PainGone – Drug Free Medical Pen Pain Relief Device?


PainGone is a medication-free method of receiving pain relief, using electrical signals instead to stimulate your brain to release endorphins. There is no maximum amount of times the device can be used on a daily basis.

What Is PainGone?

There are many different ways that you can eliminate discomfort and soreness from your body, depending on the ailment. For instance, a headache would be accompanied by a pain management pill like Tylenol, whereas a sprained ankle would require some hot and cold therapy. However, when you get hurt, you don’t always have the products you need to bring relief. Luckily, the PainGone device is small enough to carry with you at all times.

PainGone is a medical device that is easy and simple, helping to eliminate discomfort from just about any cause. It is an approved medical device, which means that medical professionals agree that it can be used to safely treat pain. It’s fairly similar to a TENS machine, but it uses electric therapy to stimulate the chemicals in your brain that make you feel happy and euphoric.

This product follows the current ISO regulations, and has met the safety standards set forth by lawmakers at a national and international level. Even though you do not need a prescription to use the product, your doctor should still be able to give you guidance on the use of it, depending on your condition.

How Does PainGone Work?

The PainGone device is actually incredibly simple, if you understand the way your brain evaluates discomfort and pain signals. When you normally experience an injury or a tender spot on your muscles, that area of your body sends an electrical signal to your brain, which lets you feel the pain. Pain is a normal response from your body, indicating something is wrong.

However, once you are aware of the pain, you need relief. The PainGone device send a small electrical charge into your body at the sign of the pain. This impulse tells the brain to send endorphins, which is your body’s way of offering relief naturally already. Endorphins are often released when you exercise or experience something that brings you joy. However, by convincing your body to send out this chemical when you are in pain, you help to relieve it without any type of drug.

The device cannot be used too much for that specific fact – no narcotics are applied or entered into your bloodstream. Additionally, the impulses are incredibly mild in sensation, which means you can use it as many times as you feel the need to get relief.

Using PainGone

The PainGone device is incredibly easy to use, which may be why so many consumers enjoy using them. To get the relief you need, place the tip of the device on the point of your body where you are in pain. You will press the button on the top about 30 to 40 times, which may take up to 60 seconds to do.

Once your brain receives the signal, your pain will be gone. For larger areas on your body, just move the tip around the area while clicking. There is no limit on the amount of areas or instances you can use PainGone.

You can use this device on bare skin or through lightweight fabric. You may feel the impulse at the tip, but you should not experience additional pain during use.

Pricing for PainGone

The pricing for PainGone will directly depend on the quantity of the supplies you purchase. You have two actual products that the company offers on the purchase page – the PainGone pens and PainGone freeze, which is a cream that doesn’t require electrical impulses.

PainGone is available in three different packages, offering you a discount as you purchase more of the product at once. For a single PainGone, your total cost is £29.95. However, if you increase your order to include two of the devices, you will save £10.00, and only pay £49.90.

The best savings you will get is by purchasing four of the devices, which will cost you £89.85, but save you £33.90.

For PainGone Freeze, you can either get a single bottle for £12.95, or a set of three for £25.90.

Where to Buy

Even though you can purchase PainGone directly from the website, you also have the option of visiting one of the authorized retailers in your area. These retailers include:

  • Lloyd’s Pharmacy
  • Boots
  • Superchug

You can also enter your post code to find locations near you.

Contacting the Creators of PainGone

If the results you can get from PainGone are a little more powerful than you believe, then you may benefit from speaking with the customer service team. They are located in the UK, and they can be reached by phone, live chat, or by filling in the online form with your contact information.

To speak with a customer service representative, you will need to call 0800 953 1666. This department is open from 9:00am to 5:00pm on weekdays. However, if you are making your purchase over the phone, then you can reach someone at any time on any day.

If you cannot reach someone during business hours, or it is inconvenient to call, you can select the “Get in Touch” link to gain access to the Live Chat.

PainGone Review Conclusion

PainGone does exactly what the name implies it can do, but it does so without the use of topical remedies or medicine. You don’t have to worry about any allergies, since the device only causes your brain to release the natural chemicals that already exist in your body. With just a minute or so of use, you can finally get the release that you’ve been craving, after so much time in pain.

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