NuWave Oven – Healthy Infrared Technology & Cooking Recipes?


Cooking methods have evolved drastically over time. The earliest way of eating food was simply eating them raw. It was believed that it is the most cleanest and purest way of obtaining every nutrient possible as it is.

Overtime, people started boiling, stewing, frying, baking and the list is ongoing. With the advancement of technology, today’s generation has it a lot easier than it was for previous generations.

Today, there is a lot of importance given to eating properly and maintaining a healthy lifestyle; therefore it is just as important to make sure you have the tools and essentials to make it happen.

We are fortunate to have ovens that are easier to use, easier to clean and result in tasty meals you desire.

With the easiness factor in mind, is it possible to make it any easier than it already is? Well, look no further; NuWave Ovens are ovens of the future accessible today!

About Nuwave

NuWave makes ovens that are convenient to use. The use of conduction, convection, and infrared heat is what helps cut cooking time by almost 70 per cent. This oven needs less than 75 per cent energy compared to the traditional oven, as well as releases up to 250 per cent more fat.

To top it all off, you are not required to preheat or defrost your meat and the overall cleaning process cannot get simpler than this.

How it all takes places…

Conduction, convection, and infrared heat

Without getting into too much of the sciences, we will be looking at how heat transfers and how this process can be found in NuWave Oven. As mentioned earlier, heat travels in three ways; conduction, convection and infrared heat.

Conduction is when heat is transferred between substances that are in direct contact with each other. Let’s say you want to cook chicken. In this case, conduction is when the chicken starts to get heated when in contact with a heating source

Convection is when thermal energy is transferred from hot to cold places. Basically warmer areas of a liquid/gas rise to cooler areas to make them warmer and the process goes on. Convection simply works like a fan; circulating air transfers to heat the chicken in a fast way that ensures the chicken is cooked evenly throughout.

Infrared Heat does not require direct contact between the heat source and the produce being heated like convection and conduction but rather works as an igniter between the heating source and produce. Works similarly to a barbeque machine, it ignited flames to help cook the meat.

How much is Nuwave Oven?

The NuWave Oven costs $120 plus taxes. With the purchase of a NuWave Oven, you will receive one of three products for free: Supreme Pizza Kit, Party Mixer or NuWave Twister. It currently ships to Canada, America and Australia. The price is well worth it because:

  1. It is easy to use and energy efficient
  2. It is easy to clean because it is dishwasher safe
  3. It cooks faster and evenly
  4. It is lightweight
  5. It can be used to broil, barbeque, roast, grill, air fry steam, sear, etc.
  6. It helps us to maintain a healthy lifestyle

If payment method is of great concern to you, you have the option of paying it off in 3 installments of $39.95. NuWave created a new way of cooking that not only saves time, but also cooks anything to your liking. You don’t need to use one tool to defrost, one to bake and one to grill anymore. That’s what makes this NuWave Oven a must have product, not to mention it being a better option compared to a traditional oven due to its size.

Finally, with the purchase of you NuWave Oven, you will also have access to NuWave Cooking Club. NuWave Cooking Club is a culinary team who put all of their expertise to provide their customers with gourmet meal recipes. This is free of charge and is a great opportunity to enhance your cooking skills by tackling some of the vastest dishes out there.

Can Nuwave help the way you cook?

Overall, it is worth the investment as it comes with multiple things to work with. You can cook your food the way you like with simply using one product versus the combination of many. NuWave provides many manuals and how to’s for newbies who are starting to ditch traditional methods of cooking. In order to achieve the results you desire, make sure that you follow the instructions provided by NuWave when it comes to both cooking and cleaning.

You want to make sure you are investing in a product that both cooks tasty meals and has a long lifetime. The price is comparable and for what it does to our cooking experience, it is definitely valuable. It may be hard to go from traditional ways to something new like the NuWave, but over time it will become a habit. You don’t need to get rid of traditional ways completely, NuWave is a just a simpler way of cooking for those time restricting days. The technology embedded in this product is what makes it more the fun, less complicated and something that we encounter on a daily basis.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to the individual himself or herself. Not everyone is open to change and in trying new things, but honestly, there isn’t much to lose out of it. Would you rather regret a change you weren’t willing to make or would you learn from a mistake for the future?

Try this new way by using a NuWave.


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