Orbella Fragrant Moss: Aromatic Terrarium Natural Scents?


Orbella Fragrant Moss is a company that offers fresh terrariums with fragrant moss that can improve the scent in the home, along with the smell. The setup includes all the components that consumers need to promote a calm and healthy atmosphere.

What is Orbella Fragrant Moss?

Keeping a healthy household is pretty simple, but most people trust their noses to tell them if something is off. The smell of a home can impact a lot of things and is often the telltale sign if it is as clean as it looks. There are plenty of companies that offer air fresheners, but they do not actually clean the air; they cling to the existing particles to change the aroma. The only way to clean the air and keep it fresh is with something natural, like Orbella Fragrant Moss.

The Orbella Fragrant Moss brand provides an opportunity for consumers to naturally improve the aroma in their home with a natural growth within a glass terrarium. Very little is needed to actually improve the air with it – just carbon dioxide, sunlight, and a little water.

There are absolutely no chemicals involved, which means all the fragrance that consumers get comes from natural sources that are unlikely to cause irritation in the sinuses and lungs. However, the potency is less strong than burning a scented candle, so consumers will not find it overwhelming.

Setting It Up

Getting the benefits of the fragrant moss will require that the user spends some time setting up the terrarium. First, unpack everything. To give the moss some sunlight, place it on the top of the closed, empty box.

Then, prepare the stones by placing them in a colander under a faucet with running water. Allow the water to rinse away the dust for 30 seconds. The clean stones need to soak in water for at least 30 minutes, though allowing them to soak overnight is the best.

From there, consumers can use the video or the included directions to figure out how to separate the moss from the petri dish, arrange the stones and moss, and make the transplant from box to terrarium. This setup will require ongoing care, so be sure to read as much information as possible before setting it up initially.

Pricing For Orbella Fragrant Moss

To buy Orbella Fragrant Moss, consumers will need to pay $79. They will have the choice of:

  • Patchouli, which is similar to an earthy but spicy incense
  • Linalool, which smells clean and fresh with a hint of flowers
  • Geraniol, which smells a lot like roses and is capable of repelling mosquitos

Unlike other fragrances, consumers need to wait for the orders to grow for the next batch of shipments, due to the freshness of the moss. The most recent batch went out in February 2018.

Contacting the Creators of Orbella Fragrant Moss

Even though the website has plenty of information through the advertisement and the FAQ page, consumers will still have other questions. There is a form on the contact page, but consumers with urgent inquiries can also call 844-982-9224.

Orbella Fragrant Moss Conclusion

Orbella Fragrant Moss provides consumers with an eco-friendly way to introduce earth’s aromas into the home. The terrarium can be decorated in a multitude of ways, making it more of a decorative piece, along with providing relaxing scents.

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