OaSense – Smart Shower Head With Presence-Detecting Sensor?


With the increasing drought problem that many areas in the United States have faced over the past several years, the need to conserve water has become critical. Water conservation is not only vital for protecting the planet, but it’s also a matter of economical importance, with the price of water steadily increasing. However, saying that water needs to be conserved and actually conserving water can be two very different things. Most people don’t want to deal with the hassle of saving water, though if it could be made simpler, they would be interested.

It’s because water conservation is so difficult that OaSense was created. This innovative showerhead allows users to save water during their showers without a second thought. And, unlike so many other ‘green’ showerheads, OaSense doesn’t sacrifice pressure for conservation.

What is OaSense?

OaSense is a showerhead solution that was created by Evan Schneider. As is the case with most Californians, Schneider would often turn his shower on and off while he washed in an effort to save water. However, not only was this time consuming, but with waiting for the water to get back to the right temperature, he wasn’t saving all that much water. However, Schneider couldn’t get it out of his head that showers were the third largest water use in the home and something had to be done to save as much water as possible.

After much research and trial and error, Schneider invented OaSense. The innovative showerhead has a sensor that turns the water off when people step away from it. This allows the water to conserve itself when people are washing their hair, applying soap, or shaving. And because OaSense works automatically, there is no need to turn the taps on and off or readjust to find the perfect temperature. OaSense keeps the temperature of the water consistent and works without users having to make any effort at all.

In a world where protecting and saving natural resources has become more important than ever, OaSense is quickly becoming one of the most talked about showerhead innovations on the market.

Benefits of OaSense

The biggest benefit of OaSense is that it helps homeowners save water. In an average American home, showers last about eight minutes, using about two gallons per minute. This means that every person is using up about 17 gallons of water each and every time they shower. Not only is this horrible for the environment, but it can be costly, too. With OaSense, the water easily turns off when there is no one under the spout, making it simple to save water and money.

Many people who have considered getting water saving showerheads have stayed away from them because the water pressure of most of these options is very low. Nothing is more obnoxious than having to spend several minutes trying to get soap off the body. Another benefit of OaSense is that it doesn’t use any water restrictors, so the water pressure is high and powerful.

Another reason many people don’t want to purchase new showerheads is because they can be a bit of a pain to install. However, OaSense comes as a one size fits all and can easily be calibrated to fit any shower.

Not only does OaSense come in one size, but it fits most standard showers, making it very simple to install. And because OaSense is made of high quality material in the United States, it lasts, requiring only four AA batters for a year of power.

For those worried that OaSense won’t fit in with their bathroom décor, the final benefit of the showerhead is that it comes in five vibrant colors. With these varying colors, customers will be able to pick just the right one for their bathrooms, allowing it to seamlessly integrate into the decorations.

Purchasing OaSense

Because OaSense is still in its early phase, the company is currently working on producing an option that is affordable. The goal OaSense has is to be able to ship out a $99 version of the showerhead by the summer of 2017. Eventually, OaSense wants to be available for purchase across the world, not just the United States. However, at the moment, there are no products available for purchase.

For those who want to keep tabs on when OaSense will be available for purchase, the company website has a contact page where users can sign up to join the mailing list.

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