Pedi Joy – Healthy At-Home Feet Exfoliating Pedicure Plate?


Pedi Joy is a device that you can used to smooth out your rough heels, which can become flaky and hardened with exposure to dryness.

This offer gives you the chance to get two of the devices for the price of one, if you’re willing to cover the cost of shipping.

What Is Pedi Joy?

Dry feet are something that many people suffer with. Most of the time, this issue is due to dehydration or constantly exposing your skin to dry weather.

You may think that this problem isn’t a big deal initially, but leaving it alone will only add to the problem. Before you know it, you’re even avoiding leaving the house in sandals because of your embarrassing heels.

You may think that the only way to deal with this skin problem is to go to a podiatrist or a pedicurist. However, you can fix it in the comfort of your own home with the Pedi Joy.

The Pedi Joy is an innovative product that helps you get the smooth and attractive heels that you want. The device doesn’t require you to learn to get into yoga-inspired poses that require stretching and uncomfortably holding your position, like many files and devices force you to do.

The treatment allows you to be completely hands free, and you won’t experience any pain as your dead skin is smoothed away. Calluses should have no place on your feet, and the Pedi Joy helps you do away with them.

When your skin is dry enough for patches to cover your heels, you may be too embarrassed to be seen by a professional. While receiving an expensive pedicure might help, you can’t maintain these results at home, and you may feel self-conscious about how bad your feet might look.

A podiatrist can help you if the dryness is due to a bacterial or viral issue, but you will end up stressing your skin out even more with unhealthy chemicals. With Pedi Joy, you can treat your troublesome skin at home instead.

Using Pedi Joy

Before you can use the Pedi Joy, you need to attach it to your tub with the suction cups. Once it’s secured, you’re ready to use the device, even if the shower is already on. You can tap the button with your toes to start the device, which will activate a fast-motion vibration that will slowly file the dryness and flaking in your skin away.

Then, you can rub the rough spots on your foot over the file area. You won’t need to bend down or angle your body to meet a strange position.

Instead, you can just extend your leg and file while you wash your hair or rinse off your body.

Pricing For Pedi Joy

If you want to start using Pedi Joy in your routine, you will need to cost a base price of $29.99. However, this product comes with a special promotion right now, giving you the opportunity to get two Pedi Joy devices in one shipment.

You will just need to cover $7.99 in shipping fees for the first Pedi Joy, and $14.99 in shipping fees for the second one. Some consumers may have an overwhelming amount of dryness that needs to be handled, or you may not like the way the product feels on your skin.

If you no longer wish to use the Pedi Joy, you can send back the product within the first 30 days to get a complete refund.

Contacting The Creators Of Pedi Joy

With such an innovative product, you may have some questions that you need to go over before you are ready t-o make the purchase. The company doesn’t offer an email address for correspondence, but you can call the company for your inquiries.

Call 855-668-1655 to get ahold of a representative. The department has hours of availability throughout the week. ON weekdays, they are open from 7:00am to Midnight EST. However, on the weekends, those hours are shortened from 8:00am to 8:00pm EST.

If you just want to track the status of your Pedi Joy, you can visit, and enter your billing phone number to locate your package.

Pedi Joy Summary Review

The Pedi Joy is meant for removing the dead skin from anyone’s feet. Since there’s no chemical involvement, your whole family can manage the smoothness of their heels, though you may want to add to the number of smoothing products you choose if you share. Luckily, due to the width of the device, it won’t even matter how wide or long your feet are.

If you’re ready to have salon-quality results on your heels, without having to spend the same amount that you would need to pay for a pedicure constantly, then the Pedi Joy may help.

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