Inner Armour Review – Sports Nutrition Supplements Help Performance?


Over the recent years, health and fitness have slowly been growing in popularity as more and more people strive towards a healthier lifestyle and overall wellbeing.

Setting a goal in the fitness journey is important but the road towards reaching that goal can most often be very difficult; this is why some people have enlisted the help of supplements to support their efforts and yield results that are not only better, but achieved in less time.

What is Inner Armour Sports Nutrition?

Anyone who has ever been involved in a fitness regimen would know, not all nutritional supplements are made equal; some may have the actual potential at reaching results while others may render your additional efforts (and spending) futile.

Many supplements may claim the same title and effects but the difference in their constituents may vary. Inner Armour is composed of a 100% guaranteed no non-sense formula with only the purest proteins, BCAA’s, glutamine, and with absolutely no unnecessary additives, fillers, or banned substances.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Supplement

Inner Armour Sports Nutrition are providers of various supplements in order to increase stamina, maintain strength, and maximize the overall work out. They have made a name for themselves in the fitness world through their reputation and their ability at yielding results. Inner Armour doesn’t just focus on supplementation but looks at the bigger picture and aids its customers at reaching their fitness goals as a whole.

Who Uses Inner Armour Sports Nutrition?

Inner Armour has been widely used by a wide variety of professionals and amateurs and is also a known name in the NFL. Inner Armour sponsors the TEST Football Academy which is an institution that trains collegiate football players for the NFL combine. Over a period of 10 years, the TEST Football Academy has produced over 200 draft picks through their installation of hard work and supplementation to their charges.

Dave Paterik – Dave Paterik is sponsored by Inner Armour and has a professional title from the IFBB (International Federation of Body Building)

Tyson McGuire – Tyson McGuire has always lead a life demanding physical fitness as he was a paramedic before turning physical fitness into his way of life. Also sponsored by Inner Armour, Tyson McGuire has constantly placed in the NPC (National Physique Committee) since 2012.

Joel Thomas – Joel Thomas also holds a professional title from the IFBB and has previously been engaged in various physically demanding sports such as gymnastics and power lifting.

How does Inner Armour promote overall fitness?

The guide used by the TEST Football Academy is featured by Inner Armour in a bid to reach more would be fitness enthusiasts and aid them towards their goals. This guide includes:

The proper mindset – the road towards a goal is just as important as the goal itself and the proper mindset allows athletes and trainers alike to constantly see the bigger picture. This is important because training WILL get hard and will be painful to the point that even the smallest exertion of effort feels like moving a mountain. The proper mindset keeps people from giving up.

Actual training – there are many aspects to consider in training from warming up to cooling down, a training regimen needs to be custom made to suit each individual person, his skills and abilities, and his goal.

Supplements and nutrition – there are specific types of supplements that would be used by people depending on what they need and choosing the right supplement will be a huge advantage in the enhancement of your training and the reaching of your goals.

Inner Armour’s Featured Supplements

Inner Armour have many specialized formulas to choose from in order to cater to a person’s specific individual needs. Each choice by Inner Armour has been proven to lessen body fat and promote the building of lean muscle. In order to optimize your fitness training and hard work, the right supplement needs to be included in your diet. Some of Inner Armour’s most sought after supplements include:

Amino Blitz

An important part of a work out is having the stamina and focus to keep going through the entire length of your fitness plan. Amino blitz, more than anything, focuses on three important aspects of the work out which are:

Energy – maximize your work out time and take shorter breaks with increased levels of energy. Amino Blitz has a 4:1:1 ratio for BCCA’s, to keep your energy at optimum levels.

Focus – keep your eye on the prize, remember your regimen and what comes next, don’t get distracted. Added elements of caffeine and green tea help maintain focus and concentration.

Recovery – glutamine o help in recovery is also included in Amino Blitz to allow the user to stay hydrated as well as coconut water powder for an electrolyte boost.

Anabolic Peak

Anabolic Peak is a 1330 calorie solution that delivers results in two ways. Anabolic peak helps the rapid development of muscle tissue and hence allows for longer periods of sustained force for any given activity. The building of muscles is always a long road and Anabolic Peak supports training towards this goal.

Mass Peak

Mass Peak provides the perfect balance between proteins and carbohydrates and aids in the stimulation of muscle building while also being effective in assisting during recovery by restoring, maximizing, and maintaining energy levels. Mass Peak also maximizes the delivery of anabolic nutrients in the body.

Nitro Peak

Nitro peak was specially formulated for people who my already have already reached their muscle mass goals. Nitro peak was made with a combination of whey protein and hydrolysate to better maintain muscle mass and enhance the body’s ability to recover.

100% Whey Protein Isolate

When Inner Armour says 100%, they mean 100%! Their when protein isolate is the purest you will ever find on the market and has been put through cold micro-filtering technology to remove unnecessary fat, sugar, cholesterol, or carbohydrates in order to make sure that you are left with nothing but 100% protein.

Inner Armour has more choices available besides these top sellers in order to adhere to a more specific range of need such as Glutamine, Fish Oil, Caffeine tablets, L-Carnitine, or CLA.

The Inner Armour Guarantee

Ingredients – each supplement by Inner Armour has been formulated using only the best combinations of ingredients to ensure results while maintaining elements of quality standards. All supplements by Inner Armour are banned-substance free.

Trust – Inner Armour is affiliated with Informed Choice, a third party institution that validates the effects promised by Inner Armour and also the properties and constituents that have gone in each individual supplement. Validity on proportion, quality, and potency has been issued and all products by Inner Armour have been deemed safe and banned-substance free.

Quality – Inner Armour understands the differences between people, their needs, and what may be an effective supplement for them. This is why Inner Amour have made a variety of choices; by using only the best ingredients in their own special formulations, Inner Armour reaches more specific classes of people and provides them with their exact needs.

Results – Inner Armour and their ability to achieve results are without question. Many athletes have paid testament to this company and its ability to deliver on what it promises. The TEST Football Academy have been relying on Inner Armour for years and swear on no other product.

What We Think

Usually when health supplements are advertised, it isn’t uncommon to see a “one size fits all” product. These are companies that have joined in on the supplement race just for the sake of it and to increase their financial gains regardless of their products ability to yield results. Inner Armour is NOT one of those companies; if anything, the length of which they have been in operation is already enough of a testament of their success.

Inner Armour has an arsenal of athletes and body builders who swear by these products with transformations being apparent in as soon as eight weeks after beginning use.

The range of choice that Inner Armour provides for their products are just enough that specific needs are met during work outs but also enough to not make the choice so overwhelming. If you are looking for a supplement to better your work out then check out Inner Armour and find what is best for your own specific needs.

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