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PEScience is a sports supplement and nutrition company with a difference. Offering a wide range of proteins, vitamins and minerals, supplements, workout enhancers and more, PEScience promises to deliver sports nutrition with a difference with high quality research and development, quality control, innovation and a reliance on word of mouth advertising over annoying mass marketing campaigns.

In this article we’ll take an in depth look at PEScience and find out exactly what makes them stand out from other sports nutrition brands, as well as stripping down some of their key products to help you decide if PEScience sports nutrition is the right choice for you.

The PEScience Difference

PEScience is different from your average sports nutrition company. PEScience makes quality control the cornerstone of their brand. Many sports nutrition companies claim to offer rigorous standards of quality control but few deliver on the level PEScience do. The manufacturing facilities PEScience use to create their products are audited by a third party firm to ensure they adhere to GMP standards, and every year their entire production process, from systems and staff to standard operating procedures are completely audited and overhauled.

PEScience also uses an audited vendor program to ensure that all of the raw materials used to create their products are of the highest quality possible. The raw materials are tested for pesticides, microbes and heavy metals as well as being tested for purity before being added to the production line. PEScience also ensures that their labelling is as accurate as scientifically possible.

PEScience takes the research and development of their product line extremely seriously. PEScience carefully research every single product before bringing them to market to ensure that all released formulas are the best possible result that can be delivered to their customers. Over the first four years PEScience were in business they released just seven products. PEScience has a dedicated research and development team work in unison to select the best ingredients for the application that the product they’re designing is meant for.

The PEScience research and development team plays close attention to the release of scientific studies relevant to PEScience products and stays as the forefront of scientific research to make sure that all PEScience formulas are at the cutting edge of current and innovative formulas.

PEScience supports the efficacy of their product by staying away from mass marketing campaigns such as television, print or digital media. PEScience prefers to reallocate the vast sums of money other companies use to endorse athletes or purchase expensive prime TV airtime to productive areas such as research and development, ingredients, formulas and quality control. Most new clients that decide to try their products, state PEScience, are directed to their products through word of mouth.

PEScience Products

PEScience carry a large range of nutritional products, but one of the highest selling and most popular products is their SELECT Protein. Protein is an integral part of the diet for any athlete, sports professional or bodybuilder. When the body is subjected to the stresses that come with intense physical exercise, protein is a critical building block in the recovery process. PEScience SELECT is a blend of quality whey protein and casein made from an ultra-pure milk protein isolate, and is also gluten free and vegetarian friendly.

The combination of casein and whey allows the body to increase the retention of ingested protein and release a steady stream of amino acids over time. Casein is also a natural anti catabolic and can help increase protein synthesis in the human body, as well as causing a sustained elevation in blood plasma leucine levels which are a key element of the protein synthesis function that builds muscle in the body. PEScience SELECT Protein retails for $42.75 and comes in six different flavours- Blondie, Cookies n Cream, Frosted Chocolate Cupcake, Gourmet Vanilla, Peanut Butter Cup and Snickerdoodle.

Another popular product available from PEScience is their Midnight Muscle Kit. The Midnight Muscle Kit is actually a combination of of two different products, consisting of the aforementioned SELECT Protein and TruZMA. TruZMA is an essential supplement for professional athletes and bodybuilders that has been demonstrated by independent research to support strength and power, sleep quality, and the testosterone levels in the human body.

ZMA Consists of Zinc Monomethionine Aspartate, Magnesium Aspartate and Vitamin B6, and is commonly used by athletes and bodybuilders to speed up their recovery time and reduce the effects of delayed onset muscle soreness. The three basic components of ZMA are critical in the most important biological processes in the body, and can result in higher strength gains and better sleep. Evidence for the positive effects of ZMA have been shown in a study completed at Western Washington University which demonstrated footballers taking ZMA over a twelve week training program developing noticeably larger muscle than their non-ZMA taking colleagues.

The Midnight Muscle Kit contains both TruZMA and the SELECT protein, and is a great way to restore and replenish the body after an intensive workout. The Midnight Muscle Kit is priced at $66.99 USD.

The third most popular product available from PEScience is their ‘High Volume’ pre-workout supplement. Formulated to shake up industry standards for pre-workout supplements, High Volume is a caffeine free supplement meant to naturally enhance the energy of a user during their workouts. High Volume contains L-Citrulline and Agmatine Sulfate to help users increase the capacity of physical exertion they can sustain for a longer amount of time without burning out the body or resorting to chemical stimulants such as caffeine. High Volume is priced at $42.49 and comes in Blue Frost, Cotton Candy, ORange Pineapple or Raspberry Lemonade Flavours.

PEScience Review – The Verdict

Overall PEScience provides a great point of difference in the transparency available in the composition of their products and the effort they’ve taken in creating effective, quality supplements that deliver on their promised effects. Holding themselves to a higher standard than the average sports supplement company and competitively priced, PEScience is one of the better choices in a saturated marketplace.

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