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Advanced Orthomolecular Research

Whether it be good stress or bad stress, everyone at one point or another – some more often than others – will experience stress. And, although we initially feel the effects of stress mentally, our bodies often take a toll without even realizing it. So, finding ways to manage stress and cope more effectively with it, is important.

Ortho Adapt is a supplement that was designed using advance orthomolecular research to help combat the effects of stress to help you manage more effectively at work, home, playing sports, and all things in between.

Benefits of Ortho Adapt

Since being able to cope or manage stress better can be such a general term, here are a few specific ways in which Ortho Adapt can help you cope more effectively with stress.

  • Mobilize internal energy
  • Reduce the impact that stress situations can cause
  • Activate entire body defense
  • Prevent the body from over reacting to certain stressors

This ‘anti-stress’ supplement is a premium formula that contains something called adrenal gland extract that works alongside other powerhouse ingredients like adaptogenic botanicals ashwandha, Rodiola, licorice and Siberian ginseng and Vitamins C and B5.

What we know about the Adrenal Gland Extract is that it provides a ‘time-tested’ way of delivering key factors directly to the adrenal glands. You might wonder why this matters, and what you need to know is that the adrenal glands are often referred to as the anti-stress glands, so targeting them is crucial. In going directly to supporting them, you can expect feelings of improved energy as well as ways of better coping with stress.

The key is to stop masking problems that can be nurtured and focused on to help your body manage stress effectively and consistently. When the adrenal glands are stimulated through a supplement like the Ortho Adapt, is help prevent adrenal deficiency. When this occurs, they can function at optimal levels creating natural coping abilities that otherwise would not occur.

During times of stress, when this area is provided with the necessary formula, like this one, they activate what are known as whole body responses. They help redirect the resources in the body to provide energy and engagement in the stressor and equipping you with the capabilities of dealing with it.

When the Vitamins C and B5 are added to the equation, this helps replenish these within your body since those are the first main things that start to diminish when we experience stress.

This includes all kinds of stress too; emotional, environmental and physical. These vitamins are also key in the production of stress hormones, so together they can work to prevent symptoms of fatigue and burnout. Instead, they are replaced with things like an increase in energy levels and the ability to cope better.

You see, stress can’t be avoided – it happens to everyone, everywhere. And, all stress isn’t bad stress. In fact, stress we experience in environmental situations can often be mistaken by adrenaline, or feelings of fear or uncertainty.

Instead of resorting to the fight or flight mentality, using a dietary supplement like Ortho Adapt, can help you identify these stressors and work through them – effectively.

Is Ortho Adapt Safe to Take?

Like any product you consume, it is important to read the labels carefully before consumption. In this case, there is a warning for those who experience liver problems, to consult with a physician before taking.

There is a full and comprehensive list of ingredients available on the website, including how much of each ingredient is present in each capsule.

How to Order Ortho Adapt

Ortho Adapt can be ordered online through email however there are hundreds of retailers across North America for your convenience.

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