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Perfect Water Purifier Review

Perfect Water Purifier is a water pitcher that promises to purify the water you drink. Find out how the Perfect Water Purifier works today in our review.

What is Perfect Water Purifier?

Perfect Water Purifier is a water pitcher that looks very similar to competitors like the Brita filter. You pour water through the filter, and the water is cleansed of toxins and impurities.

In tests on the Perfect Water Purifier, researchers are shown pouring dirty water through the filter as well as water from Lake Austin. There’s even one test where the makers of Perfect Water Purifier pour Gatorade through the filter. You can view all of these tests here.

Perfect Water Purifier is well aware that its main competitor is Brita: in all of the video tests on Perfect Water Purifier, the filter is placed side by side next to the Brita filter, and then the same dirty water or Gatorade is poured through both filters.

Perfect Water Purifier is made by a Texas company named Perfect Aqua Purifier LLC. The company sells a range of pitcher filters as well as water bottle filters.

Is Perfect Water Purifier – also known as the Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher – the right choice for you? Let’s take a look at how it works.

How Does Perfect Water Purifier Work?

Perfect Water Purifier claims to work using cutting-edge, highly-advanced purifying filters to give you the best tasting water possible.

This water is purportedly stripped of any chemicals – so it’s just pure, clean, natural water.

To accomplish this, Perfect Water Purifier uses dual-action gravity filters that contain activated carbon. Carbon pulls water through the filter and filters out 71 harmful chemicals on a molecular level. Some of the most common chemicals filtered by the Perfect Water Purifier include fluoride, heavy metals, and bacteria.

Meanwhile, healthy minerals are left unfiltered by the carbon – so your water still has valuable minerals like magnesium, zinc, and more.

Once this water has passed through, it enters the BPA-free, medical-grade plastic pitcher until you’re ready to drink it.

How Does Carbon Catch Certain Minerals?

One of the big claims made by the Perfect Water Purifier is that it uses carbon to catch certain minerals.

Basically, the “contaminant-catching micropores” are found inside the carbon filter. The carbon is ionically charged and the filter features holes just 2 microns in size. When contaminants pass through these holes, the carbon’s ionic charge grabs the contaminants, removing them from the drinking water.

But that carbon filter is just one part of the Perfect Water Purifier system. The second filter is called NatClean. It’s another organic filter that contains dozens of layers with thousands of natural “micro-channels” to catch and absorb more heavy metals – including pharmaceutical contaminants, heavy metals, and fluoride. Despite the small size of these filters, the creators of Perfect Water Purifier claim that the filters contain enough surface area to cover “half a football field.”

The two filters are combined together in Perfect Water Purifier. There are four combination carbon/NatCleanfilters your water passes through when it goes through the Perfect Water Purifier.

Does Perfect Water Purifier Actually Work?

Some of the best evidence for Perfect Water Purifier comes from the County of Los Angeles’s Department of Agricultural Commissioner.

In April 2006, that Department tested water filters and showed that carbon filters almost completely removed 71 harmful chemicals from tap water.

The other best evidence for Perfect Water Purifier comes from the official website, where the product is shown cleaning everything from yellow Gatorade to muddy water. In both these cases, Perfect Water Purifier turns the liquid into clear and apparently drinkable water.

Other evidence for the Perfect Water Purifier comes from the fact that activated carbon is a well-known filtration system used on everything from groundwater remediation to air purification to capturing volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Does Perfect Water Purifier Actually Purify Your Water?

Based on the ionized carbon and NatClean filtration technology, there are plenty of reasons to believe that Perfect Water Purifier works as advertised.

However, it’s important to note that there’s a distinction between purifying water and filtering water.

Filtering water is the process of ridding water of any impurities using barriers, chemicals, or some biological processes. Purification, on the other hand, is the act of turning water into pure water: all bacterial compounds within the water are removed (without removing undesirable chemicals and minerals).

In that definition of the word, Perfect Water Purifier filters your water. So when the device is called a “Purifier”, it’s actually just a water filtration system (the same can be said for systems like Brita as well, so this isn’t really a downside).

Perfect Water Purifier Pricing

Perfect Water Purifier is priced at the following rates and is exclusively available to order online from Here’s how much you’ll pay for the two different available packages:

— 1 Pitcher: $69.95
— 2 Pitchers: $129.95

Both prices include shipping and handling.

You can also purchase replacement water bottle filters and pitcher filters from the company. They’re available in single subscription packages or as a bi-monthly or year subscription – so the goal is that you never have to go long without having a clean filter to use.

Replacement filters tend to be more expensive than the ones used in competitors like Brita. However, Perfect Water Purifier filters only have to be replaced every six months or so, while other competitors should be replaced every 2 months.

Each replacement filter is priced at $49.95.

Nevertheless, the upfront cost for Perfect Water Purifier is 2 to 3 times the cost of most competitors, while the replacement filters are priced at around 5 times as much – so Perfect Water Purifier is still priced significantly higher overall.

All purchases include a 90 day refund policy, although you won’t get a refund on your S+H charges and you’ll be assess a $15 restocking fee (whichever is greater). The company lets you keep the pitcher: you just return the filters.

You can cancel your autoship filter replacement program at any time by calling (877) 404-7240.

About Perfect Water Purifier

Perfect Water Purifier, which has also been sold under the name the Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher, is manufactured by a company named Perfect Aqua Purifier, LLC based out of Austin, Texas.

The company is headquartered at the following address:

Perfect Aqua Purifier, LLC
4175 Freidrich Lane #202
Austin, TX 78744

You can call the company at (512) 634-8847 or by email at [email protected]

Should You Use Perfect Water Purifier to Clean your Water?

Ultimately, Perfect Water Purifier seems to provide better water filtration than its competitors, but that better quality comes at a higher price.

While competitors like Brita also use carbon filters, Perfect Water Purifier claims to use special carbon filters that are better for the environment and contain uniform hole sizes. There are also four layers of filtration, compared to just one or two on most other water filters.

Furthermore, in testing, Perfect Water Purifier is shown cleansing everything from muddy water to Gatorade in a way that’s superior to other water filtration systems we’ve seen.

The only real drawback (aside from the price) is that the water takes a longer time to fill the container. If you’re the type of person who likes things done fast, then you may not want to wait for this longer filtration system to complete.

In any case, Perfect Water Purifier seems to work as advertised – just don’t expect it to be as cheap as Brita and other competitors.

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