NutriGold Amla Gold – Indian Gooseberry Digestive & Heart Health?


Featuring one of the most popular components in Ayurvedic medicinal practices, Amla Gold provides potent antioxidant activity from the vitamin C and tannins found in Indian gooseberry extracts.

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What Is NutriGold Amla Gold?

Aimed at invigorating all systems of the body, homeopathic practitioners recognize Amla as flushing out toxins, improving digestive processes and cognitive functions, and supporting cardiovascular health. It is also linked to improved health for the skin, hair, and nails.

The Ayurvedic tradition prizes Amla as an energizing agent that rejuvenates the body. NutriGold Amla Gold standardizes this extract to its tannin and vitamin C content for potent antioxidant activity in all of the body’s organs.

With apparent benefits for most vital organs, amla is particularly powerful in its antioxidant capabilities. Oxidative stress is a main contributor for a host of health problems such as aging, degeneration, and disease. When the body breaks down oxygen compounds, free radicals are produced, which damage surrounding cells and the DNA they protect.

Free radicals are also produced by exposure to UV rays and environmental toxins, resulting in toxin accumulation.

Antioxidants reduce this damage by capturing and eliminating free radicals. Amla demonstrates high tannins and vitamin C concentrations, which provide the antioxidant function.

Every NutriGold product is verified by the Non-GMO Project and is manufactured without the use of solvents, herbicides, or pesticides. Furthermore, each product is free from unnecessary fillers and additives, as well as common allergens such as gluten.

How Does Amla Gold Work?

Depending on individual needs, take one capsule of NutriGold Amla Gold once or twice a day.

Each serving contains 80% of the daily-recommended intake of vitamin C and 500 mg of Amla extract standardized to 35% tannins.

Ingredients in NutriGold Amla Gold


Long used in Ayurvedic practices in an array of remedies, Amla, or Indian gooseberry, is recognized for energizing the body at every level.

It seems that this compound strengthens cardiac muscles and improves circulation, aids in digestion and nutrient absorption, and supports skin and hair health.


While the details of their various roles are not well understood, tannins are best recognized as antioxidants, which prevent cellular damage, DNA mutation, and might protect against degenerative disease.

Vitamin C:

Also known for antioxidant properties, vitamin C is associated with a range of health benefits including healing throughout the body, healthy cholesterol levels, lowered risk of stroke and heart disease, and eye health.

Amla Gold Pricing

  • Amazon: $38.99
  • HerbalProvider: $20.24
  • VitaCos: $17.99

Should You Use NutriGold Amla Gold?

With some cheaper options, NutriGold Amla Gold appears to be one of the more expensive Amla supplements on the market.

Nevertheless, its standardized content of tannins and vitamin C provide powerful antioxidant activity, which have been proven to reduce cellular damage caused by oxidative processes. For those interested, more information can be found at:

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