatory qualities.  At the end of a tedious training session, Hebanthe Paniculata will help you grow and recover much quicker for your next outing to the gym center.
  • Urtica galeopsifolia – has a 3, 4 divanillyltetrahydrofuran that elevates free testosterone by functioning as a binder.  It gives room for a spectacular increase in the quantity of free testosterone circulating through your veins to accelerate the anabolic process and in the process unleashes your monstrous physical potential.
  • Maxsorption – This is a concentrated extract of piper nigrum that has been clinically tested and approved to increase assimilation during digestion.  Without accurate absorption by the body, all the anabolic compounds are of no use. Maxsorption ensure that all these vital anabolic ingredients are prevented from slipping through the pores and move out through the digestive tract without being assimilated.

Benefits of Using Sterodrol

Although some users have reported additional benefits of this product, it is important to state the ones outlined by the manufacturer.

Sterodrol is known to provide the following benefits under listed functions in the body:


The pattern which this supplement should be taken is designed to give you the most potent benefits, without overusing the product.

The dosage utilizes a 4 week on and a 4 week off pattern. The 4 weeks off helps the body to acclimatize itself to this product.

Just like several other supplements it is recommended that one should not move away from the recommended dose stated by the manufacturer.

Despite the efficiency of this product, it still has some notable advantages and disadvantages that should not be ignored by any serious buyer looking to try this supplement.


  • This supplement is reported to work like the manufacturer outlines. It gives the result of steroids but the side effects are not nearly as extreme.
  • Examining the ingredients showed that the supplement is plant based and so, it is safer than chemical based supplements.
  • Its benefits are long lasting if used continuously.


  • Users have complained that the product exhibits some adverse side effects of steroids such as irritation and acne.
  • Some users have also claimed that they suffer insomnia owing to the use of this product.
  • The results are not permanent and so, the product will be used continuously by any customer who wishes to stay fit and continue to see the benefits of Sterodrol.

How to Buy

Sterodrol is supported with a Pharmapro Money Back Guarantee. The manufacturer’s website lists that one bottle of Sterodrol cost $79.95, alternatively, simply purchase 2 bottles and get 1 for free for $159.90.

In addition, the product is available for shipping and, free shipping exists for buyers in the USA.

Sterodrol Review Summary

Undoubtedly, your money, time, and effort will all be of value particularly when the result is right before your very eyes.

It has been discovered that, although Sterodrol promises the result of steroids whilst not giving its effects, there have been some reports to the contrary. Some users have claimed that Sterodrol exhibit the features of steroids.

It may be unwise to try a new product that has faced so much scrutiny, however, if interested in a powerful anabolic supplement, Sterodrol seems to be effective as long as you are aware of its potential side effects.

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