Organika Review – The Natural Alternative To Pain While Dieting


Organika is a company that produces supplements with high-quality formulas, which are made with honest ingredients and practices. Read on to find out what kinds of products are available to introduce to your diet on a regular basis.

What is Organika?

The health and condition of one's body should be everyone's first priority. Sadly due to work, stress, and other excursions in life, putting the health of your body can be pushed to the sidelines. Eating a balanced diet and regularly exercising are two of the most popular ways to stay in shape, but even the best diet can leave you afflicted with joint pain or allergies. Rather than immediately reaching for the Tylenol, you may benefit from trying out the different remedies offered by Organika.

Organika originally began after the founder and president, Tom Chin, discovered that he had kidney stones. Rather than having to go get surgery or another medical treatment to remove the stones, he decided to try a natural remedy. After this, he started looking for other natural and simple foods and meal additions that could help consumers treat their conditions to help potentially avoid surgery like he did. Thus, Organika was born.

Organika was, and still is, a privately owned company that is committed to providing the pure and potent formulas that you need to improve various aspects of your health for years to come. Each compound goes through rigorous testing before it is made available to the general public, which means you are getting the very best version every time you make a purchase.

Organika Products

Every single product you will find with Organika has the same level of quality and purity. With multiple different types of products offered, here are a few of the best-selling options you will find from Organika, giving you a better idea of the variety that the company offers to consumers.

Maca Powder, Organic Gelatinized

Mac is often uses as a way to balance out the presence and effects that the main three hormones have within your body. This formula is easily digestible, which means is can enter into the blood stream at a more effective and expedient rate. As it is absorbed, it helps to support healthy bones, minimize your stress level, and improve your energy.

The effect that this Maca powder has on your moods and bones can be credited to the way it handles major hormonal changes in your life. These hormonal changes can include menopause for women, or depleting testosterone levels in older men.

In order to make this formula potent, the ingredients go through a special preparation process. This process includes cutting, cooking, drying, and preparing the herbs for use. The special procedure often involves slow cooking and extrusion method that helps to break up large chains of the powder.

The recommended dose for this supplement is a ½ teaspoon every day. To make it easier to consume, you can add it to vegetable juice or some other drink. If you are still using the powder after three months, it may be time to consult with a physician.

This formula is also available as a capsule, which works in the same way that the powder does, but in a concentrated dose of the formula. Due to the efficacy of the capsule, you will only need to take one capsule per day to enjoy the reduction in stress and the balance of hormones.


If you are vegetarian, you need to find a healthy way to still get the protein you need in your diet, which is exactly what Vege-Pro provides. This supplement is available as a powder blend, and it contains the protein found in organic sprouted brown rice, organic hemp, and 8 different medicinal mushrooms. With these ingredients, the supplement is completely vegan.

You don’t need to cook any part of this supplement, but it is balanced enough to include in raw baking. You will need to consume an entire scoop of the supplement for the full benefits, and you can include it in shakes, sauces, and smoothies without losing the nutrients from the rice and mushrooms.


Spirulina is crafted to help consumers who suffer from allergic rhinitis, which is evident with sneezing and nasal congestion. Since it is a supplement and not an antibiotic, you can combine it with medications that are designed to relieve allergies.

Spirulina is algae that is features a blue-green hue, which is due to the alkaline water in the harvesting area. The algae are completely safe to eat and contains high amounts of iron, which is great for your blood vessels. It also has beta-carotene, which gives your eyes the nutrients they need to improve your vision and health.

This formula is available in both a powder and a tablet. The tablet has a 1000mg dose of Spirulina, and you should take a tablet with each of your three meals every day. If you consume the powder with your drink, you only need to add a teaspoon of the formula.

Where to Buy Organika Products

Organika Products are available all over the country. However, to make it easy to find the items you want, the website features a store locator tool. Once you enter your address or local zip code, the locator comes up with the addresses of the closest stores that sell Organika products.

Contacting Organika

Whether you have questions about a product or a recent purchase, Organika understands the need for answers. While they do not have a phone-based customer service team, you can still speak with someone through email. You will need to fill in the online form to submit your question, and a representative will reply by sending an email back.


Organika is a great company to find your natural and organic supplements. They have multiple forms for most of their supplements (tablets, powders, etc.), which help you to easily blend the products into your foods or take them separately.

Each formula comes with specific instructions, and each one serves a different purpose. Take a look at the rest of their inventory to see what other ailments you can treat naturally.

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  1. I just bought some ORGANIKA Goldenseal capsules–turned out NOT to be Goldenseal at all! OR perhaps VERY DEAD Goldenseal. Called Organika and they said tough luck. Next stop, Health Canada. Will NOT be buying any Organika product again…

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