Orion Fight Tech – Interactive Sparring System For Workouts?


Many market studies have shown that the number of people who like boxing and sparring with fellow fitness enthusiasts have increased quite significantly . However, personal training costs have surged in the past decade, and now it costs nearly $50-$200 (per hour) to hire a personal trainer who can spar and help us out.

In recent years, there have been many new machines which have been released to help substitute and take place of a trainer. This allows us to workout in the comfort of our own homes, and makes it easier to work on our fighting technique.

About Orion Fight Tech

Orion has been described as the world’s first “Fully Interactive Sparring System”. Fight Tech is intuitive and allows us to tweak our fighting technique in an effective and efficient manner.

Owing to its design, it helps provide a good challenge to both beginners and experts alike. Orion Fight Tech responds to the fitness and skill level of separate individuals, and helps us develop instincts that are otherwise tough to develop with human trainers.

Key benefits of using Orion Fight Tech include:

Increased Free Time:

The device allows us to workout at home, thereby decreasing our travel time. When we train for longer durations, we are able to receive more profound benefits within a shorter span of time.


One of the key benefits of this machine is its ability to help us increase our stamina and endurance levels. This helps us not only last longer in the gym, but also improves our fighting confidence and general cardiovascular health.

Improved Coordination:

When trained on for a long duration, Orion Fight Tech is able to improve our coordination via the reordering of our neural channels. As a result of this, we are able to have better spatial awareness and enhanced reaction ability.

Enhanced Reaction Time:

An underrated aspect of this machine is its capacity to help improve our reactivity. When our reaction rate is improved, we are able to experience enhanced athletic performance and better sparring results.

What Do I Get With Orion Fight Tech?

Spinning Arm Target:

This is the main peripheral attachment that comes with the Orion Fight Tech. When used in an efficient manner, it is able to help us develop our agility, speed and the capacity to duck and dive.

The arm rotates at a fast rate depending up upon our reaction time and is able to intuitively detect our training capacity. Lastly, the arm is coated in a foam padding that ensures that we are protected and do not risk any major injuries when using the product.

Double Launching Target:

This attachment makes use of two horizontal targets that are controlled via the use of an onboard computer. It uses sensors that are ergonomic and can be run on 12V batteries. Recharging is easy and the overall efficacy of these bars is amazing.

Triple Launching Target:

These vertically launching bars are designed to help randomize the attacking pattern of the Orion Fight Tech. Due to this increased unpredictability, we are able to enhance our rate of movement and improve our overall agility.

Head Target:

This is a regular boxing bag that has been attached to a highly tense spring system. This allows for amazing satisfaction each time we train and practice on it.

Single and Double Jab Targets:

As the name suggests, these jab targets are highly intuitive and are able to provide randomness that helps us move around with more flexibility. They keep us on our toes at all times, and allow us to increase our fighting skills quite substantially.

Where Can I Place An Order?

The machine is still in its kickstarter phase, and if users pledge certain amounts of money, they will be able to receive substantial discounts. There are many offers ranging from as little as $68 to as much as $978 for us to avail of.

All payments can be made via safe means like PayPal, MasterCard and Visa. The product only ships within the United States and will be delivered sometime during May of 2018.

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