Performa – Sports Protein Shaker Cups & Meal Prep Bags Brand?


With the rising number of fitness enthusiasts all around the globe, it can be seen that the usage rate of shaker bottles has increased quite tremendously within the last decade alone.

When choosing a shaker it should be kept in mind that the bottle should be of high quality and also provide features that ensure that the liquid contained inside does not spill out when the shaker is put under some stress.

About Performa

Performa is a ‘fitness accessory company’ that provides its customer base with a wide range of products that meet the intense demands of a variety of different consumers.

What makes Performa unique is that it has a full team dedicated to solving customer service related issues. In addition to this, each individual product that is sold is made to undergo thorough tested before it is delivered to the user.

Some other key aspects of Performa shaker bottles include:

(i) Leak Proof:

The company claims that its bottles are better than any other shaker cup available in the market today. All of the units are designed to endure immense wear and tear that comes as a result of constant use.

Users will also be interested to know that owing to Performa’s proprietary design, the bottles are completely sealed and free of any issues related to leakage/ spillage.

(ii) Replacement Guarantee:

All of the shaker cups come with a full satisfaction guarantee incase users think the product does not meet their expectations.

(iii) Durability:

All of the bottles make use of ‘duraplex plastic’ that has been lab tested for its amazing tensile strength. Owing to its stable composition, duraplex plastic does not adversely react with heat and other environmental stress factors it comes into contact with.

Apart from this, the plastic is also shatter resistant, so users can rest easy even when they drop their shaker.

(iv) ActionRod Technology:

This is a patented ‘shaker agitation mechanism’ that has been scientifically developed using the Newtonian laws of motion. To be more technical, we can see that during the blending process “the agitator and rod combine to form a high performance piston, directly colliding with high momentum in the opposite direction of the mixture.”

As a result of this, the fluid mixture accelerates and the impact becomes intensified, thereby resulting in an explosive drink that is not only perfectly/ uniformly blended, but also easy to drink.

(v) Extralast UV INK:

Performa bottles feature high quality inks that do not wear off even with the passing of many years. The designs on the outside of the bottle are made to last and they will still look the same even after years of constant use.

(v) Many Options To Choose From:

There are many variants to select between, they include:

  • Marvel Collection
  • DC Comics Collection
  • Spartan Race Line
  • Star Wars Range
  • WWE Collection

Where Can I Purchase Performa?

All of the shaker units being sold by Performa can be bought from their official website. The bottles are pretty much the same in their size and specifications. They are priced around the $16.99 mark and can be paid for via safe means such as PayPal, MasterCard and Visa.

Also, there are many specialised character bottles (Thor, Ironman etc) also available. They come in different colours and are all priced around the same range. When large purchases are made, additional discounts can be availed of.

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