Once Upon A Farm Organics – All Natural Farm To Family Baby Food?


Fairytales are for our toddlers and as the name would have you believe, Once Upon A Farm is a fairytale answer to your toddler’s dietary needs, starting healthy eating from the very first bite they ever take.

In our times, when all our consumables have become dangerously over-saturated with undesirable chemicals and ingredients, there is a need to go back to the basics. Or at the very least, to ensure that our children have a healthy life ahead of them!

That’s exactly what Once Upon A Farm delivers to your doorstep – a healthy food habit from the farms, for your infant.

Once Upon A Farm Organics: The Farm to Family Team

This company was founded by two visionary people, Cassandra Curtis and Ari Raz, in 2015 to bring healthy baby food to children.

The company hit it off really well with the parents and children of the country and was joined by two powerhouses who saw the merit in the company’s offerings.

Jennifer Garner, celebrity actress and longtime champion of healthy eating for adults and infants, joined the bandwagon and so did John Foraker, who was an organic food industry pioneer and previous CEO of Annie’s Homegrown.

With the band of Nutrition Experts and Pediatricians they have on their panel, the team works for their motto – a lifetime full of healthy eating starts with the very first bite that your toddler takes.

Every Bite Matters

Every bite that you take from your childhood matters in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. According to these baby food experts, it’s not enough that your baby food comes with the organic or non-GMO label.

It’s all about the shelf-life and processing!

You wouldn’t want to feed your children with products off the shelf that have been crafted to stand the test of time (quite literally). Most of the organic baby foods in the market are made to last for up to 2 years on the shelf.

You can imagine the havoc wrecked in your infant’s body by the preservatives that go into such products. And certainly, you can imagine how much of the nutrients are preserved in these highly processed baby foods.

For your baby, what goes into these packets of supposedly great baby foods matters.That's where ”The Farm” comes in.

What’s In the Once Upon A Farm Organics Pack?

They only bring fresh, organic, non-GMO food from the local farms directly to your dinner table. They blend and craft their trademark original recipes in their organic kitchen, packaged in eco-friendly packages, and ship it off to your homes to provide your children with the very best quality baby food.

For the time-constrained parent in today’s world, Once Upon A Farm brings home ready-to-eat baby food, processed with utmost care.

Food Integrity Matters

When on the journey from the farm to your dinner tables, Once Upon A Farm Organics ensures that the fresh produce retains its integrity. It uses high-pressure to keep the food as unaltered from its original form on the farm.

The flavors, aromas, and nutrients are kept intact with HPP, and so are the textures, colors, and taste. There is nothing artificial about it.

This is perhaps the best that it offers to your baby’s dietary needs besides the guaranteed organic, non-GMO food. ”The Farm” ensures that the nutrients in the fresh produce reach your child without being compromised at any stage.

It also helps to develop the palate of the child and getting them used to the taste of fresh and healthy foods, creating a habit and craving for healthy food throughout their life.

Making It Better

For the team at Once Upon A Farm, it just isn’t enough that the nutrition in the farm-fresh produce stays intact for your child’s consumption. They have gone on to add to the food recipes other ingredients that make it better such as healthy, high-quality fats.

If you want your child to grow healthy, they need to be able to absorb the nutrition in the food that they are consuming. And absorption isn’t going to happen if the food doesn’t have good fats, which most other baby foods lack.

It also ensures that the baby has stable energy levels during the length of the day and that the brain develops optimally.

Clean And Green As It Gets

The organic, non-GMO food is certified kosher with zero added concentrates, processed purees, or preservatives. That's as clean and green as organic baby foods get.

The company guarantees that there is nothing to compromise the nutritional value of the food they produce.

Little Innovations Can Work Miracles

They do work some miracles with taste, with their innovative experimentation in flavors and blends. Once Upon A Farm Organics ensures that their food is as tasty as it is healthy and nutritious. Certainly, this is one flavor favor you can do for your young ones.

This is something that develops the healthy appetite for natural, un-adulterated organic food in kids, which they can love for a lifetime.

Farm Food Is Now Convenient

They make the food for your loved ones, so you won’t have to bother in your precarious work-life balance. That means you get more time to spend with your child rather than making every meal for them from scratch. And they do it with the same care that you do.

The packaging is convenient for direct consumption, so you can avoid double-dipping and possible contamination. The packaging comes with a transparent window to have a look and feel of what you are buying for your loved ones.

The team is committed to their farmers, and you can be too when buying their products.

Something for Everybody

Besides the baby food, the Farm also produces Apple Sauces for all ages. Fruit blends including mango, pear, blueberry, strawberry, etc, and veggie blends like wild rumpus avocado, carrot-y coconut-y quinoa, and others are for toddlers and children.

But the truth is that it’s not just the apple sauce that's for all ages. Even you can have a taste of their great blends along with your toddler.

Just Right Oats is another great flavorful, full-meal blend that’s great for your toddler’s nutritional needs.

For those of you who would like to have a stylish bib or a cute little tee for your young one, you can buy some from the site, and they are sure to put a precious smile on your child’s face.

All for Your Kiddo and Their Health

You have all probably looked for the best nutritional baby food for your young ones, and you will definitley find it at Once Upon A Farm.

That’s their promise for the future of our children!

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