Perfect Bacon Bowl – Effective As Seen On TV Kitchen Tool?


BACON. No introduction in this world can amount the description of bacon. For all of you bacon lovers out there, this is not only mouthwatering to think or read about, but it is also a dream come true. Bacon is like finding out who the murderer was in a TV show.

Bacon is the finishing touch to an artwork. Eggs are nothing without bacon. In other words, one bite of bacon is an explosion on our taste buds that are very underrated.

Today, bacon is used on all sorts of dishes that need a round of applause. For instance, we have: the B.L.T (Bacon, lettuce, tomato) sandwich, bacon pizza, bacon poutine, eggs and bacon, bacon and chocolate, Caesar salads, etc.

If we don’t put an end to this list, we are guaranteed to go on and on. Nowadays people find ways to incorporate bacon into drinks and desserts that’s how popular it is amongst the bacon fanatics and non-vegetarians.

What if you were told, there exists a product that speeds up the process of cooking bacon and makes eating some more enjoyable? It is sure enough that most of curiosities have reached the highest peaks possible, so presenting to you is the Perfect Bacon Bowl (and yes that’s Beyoncé’s song, Halo in the background as we speak).

About the Perfect Bacon Bowl

What the Perfect Bacon Bowl, as the name implies, is making a bowl like structure with bacon. Why use a regular bowl when you can devour the bacon bowl and leave no traces behind right? This is an easier way of creating a bacon bowl compared to other ways of doing so.

Another popular, but clumsier way, if you already haven’t tried it, is by using muffin trays. The problem with using muffin trays is the fact that the grease of cooked bacon either drips everywhere or sits at the base of the bowl, which is pretty disgusting. Secondly, the bacon bowl fits in an oven, microwave or even a toaster oven. A muffin tray is not as flexible as the Bacon Bowl to be placed in different mediums of cooking.

In a package of the Perfect Bowl, you are given one mini bacon bowl creator and obviously the instructions alongside it. Once you’ve read through instructions, you can create yourself the ultimate Bacon Bowl!

How Do We Use The Perfect Bacon Bowl

For cooking products, like such, it is obviously easier for the eyes when looking at a visual aspect rather than reading it, but we will list the steps below and if you’d like a visual aspect, feel free to check out: Perfect Bacon Bowl on YouTube. Here are the following steps to achieving perfection, to reaching the ultimate goal, and preferably to treat your taste buds, with the Perfect Bacon Bowl:

  1. You need to lay the bacon on lump side up
  2. It is best to place the bacon in a cross formation on top of the lump and then you take a some more bacon and wrap around the sides fat side up.
  3. Bacon strips might seem too long for this process, but no need to worry, just let it sit or twist it, you do not need to trim it
  4. Place it in the microwave, toaster oven or oven for 2 minutes and 30 seconds
  5. Once it’s ready, slight the bowl in a way that will eliminate all the grease and fat.
  6. Remove it with a plastic knife gradually
  7. Enjoy it to your liking!

Some Tips To Consider

  1. Read the Instructions: A simple as it may sound, it is important to go over the instructions for any tips or safety precautions that need to be followed
  2. Since bacon shrinks when it cooks, make sure to use the listed number of bacon strips for a much bigger and better bacon bowl
  3. You can also make bread and cookie bowls, as well as any other bowls that you believe can be created
  4. DO NOT EXCEED 375 degrees.


The Perfect Bacon Bowl costs approximately $5 without shipping and handling, so it more or less should cost you around $10 (currency exchange might differ).

The price is worthwhile because it is easier to use, it separates the grease and fat, you can make a variety of bowls (mac and cheese bacon bowl, salad bacon bowl, B.L.T bacon bowl, etc.), and you can make other bowls as well. In addition, it is easier to clean as well compared to having to wash the pan and spatula.

The only downside to this is the fact that one package only contains one bowl; therefore you can only make one bowl at a time. Since the time frame is within 3 minutes, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. You can either take the time to make one at a time, or purchase a second one to speed up the process.

Bacon: Bacon Life Better

Overall, this product actually does work as advertised as long as you follow the instructions. It is a fun twist on bacon that bacon lovers can enjoy doing and of course, eating. There are so many creative ways to make unique bacon bowls, put your imagination to the test or you can simply look up some fun recipes. The Perfect Bowl comes with a couple of ideas, but what’s stopping you from going outside of the box!

For a decent price, not only are you trying new things, you might also come up with an even crazier way to eat bacon. For more information on Perfect Bacon Bowl, you can simply YouTube it. If it was obvious that this is a purchase of your desire from the very moment you set eyes on this article, check out Perfect Bacon Bowl on Amazon, or better yet, click the link provided here: Because we all know it bacons you crazy!


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