When people want to lose weight, they are looking for something that works. Optifast may be the key to people’s quest in trying to lose weight. Does this diet program really work or is it just another program delivering false promises? 

What Is Optifast?

It is a diet program that claims to be “the serious solution for weight loss.” Optifast is for teens and adults that have a body mass index of 30 or greater. People who choose this weight loss program are supervised by medical professionals that help them with weight loss and their health overall. 

About Optifast 

Optifast has existed since 2010. People can find locations for this program in the United States as well as Canada. Their products are made by the Nestle HealthCare Nutrition brand. This company offers the weight loss program with meal replacements and medical monitoring to see the progress people have made through the program. 

How Does Optifast Work?

The Optifast program goes on for 26 weeks. It involves diet meals, the supervision of a medical professional, education about living a healthy lifestyle, counseling, and other forms of support. People interested in starting this program can go to their website and find a clinic that has this program available. Shakes, soups, protein drinks, nutrition bars, and vitamin and mineral supplements are the products Optifast uses for their weight loss program. What people take is based on their individualized program. 

When people get involved in the program, they will receive a medical examination as well as other tests to find out the risk factors, so people’s health status can be determined. A personalized plan will be given and people’s progress will be tracked. People will also participate in group discussions as well as counseling by a dietician, a lifestyle coach, or a doctor. 

What Are The Ingredients In Optifast?

Protein is the most active ingredient in this product that includes vitamins and minerals. The Optifast shakes have other ingredients as well. The following are some of the ingredients in the chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry shakes. 

  • Sodium caseinate- it is a food additive 
  • Calcium caseinate- is a protein in milk 
  • Corn syrup- it is used in food to enhance the flavor 
  • Vitamin E- dissolves in fat, helps people with a deficiency, and helps prevent disease
  • Vitamin B12- helps with memory loss and improving the immune system
  • Vitamin A- boosts the immune system and keeps the body healthy
  • Folic acid- is a B vitamin that treats low blood levels
  • Phosphorous- helps with the formation of bones and teeth
  • Niacin- is a vitamin supplement that lowers cholesterol 

Problems With Optifast

The cost, negative reviews, and the science behind Optifast are real concerns for people who are considering going on this weight loss program. People need to keep these factors in mind. Here are some of the issues people will come across with Optifast. 

1. High Prices

Optifast is an expensive product. The program will end up costing consumers up to or over $1,000. If people decide to do this diet for 26 weeks, this will be the case. Consumers have had some things to say about the price of Optifast. One person said, “The Optifast program in my area costs $995 to start and $320 a month, plus your cost of food and supplement shakes are $37 for 18…” There aren’t that many customers that have anything positive to say about the price of Optifast. 

2. Negative Reviews

The high costs aren’t the only issues with Optifast. The taste is another issue. While the flavors in Optifast sound appetizing, people have complained about the taste of the foods and supplements. One customer said, “The chicken and vegetable soups are disgusting!! After a couple of days of trying to get them down, I stopped using them completely.” Another customer said, “This is my first day and I have no idea how I’m going to do this…I can’t stand the taste of these shakes and they make me feel sick.”

There was a customer who had something positive to say about Optifast. The consumer said, “I have been very pleased with the product…” Success with this weight loss program is not very likely for most because the taste is unappealing, and it’s a big obstacle in people trying to lose weight. Taste is important! 

3. The Science

Because there is medical supervision for this program, science and clinical studies have been conducted to see if weight loss is possible. The science doesn’t support the diet program or the weight loss supplements. On their website people will not see a detailed description of the clinical studies. 

Regulations and Side Effects

Pregnant women and women who are nursing should not take Optifast. People with health conditions, taking medications, and people under 18 years of age should consult with their doctor before taking Optifast. People who have taken Optifast may be affected by fatigue and hunger. 

Where To Buy Optifast

Optifast can be purchased at a clinic. People have to search online and find the best location for them. A list will come up with the nearest locations and from their people can find out more information about the facility and the types of insurance they accept. 

The Conclusion- Does Optifast Work? 

Optifast is a program for people who want to lose weight with foods, shakes, supplements, and other products that contain ingredients to stay healthy. It was founded by the Nestle Company and has been around since 2010. In 26 weeks people will have medical supervision as they complete their weight loss program.

The high prices, negative reviews, and the science involved with Optifast prove this weight loss program has some major flaws. The precautions and side effects do little to ease people’s concerns about Optifast. If people want to try this diet program for themselves, there are clinics in their area that have this program available. It’s very important to make sure Optifast is the right weight loss product because this will determine if the diet program works or not. 


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