Oilogic Essential Oil For Kids – Gentle Natural Oils For Babies?


The two stages in life where one experiences fragile and delicate skin are that of a baby and that of an elder. In both stages of life, consumers need to ensure maximum care is provided by choosing safe and efficient products, as the smallest quantity may worsen one's skin. Today, there is a brand that specializes in skincare for babies, toddlers and kids and that is Oilogic Care.

With the use of Oilogic Essential Oil For Kids products, parents no longer need to worry about the potential harm it can bring to their kids' skin, as all their products use natural plant based ingredients.

To better understand Oilogic Care's ideology in terms of skincare, let's take a closer look at its purpose, the different products offered, its features and the different prices one can expect.

What Is Oilogic Essential Oil For Kids?

Oilogic Care is a skincare brand suitable for infants, toddlers and kids. This brand specializes in combining skincare, health aspects and essential oils together to form safe skincare products that enhance the overall wellness of children.

What makes their efforts encouraging, is the fact that they ensure that kids have natural products that are altered to their needs and delicacy to ultimately bring efficient results.

What Types Of Products Does Oilogic Care Offer?

Oilogic Care has come up with a wide range of skincare essentials to ensure a child's maximum health. Some of the different uses of essential oils found in Oilogic Care's line of products are: roll-ons, vapor baths, creams and ointments, bundles of joys, and gift sets.

The following is a breakdown of some of the products offered by Oilogic Essential Oil For Kids to better understand how kids will benefit from the use of these products.

Slumber & Sleep Essential Oil Roll On:

The key ingredients found within this respective product are Jojoba oil and Castor Oil. This combination has the ability to moisturize and soften one's skin. In addition, this product contains anti inflammatory properties as well as protection against free radicals.

This easy to use product is made for neck, chest and bottom of feet. Besides its skincare benefits, the aroma of this product has the ability to allow enhance a child's nerves.

Stuffy Nose and Cough Oils Roll On:

This product is similar to the Slumber & Sleep Essential Oils Roll On in terms of its key ingredients, directions and overall format. The one thing that distinguishes the Stuffy Nose and Cough Oils Roll from the Slumber & Sleep Essential Oil Roll is its purpose, and it is to eliminate cold and cough symptoms.

Slumber and Sleep Vapor Bath

This product is made for baths. One must pour a generous amount into a warm bath and allow a child to soak in, while breathing in the essential oils. Ultimately, this product will relax a child's mind while cleansing his or her skin. This product can also be used as a gentle cleanser by pouring a small amount onto a washcloth.

After having analyzed some of many Oilogic Care products, it is evident that their use of essential oils allows their products to achieve multiple purposes. Their products work to protect one's skin, while eliminating any basic health concern through the aromas of the essential oils.

What Are The Features Pf Oilogic Care Products?

The following is a list of features that make Oilogic Care products unique compared to many existing skincare brands:

  • The essential oils are 100% pure and contains no protein
  • Oilogic Care uses 26 different essential oils
  • Formulas are properly diluted for maximum hydration, yet effective solution for a baby or toddler
  • Rolls-ons are handmade, crafted and poured to enhance its quality
  • free from petroleum, phthalates, parabens, sulfates, gluten, dea, dyes, mineral oils, artificial colors and synthetic perfumes

The features prove that Oilogic Care products are kid proof, as each and every formula is made to meet their needs without bringing long term health and skin concerns. Furthermore, this brand is one of the only brands that has been able to stay away from chemically induced ingredients.

How Much Do Oilogic Essential Oil For Kids Products Cost?

Prices vary according to one's purchase. When consumers purchase individual products, each bottle and roll on costs approximately $9.99, whereas a gift set or bundle purchase can cost anywhere between $24.99 and $42.50. This is a fairly decent price given that consumers are offered products containing safe ingredients. In addition, each and every product has more than one purpose, and is made to last over 6 months.

Are Oilogic Care Products Worth it?

Oilogic Essential Oil For Kids products are definitely worth considering given that their products are free from a wide range of harmful chemicals, contains essential oils, their formulas are altered to ensure maximum safety for babies, toddlers and kids, are dermatologist tested and that they serve many purposes.

When it comes to its price factor, Oilogic Care products continue to favor consumers, as they are definitely affordable. Most brands that use essential oils and other organic ingredients tend to rise the prices to cover time and costs, but Oilogic Care has managed to enhance the quality of each product, while making it affordable for consumers.

To ensure that a baby or toddler does not experience any health concerns, it is always best to test a small quantity before usage. For more information on the different products offered by Oilogic Care, go to: https://www.oilogiccare.com/

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