Penetrex Products – Best Ingredients & Formula?


Note: There is no longer a Penetrex Male Enhancement product (was never real) so we wanted to take the time and review the real trademarked/branded company Penetrex (Biomax Health Products) too.

It appears this male enhancement pill went by the name Penetrex and has caused some strife with the original (and only company) by the name of Penetrex. The real company Penetrex has topical analgesic creams and helps for inflammation treatment which boasts over 14,000 customer reviews on Amazon.

We believe the authentic Penetrex company has now taken down the fraudulent male enhancement poser and should be in good standing now. The male performance enhancement should no longer exist and never should have to begin with.

We are going to leave our original post up (until notified further) so that people can read this top section and gain clarity on what is going on to avoid confusion (that should stop in the near future) all together.

^ Update December 2016 ^

Please make sure you read our Penetrex product reviews for both men and women to see how they can help enhance the body's recovery and pain relief mechanisms.

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Supplement Police
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  1. Same happened to me got charged 253.56 on my card…1 trial each of penetrex n endur test…it helps but not worth the money…I had to call twice!…where do I report this?..none was refunded!..

  2. This is the worst fucking purchace I’ve ever made first I pay $4.95 s&h and the they charge another $94 than they do it again for another $94 I finally got customer support yeah right if that’s s what u call customer support then I’m wendy from oz screw this don’t order it

  3. This company is a rip off. Double charge your account. Misleading say it is a 14 day trial, but it begins as soon as you order it. How can you try something out for 14 days and you don’t get it until 5 days later. So when you call to cancel the 14 days are over already. Riiiipppp off. Report to the BBB.

  4. I’ve been using penetrex for about 1 month now. Seeing great results and the mrs also loves it ;)

    The trial was great as It give you a chance to see results before you buy into it.

    I would highly recommend

  5. And not only do you pay shipping, but $93.95 for one bottle twice. So it’s a lot of money, for crap that don’t work at all. It’s probably just cinnamon. Don’t do it.

  6. I’m with you on all this, I did the free trial, told them to cancel. And the I get a new bottle in the mail couple days later. And then they billed my C.C not once, but twice for the 93.25. I’m going viral with this, who’s with me.

  7. I’m returning this Penetrex Male Enhancement Formula I received today, I only went for it because it’s a free trial, just paid the shipping fee, no, I don’t want to be rebilled after my free trial ends, I’ll go ahead and notify my credit card, no, I’ll not open nor try to use this product, I’ll stick with my Viagra which cost me zero dollars

    • If you don’t mind me asking Sir. how do you get Viagra $0.00?
      My husbands ins. doesn’t cover it.

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