Paleo Passion Foods – Sugar-Free Krave Cereal & Frozen Pops?


Saying the term “sugar” alone has the ability to elevate one’s imaginations and cravings to a new height. Sugar has been creatively used in many food items today, but unfortunately added and refined sugar plays a negative role on one’s overall wellbeing. Above all, sometimes what may be advertised as healthy might contain way too much sugar that leaves many shocked.

Paleo Passion Foods is a brand that focuses on providing healthy substitutes to kill one’s sugar cravings. Ultimately, their goal is to ensure that every bite consumers take contains all natural foods that win in the taste factor and in achieving a healthier lifestyle. This review will look at Paleo Passion Foods and their food products made available to consumers.

What Is Paleo Passion Foods?

Paleo Passion Foods provides food items that are healthy for consumers. In a generation where sugar is used in almost everything, Paleo Passion Foods works to break out of that unhealthy routine by providing all natural, gluten and dairy free products that contain no trace of manmade, refined or cane sugars.

Regardless of how one advertises sugar, at the end of the sugar is sugar and there really isn’t an alternative to sugar that is actually healthy. This is why; Paleo Passion Foods ensures that sugar is not added in any way possible.

Types Of Paleo Passion Foods

Currently, Paleo Passion Foods specialize in bringing a variety of popsicles and grainless granola. While variety might seem lacking in terms of what is offered by Paleo Passion Foods, they have specialized in bringing different flavors that are certain to please consumers. In addition to their exotic flavors and food items, Paleo Passion Food currently has a rather simple clothing line, which consists of t-shirts as well.

Paleo Passion Pops

This category of products is great for anyone looking for something that is refreshing, but also healthy at the same. The use of ingredients in each Popsicle is astonishing, as most of these ingredients are known for its healthy properties. The following is a list of flavors of pops consumers can choose from:

  • Kim’s Kokonut: One serving is 120 calories, of which sugar is 11grams.
  • Apple Crisp: One serving is 70 calories, of which sugar is 15grams.
  • Strawberry Passion: One serving is 70 calories, of which sugar is 16grams.
  • Blueberry Pomegranate: One serving is 90 calories, of which sugar is 18grams.
  • Chocolate Passion: One serving is 60 calories, of which sugar is 10grams.
  • Pineapple Ginger: One serving is 70 calories, of which sugar is 15grams.
  • Orange Mango: One serving is 60 calories, of which sugar is 10grams.

What’s commendable about Paleo Passion Pops is firstly; they are lower in calories compared to many existing popsicles brand. Secondly, the sugar content in each pop is slashed to almost half of what most consumers are used to. Thirdly, the ingredients are of high quality and they are natural. Lastly, it is clear that Paleo Passion Foods emphases greatly on health, as there are no traces of harmful chemicals or processed ingredients used.

Krave The Krunch

Paleo Passion Foods not only specializes in providing healthy popsicles, but they also have a line of grainless granolas. These grainless granolas are known as Krave the Krunch, which come in three different flavors. The flavors are Choco-Nuts, Maple Cinnamon, and Caribbean Coconut.

This is a great product for those looking to incorporate a low carbohydrate food item, as these grainless grains contain no more than 6 grams of carbohydrates per serving. In addition, each serving contains as little as 4grams of sugar and a fairly decent amount of protein to feed one’s overall system.

How Much Does One Need To Invest Towards Healthier Eating Habits?

The current going price of the Paleo Passion Pops is either $19.99 for a 14-pack and $34.99 for a 28 pack. In terms of the pricing for the Krave the Krunch grainless granolas, consumers can expect to invest anywhere between $22 and $42 for a 3 and 6 pack respectively. For anyone interested in the Paleo Passion Gears, consumers have the option of purchasing a t-shirt for $19.99 or a long sleeve for approximately $26.

Both items are reasonably priced, as they are all natural products, which contain no harmful preservatives and no trace of added or refined sugar. The sugar levels found in each product are naturally found in each ingredient.

For instance, a mango has a specific sweet component, which is naturally found within the fruit. Besides the sugar content of the ingredients itself, no other form of sugar can be found in either products.

Especially with the grainless granolas, consumers can get creative and make a variety of baked goods such as: cookies, crisps, etc. or use it as an addition to a parfait or other breakfast favorites. Likewise, these pops can also be incorporated in smoothie recipes for easier consumption!

Paleo Passion Foods Review Summary

Overall, people need to really analyze food items prior to consuming them because many brands are aware that sugary goods and its taste factors are a priority for consumers.

What makes Paleo Passion Foods different is the fact that they too have realized what consumers prioritize, however they put great emphasis on the priorities with a healthy twist on it to ensure one’s health in the long run is not negatively impacted. For more information on their pops and grainless granolas, go to:

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