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Paleo Beginners Guide Review

The Paleo Beginners Guide is a free eBook that was recently released online. Is this book worth the free download? Let’s find out

What is Paleo Beginners Guide?

Paleo Beginners Guide is a digital eBook available exclusively through PaleoReboot.com. The book was recently released for free online as part of a 21 day national promotion campaign.

You can order the book as a digital eBook or as a physical copy.

If you order the physical copy of the book, then you’ll be asked to pay $2.95 for shipping and handling. The digital version of the book, however, is available for free. After entering your email address, that book will be delivered directly to your email inbox.

The book claims to be a New York Times best seller. It also claims to teach you everything you need to know about getting started with the Paleo Diet. With that in mind, let’s learn more about how the Paleo Beginners Guide works.

What’s in the Paleo Beginners Guide?

The Paleo Beginners Guide, as you might expect, contains a variety of lessons you can use to get started with the paleo diet. Those lessons include:

— Recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert

— Quick start guide to help you lose weight, improve your health, and avoid diseases by correctly implementing the paleo diet

Daily meal plans including daily tips and foolproof plan ahead instructions

— Shopping lists that make grocery shopping “almost too easy”

— Easy paleo snack ideas, including 15 snack recipes “to keep you full and satisfied throughout the day.”

— Tricks for dining out, including how to eat paleo-friendly meals in any restaurant

— Paleo cures, including how to use paleo-friendly foods and supplements to treat medical conditions like arthritis, diabetes, migraines, inflammation, leaky gut, and more

— How to shop for the right seasonal foods throughout the year

Why is It Free?

Paleo Beginners Guide is totally free when you download the digital version of the eBook (it’s $2.95 when you buy the physical copy).

Of course, like most free things on the internet, it’s not actually completely free. To get the Paleo Beginners Guide eBook, you’ll need to type in your email address.

After submitting your email address, you’ll receive updates from the Paleo Reboot community. You’ll be pushed towards different Paleo Reboot products and asked to purchase things. Of course, you’re not obligated to do any of this.

Here’s how the creators of Paleo Beginners Guide explain why they’re giving the book away:

“This is our way of introducing you to the Paleo Reboot community. We know that every time you look in the mirror you’ll look and feel like you’re starting to achieve your weight loss and health goals with Paleo and you’ll want to join our community of like-minded people who are on the path to looking and feeling great. So that’s why.”

Picture it this way: after you’ve submitting your email address to the site, then the owner of the site knows that your email address is connected to someone who has indicated an interest in paleo dieting. Thus, they’ll want to email you offers for things they think paleo dieters would buy.

About Paleo Reboot

Paleo Reboot, found at PaleoReboot.com, is a small online paleo community that consists mostly of blog articles discussing the paleo diet.

Some recent articles on the blog include “Don’t Leave Home Without These 5 Paleo Travel Tips” and “Why Matthew McConaughey Loves Paleo”.

The website is owned by a California company named Callisto Media Inc.

You can get in touch with Paleo Reboot by emailing [email protected] or by phone at (510) 556-1897.

Ultimately, Paleo Beginners Guide is a free eBook that introduces you to the paleo diet. As long as you’re okay with receiving future emails about the paleo diet and paleo-related products, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t download the eBook.

Of course, if you want the eBook without receiving marketing spam for the rest of your life, then you can just use an alternate email address or old email.

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  1. If you’re an affiliate, watch out. These guys will shut you down as soon as you earn a commission. If you’re lucky enough for the customer not to refund, the vendor will keep your commission anyway.

  2. I ordered the book and received it very quickly. I thought I would continue with their monthly book issues. However I see this is designed as a weight loss program, that was not what I was interested in. Now I want to cancel my monthly subscription to the books. I have search everywhere for someplace to send an email – Thank you, I really don’t want to pay $29.00 + a month for books on weight loos books.

  3. Here is the link I used to get the cookbook – it cost 2.95 shipping. I have made 6 of the recipies so far and they are TERRIFIC!

    I am so glad I did!

    Amy Levesque
    Holderness, NH

  4. I’m having a hard time trying to get to the downloaded Paleo reboot book and the bonus books. Could you please give me a step by step guide to viewing them? I’m not very computer savvy, so I need all the help I can get!

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