Paxter – Smart Travel & Gym Container for Bathroom Essentials?


About Paxter

Paxter is said to be the world’s first multifunctional container that will help you keep your hygiene products and bathroom essentials safe and clean while you travel.

You’ll be able to carry up to three liquid products and your standard personal care items with you everywhere you go. Items like toothbrushes, cotton swabs and even pills, and floss have a home in Paxter.

How Does Paxter Work?

Each Chamber is Paxter is designed to hold 95ml of liquid, roughly one third of the average shampoo bottle. There is a waterproof section that is sealed so you can keep items dry while you use Paxter in the shower. The toothbrush container on the device is said to fit most toothbrushes in it. There are also see through lines on Paxter that will show you exactly how much of each liquid you have left.

Other features include but are not limited to the Pump Button, customizable inserts and an easy to use refilling cap. There are silicone side strips that can be used interchangeably for dispensing the liquids. Paxter also features a very strong body that is ideal for anyone looking to use it while they travel.

To use the device it’s very simple, just press the pump button a couple times to dispense liquid for a single use. You can insert the brand name in the unit, or create custom designs to make Paxter unique for you.

There is also a large refilling cap that is designed for seamless refilling. And the silicone side strips on Paxter make it great for gripping while in the shower. Other features include the ability to use interchangeable labeled caps for dispensing your liquids.

You’ll be able to easily arrange all of your products in Paxter. There is a very strong, rigid design that keeps your liquids safe, even while they are under pressure being stored in your suite case.

Paxter is designed to help you with a full range of different liquids. For example, you can use Paxter to carry shampoo, so you don’t have to deal with the cheap little bottles most hotels give you. Conditioner would be the same, most hotels provide low-quality conditioners. You could even store body washes and facial washes in Paxter to make sure you keep fresh and clean.

Women would be able to put makeup remover in the device, so they would never have to worry about running out when they need it most. Facial cleansers and soaps also store easily in Paxter to ensure you can stay clean all the time while traveling.

Lastly, body wash and mouth wash are both perfect examples of different liquids that would store nicely and be ideal for Paxter.

As far as personal care items go, Paxter can store a multitude of different item types. One such item you could store with Paxter would be Q-Tips or Cotton Swabs to keep your ears clean.

There is a place for Tweezers as well in case you need to pluck eyebrows or pull a splinter. If you’re health conscious then there is also a slot where you can store vitamins and pills. Paxter even has a place to keep nail clippers so you keep your nails trim and proper.

There is a small slot for cotton wipes as well as contact lenses, so you don’t have to ever consider losing your eyesight. A tiny space at the bottom is made for holding travel sized toothpastes to keep your smile bright while you travel. And Keys and Jewelry can even be housed in Paxter.

Paxter Review Summary

Apparently, you’ll be completely amazed by the number of items that you can store inside Paxter. They will all fit inside the watertight compartment as well. Another benefit is that the ventilated toothbrush compartment makes it easy to quickly air dry a toothbrush, so you don’t have to worry about grime, slime or build up from occurring.

Paxter was designed to make it simple for you to bring all your bathroom essentials with you wherever you go. The creators of Paxter claim that travel will be much easier and cleaner now when if you use the device.

Paxter is one convenient container that you can use to keep all of your essential in order, free from debris. And you’ll never have to worry about anything leaking in your luggage again when you use Paxter. Right now, Paxter is still in development and you can only back it on KickStarter.

If you’re interested in learning more about the project, you’ll have to go to Kickstarter and learn more. There are several different options you can use to pledge on the Paxter project. It’s likely Paxter will be a very popular item for people who are in business or travel frequently.

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