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Dry eyes affect millions of Americans on a yearly basis. While most dry eye can be attributed to weather patterns and genetics, some also has an underlying health condition. Regardless of the source of your dry eye, you need a quality brand that can treat your condition with reliable products. The majority of brands on the market only treat certain issues related to dry eye, thereby preventing you from receiving the full relief you need.

Oasis Brand is an outlier in the field of dry eye products. This brand treats dry eye by remedying any underlying condition. Here is everything you need to know about the brand and its product sso that you can make an informed decision:

About Oasis Dry Eye

Oasis is an industry leader when it comes to dry eye solutions. The brand is known for its lubricant drops, intracanalicular and punctal plugs, and lid hygiene products. With the wide-array of product offerings, you’re bound to find the right option that suits your needs. Moreover, the brand offers reliable customer support, which can help direct you in terms of finding the right product for your specific condition.

There are many attributes to Oasis Brand that make its products completely worthwhile.

About Oasis Brand

Oasis products are made by Oasis Medical Inc., a brand that is dedicated to providing eye care providers with high-quality, reliable, and cost-effective eye care solutions. The brand’s products have been supplying eye products to some of the leading companies in the country. Every applicator and substance is made with professional oversight, it is clinically tested, and it is designed to prevent and remedy even chronic dry eye conditions.

The brand’s philosophy is to continuously build upon and improve even its most standard products so that you experience the best results. Oasis also focuses on customer satisfaction which is why if you have an issue, you can utilize the knowledgably customer support line for help.

Customer Support

It is very rare to come across a brand that has a customer support line that is constantly available for your needs. Oasis Dry Eye makes sure that each and every one of its customers are well taken care of, which means providing a customer service line. The customer service line can be contacted by phone or you can send them an email. Either way, the brand will get back to you in a timely manner with a useful response.

Informational Brochures

There are many ways to learn about Oasis eye products, but one of the easiest is to download the brand’s informational brochures for each product. For example, if you visit the “resource” tab on the brand’s website, you’ll come across informational brochures that provide you with the causes of dry eye, how specific products work to eliminate the dry eye, and the components of each product.

The informational brochures are very easy to read and simple to follow. Upon downloading them, you’ll be able to make the right decision regarding your eye condition.

The Top Sellers

Another way to make the right decision regarding the brand’s products and to meet your eye care needs is to use the top-rated products. Fortunately, this review is going to go over the best sellers so that you can start with what users utilize and benefit from the most.

Oasis Brand’s best-selling dry eye care products are:

Oasis Rest Eye Relief Mask

If you aren’t one to take eye drops or solutions, then what you really need is Oasis Rest Eye Relief Mask. This mask looks much like a spa mask and it can provide you with the effective relief you need to remedy your dry eye condition. The mask utilizes cold and hot therapy and in addition to treating dry eyes, the product relieves sinus pressure and more.

The mask can also be used with Oasis Tears and Oasis Lid and Lash products.

Oasis Tears Preservative-Free Lubricant Eye Drops

Oasis has a highly effective eye solution that can provide you relieving lubrication for your eyes. The lubrication relieves mild to moderate dryness, it can be used day or night, and there are no preservatives in the product. With these qualities, you can achieve relief for your dry and irritated eyes.

Oasis Lid and Lash Gel Cleanser

Oasis Lid and Lash Gel Cleanser is a silky smooth and hydrating cleanser that is ideal for your lashes and eyes. The substance is effective for removing debris, irritants, and dust particles. In addition, the cleanser can be used in your regular eye care regimen.

Soft Plug Silicone Punctual Plugs Economy Pact

The last top selling product is the Soft Plug Silicone Punctual Plug. This product comes in an economy pact so that you constantly have plugs on hand. The plugs are completely sterile, they come in multiple sizes for optimal comfort, and they are very easy to remove, should the need arise.

Where to Buy

Currently, there are only two ways to attain Oasis Eye Care products. You can either receive the product from a medical provider or you can visit the brand’s website. Clearly, the easier option is to visit the brand’s website. The brand’s website requires you to set up an account and login to make a purchase.

Moreover, you’ll only be able to view the prices if you log in. Fortunately, the checkout process is very easy and simple to follow, which means that you can make your purchase quickly and move on with your day.


Overall, Oasis Brand provides an array of reliable, high-quality, and tested eye care products. The products are popular among independent buyers and largescale companies in the eye care industry. You’ll find that the brand’s products are priced mostly the same across the board. The only disadvantage is that in terms of a return process, you’ll need to speak to a customer service representative. The representative can be reached through the brand’s website or by phone. It is best to discuss the return policy for a specific product, instead for the brand as a whole.

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