PeroxiClear – Bausch & Lomb's Contact Lens Cleaner?


PeroxiClear Review – Should You Try?

To prevent the spread of infection, the development of bacteria, and other negative consequences of dirty contact lenses, it is necessary to keep your lenses clean. Many people unknowingly implement ineffective strategies to cleaning their contact lenses and chances are, you also fail to use the right cleaning methods. To take away the strain of figuring out how to clean your lenses properly, it may just be best to invest in a cleaning solution that you can rely on.

PeroxiClear is a hydrogen peroxide cleaning disinfectant solution that provides you with clean content lenses throughout the day.

What is PeroxiClear?

PeroxiClear is a contact lens cleaning solution that is a great alternative to most of the contact lens cleaning products on the market today. Most individuals who use standard contact lens cleaning products experience adverse side effects such as irritation, lens wear, and discomfort. Moreover, many products also cause build up over the life of the contact lens, making it less effective and destroying the lens as a whole.

The alternative solution on the market today is PeroxiClear, created by Bausch + Lomb. PeroxiClear solution is designed to provide long-lasting, all day comfort for individuals who wear contact lenses throughout the day.

Created by Leading Experts

PeroxiClear is created by experts in the health industry. The company is a division of Valeant Pharmaceuticals, which provides health products for every single stage of life.  As one of the most well-recognized and respect brands in the industry, you can feel confident that any product you buy, including PeroxiClear will provide you with adequate results that you expect from a high-quality product.

In addition to providing you with contact lens cleaning solutions, the brand also focuses on eye health in general. The knowledge that it has cultivated in eye health has better enabled the company to serve you and your contact lens needs.

A More Effective Solution than Clear Care

PeroxiClear is known to be a more effective solution than Clear Care and other contact lens products on the market. While PeroxiClear is similar in the sense that it kills germs, it is preservative free, and it works on color coded lenses, the product easily bypasses other leading brands in many other ways.

Unlike most other brands, PeroxiClear provides individuals with all day comfort, lenses feel cleaner for longer, it employs what is known at Triple-Moist technology, and your lenses are clean in as little as four hours. To determine how effective PeroxiClear is compared to other brands, the company performed studies and asked individuals who use Clear Care for their input. Based on their responses, it is clear that PeroxiClear is a much more effective option.

The Benefits of PeroxiClear

As with any product you buy, you want to know the benefits for your eyes. When it comes to PeroxiClear, there are many. Here are some of the main benefits that you can derive when you use PeroxiClear to clean your contact lenses:

No Added Preservatives

Dissimilar to many contact lens brands on the market, PeroxiClear does not contain any preservatives to maintain the solution. As a result of no added preservatives, it is best to use the solution within the expiration timeframe.

Kills 99.9% of Germs

Soaking your contact lenses in PeroxiClear for the full four hours will kill the majority of germs. Keep in mind that you need to soak your lenses for the full four hours for this advantage. With fewer germs on your lenses, you can safely use your contacts without any concern.

The Lens Case is Color Coded

To make using your lenses easier, the lens baskets are color coded with “left” and “right” designations.

All Day Comfort

An advantage that you won’t find elsewhere is that PeroxiClear provides you with all-day comfort. The superior comfort starts from the moment you insert the contact lenses to the end of the day. This conclusion was not only supported by PeroxiClear studies, but also by those who have actually made the switch from Clear Care to PeroxiClear.

Triple-Moist Technology

PeroxiClear employs what is known as Triple-Moist Technology. This technology is a combination of three different moisturizing ingredients that ensure that your lenses stay moist throughout the day. The moisture impact lasts for a full 20 hours so that you can wear your lenses without any irritation or discomfort.

A Clean Feeling for Longer

Those who use PeroxiClear also experience a clean feeling that lasts longer than other leading brands. Not only do lenses feel clean, but they are clean.

Cleaning Only Takes Four Hours

Finally, it only takes four hours for your lenses to become fully disinfected when you use PeroxiClear. The cleaning solution works much faster than many other products on the market.

Free Trial Offer

One of the best features of PeroxiClear is that the brand offers a free trial for those who are interested in trying out PeroxiClear before buying. The free sample or coupon can be attained through the brand’s website.

Purchasing PeroxiClear

PeroxiClear can be purchased from most standard stores, including your local pharmacy. If you do not have time of the ability to visit a physical store, then you can also order the product from online retailers. No matter what option you choose, you’ll also find that the product is fairly priced, affordable, and extremely easy to apply. If you are looking to save even more money, then you can also visit the brand’s website and take advantage of printable coupons that are available.


PeroxiClear can be used with both standard and soft lenses. After putting your lenses in the cleaning solution for four hours, you’ll notice that the solution is hard at work because the solution bubbles and removes proteins and lipid deposits that have accumulated. Once the four hour timeframe is up, you can remove the lenses and wear them. If you need to rinse your lens throughout the day, do not add PeroxiClear and then apply it to your eye. Simply rinse your lens with a sterile solution and then apply it. Overall, with PeroxiClear, you can get clean and comfortable lenses that you can wear throughout your day without issue.

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