Organic Burst – Quality Nutrient Dense Superfood Formulas?


Organic Burst was created in 2011 by a husband and wife team who wanted to help others experience the life-changing benefits or pure, organic food sources that they themselves enjoyed. Katya and Dimi founded Organic Burst in order to provide a win-win situation for everyone involved, from the farms where they source their ingredients all the way to you.

Organic Burst carefully considers how to create this win-win situation every step of the way, including the organic farmers who grow and harvest their ingredients, the communities those farmers live and work in, their customers who expect and deserve quality products, and even the soil and the plants and animals who need to be preserved in their local areas.

All of the ingredients used by Organic Burst are sourced directly from small organic producers. They do not use any resellers or wholesalers to get ingredients for their products.

They complete extensive research on every grower they work with to ensure that they have ethical practices and that the farmers take the time to preserve the environments they work in.

Since founding this company, Katya and Dimi have spent years researching, studying, discovering, and learning the best way to live a happy and healthy life. They have dedicated their lives to helping people all over the world transform their health and wellbeing.

Today, Organic Burst has reached across the globe and has customers in 112 different countries.

Why Choose Organic Burst?

When you choose Organic Burst, you are helping to change the lives of all of the local people who grow and harvest their source ingredients, as well as preserving the plants and wildlife in the areas where the farms are located. This, of course, is all in addition to the benefits of nourishing your own body with powerful, pure superfoods.

Organic Burst is designed to be a social enterprise. The owners of the company reinvest their profits into the sourcing communities to ensure the highest possible quality of ingredients and make life better for those living there. This falls right in line with the win-win situation the company strives to create in everything the touch.

Top Organic Burst Products


Organic Burst Chlorella

Chlorella is a micro-algae that has been in use holistically for hundreds of years. It has powerful detoxifying effects is great for digestion, can provide clear, smoothe skin, and support a healthy immune system. It also contains the highest amount of chlorophyll of all of the plants found on earth.

Organic Burst Wheatgrass

People have used Wheatgrass as a medicinal herb for thousands of years. It was even a known medicine used by Pharaohs in Ancient Egypt for its rejuvenating effects. Organic Burst Wheatgrass is a gluten-free product that is made from the highest quality New Zealand Wheatgrass. Its nutrition is sourced from powdered leaves taken from young wheat plants.


Organic Burst Maca

Mace was often taken by Incan warrior before they went into battle, and by other members of the empire as a course of hormonal balance, energy, and endurance. Organic Burst Maca in a unique blend made up of 4 different Maca plants, and it combined the best benefits that can be obtained from each of the 4.

Organic Burst Spirulina

Spirulina is a microalgae that can help you stay nourished, energized, and focused. It is a rich sourced of plant-based protein and can also help with weight loss by curbing cravings. Multiple different research studies have confirmed Spirulina’s benefits, and it has been recommended by the UN World Health Organization.

Organic Burst Matcha

Organic Bust Matcha is a ceremonial grade, premium Japanese Matcha with a superior creamy taste which can help you feel instantly alert, clear-minded, and focused while also helping you remain calm and relaxed.

Organic Burst Baobab

This baobab powder is sourced from Malawi, where splendid Baobab trees grow in organic reserves. It has been cherished in Africa for hundreds of years due to its many great benefits. Organic Burst Baobab is a raw fruit powder that will provide your body with nutrients for energy, alertness, and immunity support.

Organic Burst Wheatgrass is also a great source of energy in addition to its usefulness for detoxification.


Organic Burst Acai Berry

Acai is a super berry sourced from the Brazilian rainforest, and it can provide you with everything you need to bounce back after a workout. It can also defend your body against pollution and give your skin a golden glow.

Organic Burst Chia

Organic Burst Chia is sourced from small organic farmers in areas of Bolivia. This tiny plant is the richest source of Omega-3 available, and it can help with digestion and weight loss.

Other Organic Burst products that are great for Fitness include Organic Burst Maca, Organic Burst Spirulina, Organic Burst Matcha, and Organic Burst Baobab.

Flat Tummy

If you’re working out to get an attractively flat stomach, the Organic Burst products that are best designed to help include Organic Burst Chlorella, Organic Burst Spirulina, Organic Burst Baobab, Organic Burst Wheatgrass, and Organic Burst Chia.

Glowing Skin

If you’re looking for healthy, glowing skin, then you should try Organic Burst Chlorella, Organic Burst Acai Berry, and Organic Burst Chia.

Stop Cravings

Sometimes the hardest part of fitness and weight loss is dealing with cravings for unhealthy foods. You can get some help fighting cravings by using Organic Burst Spirulina, Organic Burst Wheatgrass, and Organic Burst Chia.

Weight Loss

Organic Burst has a variety of products that are very helpful for weight loss. They include Organic Burst Chlorella, Organic Burst Spirulina, Organic Burst Matcha, Organic Burst Acai Berry, Organic Burst Wheatgrass, Organic Burst Chia.

Benefits of Organic Burst

Only The Best Ingredients

Organic Burst makes it a top priority to ensure that only the best top quality superfoods are used as ingredients in their products. They believe that using only the highest quality ingredients from the best sources is vital to ensuring that you experience the best results when using the products they provide.

That is why they carefully research the best growing locations for each ingredient before they look for sources, and they refuse to accept anything less than the top grade available. Customer feedback often reflects the importance of this, and previous customers often say that the taste and smell of Organic Burst superfoods are massively different from other brands.

Preserving All The Goodness

Once you’ve found the highest quality ingredients, the next step is always to find the best way of preserving and processing those nutrients to create top of the line products. Organic Burst uses patented state-of-the-art systems to preserve more of the nutrients in every ingredient and make their superfoods easier to absorb.

All of their ingredients are either processed raw or freeze-dried using cutting-edge methods. They also use air drying and sun drying for ingredients like Maca and Wheatgrass to preserve their natural goodness. Organic Burst never treats any ingredients with chemicals or heat, because these methods destroy nutrients.

Non-GMO & No Additives

It’s important for any truly organic product that it does not contain any chemicals, additives, or preservatives. All of Organic Burst’s ingredients are 100% naturally grown and certified organic, meaning they are strictly pesticide and herbicide free, Non-GMO and is not grown using any chemical fertilizers.

They do not even use binding agents in their tablets, they simply press the ingredients together into tablet form.

Downsides of Organic Burst

Organic Burst products are supplemental, meaning that they are not absolutely needed for a healthy diet, although they are very helpful. They are also fairly expensive, and many families with a tight budget may not be able to afford them.

Organic Burst Review Summary

Organic Burst is a genuine company with an admirable goal, and they work very hard to ensure that their products meet every standard put to them, no matter how high. This does mean that their products can be a bit pricey, but if they aren’t outside of your budget they are definitely worth checking out.

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