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Throughout history, the evolution of mankind had been directly connected to accruing the Earth’s resources. Despite the need for materials and sustenance, the pillaging of the environment had devastating effects on nature. Over the years, awareness of preserving the environment has become a focal point. Whether for personal use or businesses adopting sustainable methods, the benefits of adhering to eco-friendly practices are endless.

Today, many businesses can no ignore the pleas from activists urging them to go “green”. Consumers are stunningly aware of environmental issues and their expectations and needs have changed. Investors have been forced to shift their preferences for business and intentionally support companies that employ methods that support and preserve the environment.

Currently, being a green company is a powerful advantage. Consumers are happy, and businesses are thriving. Once word gets out that the company is eco-friendly, they secure trust and loyalty as well as a well-earned reputation as they are not only economically responsible, but also ethical and credible.

By prioritizing the environment, individuals and companies are supporting the production of healthier food options, free of harmful chemicals and toxins. As the organic market continues to grow, there are more options available to the public. For those wanting to adopt healthier eating habits at a cost effective rate, Organics Live is a company that delivers certified organic, sustainably produced, and locally focused food and grocery items to homes and business for less cost than general retail.

About Organics Live

As mentioned above, Organics Live is a company that delivers affordable organic fruits and vegetables. Founded in Canada, Organics Live offers a weekly delivery service to homes and businesses. The company was built by a group of troubled fathers who shared the belief that communities should be fueled by healthy and nutritious food. Motivated by living a healthy lifestyle, they founded their company on the belief that food that is sustainable and economically friendly, free of chemicals, will benefit humans and nature.

Organics Live offers customers the highest quality produce while also focusing on supporting local growers and producers. Run on a carbon neutral operation, Organics Live facilitates a “field to plate” philosophy. The company works to build a sustainable local food system that not only supports small businesses but also allows consumers with products that involve little to no waste.

Each shipment of boxes offers customers the best of the season – the highest quality fruits and vegetables available at any given time. These boxes are delivered weekly. By delivering produce right to the doorstep of their customers, Organics Live is opening up a brand new market. Instead of heading to the Farmer’s Market, customers no longer have to deal with the hassle of grocery shopping.

As mentioned previously, going organic allows for prosperity for the environment, personal health, and the economy. Organics is a growing market with sales of organic products in the Unites States up 12% from the previous year’s sales rate. More people are buying organic and more options are needed to suit those needs. Organics Live has modeled their company on focusing on these three elements. Because industrial farming uses over 50 harmful chemicals, individuals are vulnerable to carcinogens in their food, air, and water supply. Organic farming eliminates the toxins and has shown higher levels of nutrients which allow food sources to have lower mercury levels than industrial grown food.

Additionally, industrial farming mainly relies on single species planting, exclusively requiring chemicals to grow crops and to protect them from insects. The chemical practices not only damage the plants but also leave the soil, water, and air full of toxins, creating long-lasting damage that harms the local environments.

By growing food organically, it restores the land and balances the ecological state of nature. Finally, organic food is the best option for supporting the local economy. Organic farming not only creates more jobs than industrial farming, but it also relies less on government spending, allowing local communities to thrive.

Everything that is purchased by Organics Live is certified organic and comes from certification bodies located in Canada and the United States. The Organics Live farms have completed a thorough and rigorous certification process as well as undergoing annual inspections to ensure that there are meeting the highest standards. Because Organics Live offers produce that is seasonal, they support local contents and only use imported products where it is necessary, usually through the winter and spring. However, none of the produce is purchased from outside the Americas.

How Organics Live Works

As mentioned above, Organics Live offers the best of the season. Because of this, the contents of each delivery will vary by the week depending on what is in season and fresh at the time. Each box usually contains a ratio 1/3 fruit and 2/3rds vegetables. However, there is a fruit only box that is also available. In order to keep the costumers happy, the contents of each delivery are varied, allowing diversity. In addition to weekly deliveries, each delivery can also be customized at no extra charge. Customization includes a change in vegetable and fruit ratio and other options.

Full customization is an easy and accessible option for customers. Before the delivery is prepared, Organics Live sends out an email listing all of the anticipated items and with a few clicks, individuals can change the composition of the box to suit their personal wants and needs. Once the box has been changed to the particular preferences, it will be delivered as requested. Although customization is an option, there are conditions that cannot be changed, such as allergies or food preferences. Because of this, Organics Live offers a list of 5 exclusions which allows customers to state 5 items that they do not ever want to receive in their delivery.

Depending on where the delivery address is located, the delivery days vary. Organics Live usually delivers Tuesday through Thursday between the evening hours of 4:00pm-9:00pm. In areas that offer delivery on multiple days, Organics Live offers customers with the choice of their delivery day based on availability. In order to see which delivery day the box will be received, customers should check their available delivery days based on the location of their neighborhood. Each weekly and bi-weekly subscription box offers the options of a small, regular, large, or fruit only box.

Customers can cancel their service at any time throughout their subscription. The system offers user account features which allow individuals to make changes to their information at any time. Whether it is to update preferences, address details, modify or pause service for vacations, the system is user-friendly and thrives to meet individual needs.

Organics Live Subscription

Because Organics Live is available on a subscription basis, the costs for each individual customer will vary, depending on which subscription they choose. For more information on Organics Live and further inquiries, information can be found on their website.

In order to sign up for weekly or bi-weekly deliveries, individuals must sign up and create a customer profile in order to begin shopping with Organics Live on their website ( Organics Live offers a satisfaction guaranteed warranty and offers customers with a money back guarantee if they are not happy with the service.

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