Alphanetworld Corporation, operating under the trade name NWORLD, is a highly respected company in the Philippines that deals with a number of products including food, drugs, skin care products, pharmaceuticals, and health supplements. The company is also actively engaged in importation, exportation, trading, and marketing of beauty and healthy products using an exclusive products distribution system.

NWORLD is a company that is operating legally under the law and regulations that have been put in place by the Philippines government. The company was registered in July 9, 2015, meaning that it is operating legally and has complied with all requirements that have been put in place by the government.

When the company was launched, it started with an initial paid up capital of one hundred million pesos. However, that figure quickly rose to three hundred million pesos because of the company is commitment to deliver quality services to all their customers.

NWORLD is fully committed to deliver quality products to all their esteemed customers that match the standard that a fully established and well financed company should deliver to its customers.

The company’s mission is to ensure that it delivers everything according to their customers’ expectations. NWORLD believes that their customers are always right and that is why they always deliver products that are able to meet their expectations.

The company has envisioned becoming the leading direct sales company in Asia by 2018 by creating great opportunities to its distributors while at the same time giving back to the society as well as providing the government with a share of its revenue.

What Has Made NWORLD Stand Out From Its Competitors?

Highly Committed Management Team

NWORLD takes pride for having the best management team that is determined to make this company the top distributor company in Asia. Since its launch, NWORLD has quickly risen to become one of the top distribution company in the Philippines. The success of the company has been attributed to the commitment that the management team has to ensuring that they always deliver quality products to their clients on time.

In addition to that, the company values all its clients and that is why the management team communicates with all their customers on a regular basis, just to know the kind of products that they want to delivered, if their products are satisfying the needs of the market, and if there are areas that they need to improve.

The management team has kept a close relationship with all its stakeholders to ensure that they give them the quality services that they expect from them.

Word Class FDA Registered Product Line

You should expect nothing less than world class FDA registered products. The company has invested heavily to ensure that all their products are genuine and effective. They have a strict policy of only distributing products that have been registered by the FDA.

That is the main reason why the company products have become very popular in the Philippines market because they are genuine and give fast and quality results. The company management has made it clear that their main aim is to help improve the health and wellness of all their customers by giving them quality products that are able to satisfy their needs.

All their products are natural and have been tested and proven to be effective. Since the company was launched, there is no person who has complained that he or she has suffered from side effects as a result of using NWORLD products.

Strategically Located Branches

In an effort to ensure that there are close to their clients, NWORLD has distribution outlets that are strategically located all over the country. The company plans to expand its distribution channel as demand for their products continues to increase.

The distribution outlets are strategically located because they want to bring their services closer to their clients. Unlike other distribution companies that force their customers to travel for long distance or wait for long periods of time before their supplies are brought to them, NWORLD has taken deliberate initiative of ensuring that they bring their services close to their customers by locating their branches at strategic places that are easily accessible.

Affordable Prices

NWORLD’s main aim is to deliver quality products that satisfy the demand of their customers. That is why is the company is always committed to deliver quality products to their customers, but at very reasonable price.

They are happy when they see that their customers are smiling because they are happy with the quality of products that the company has delivered to them. They sell all of their products at very affordable prices because they care about the welfare of their customers. They have done so because they want to set the trend and send a strong message to other distributors that quality does not have to be expensive.

Efficient Distribution System

NWORLD has come up with an efficient distribution system that ensures that they meet their customers’ demand. There is no single moment where you will find that there is a shortage of their products in the market. The team of management has put concrete structures in place to ensure that the distribution system runs smoothly and efficiently.

Regardless of their location of their clients, they have always delivered their products on time to ensure that there is not a shortage. The company is well aware that many retailers like taking advantage of temporary shortages to hike prices of their commodities. The company always ensures that their products are delivered promptly to prevent this from happening.

Rewarding Incentive Programs

NWORLD has multiple incentive programs that aim to reward their customers. From promotions to discounts, among many others, NWORLD is committed to giving their customers quality services that go beyond their expectations.

Amazing Customer Experience

NWORLD has put amazing systems in place to help enhance the customer experience. As a giant distribution company, it has put proper structures in place to make it easy for their customers to order products from them.

Regardless of where you are located, you can make order while you are in the comfort of your office or house and the product will be delivered promptly to your retail shop. Their online platform is very efficient and easy to use.

Free Trials And Warranty

NWORLD has free trials for all of their products. If you doubt the quality of their products, the company will give you a free trial to clear your doubt. Before you buy any product from them, you will get a free trail so that you know the quality of products that you are about to buy.

If you are not happy with the quality of their product, then you can decline to make a purchase. They also give warranties for all of their products. This means that customers are free to return products to them and get full compensation if it fails to deliver as promised.

The Company Is Licensed

Many distribution companies operate illegally because they are not licensed. Before a company is licensed in the Philippines, it must comply with very strict laws that have been put in place by the government.

Many distribution companies have failed to comply because they sell low quality products that are dangerous to humans. However, that is not the case with NWORLD. The company has been registered by relevant authorities and has even uploaded copies of their license certificates on their website.

NWORLD Review Summary

If you are searching for a reliable and efficient distribution company that delivers quality products, then NWORLD is the right company for you. It has already captured the Philippines market and is looking forward to capturing the global market, too.


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