Nutraw Foods: Healthy Raw Organic Superfood Snack Bars?


When it comes to nutrition, natural foods are on top of the charts. These foods offer more beneficial ingredients than any other type of food out there. The main reason why they are praised so much is that natural foods aren’t processed by modern technologies which ensure that most of the ingredients found in fresh food are undamaged and retain their functionality when you consume them.

So while many of the foods that we eat today do have plenty of nutrients and minerals in them, only those that come from natural sources and aren’t processed as heavily are able to deliver the highest amount of beneficial ingredients.

Nutraw Foods strives to deliver top quality nutritional foods which are fully natural and don’t compromise the taste. Their idea is to give you access to real food that contains real products which can be used by real people.

About Nutraw Foods

The origin of Nutraw Foods goes back to a partnership in a small farm in Central Valley California which produced pistachios. Over time they developed into a company which is able to offer products that are made with raw organic ingredients and don’t contain any artificial preservatives or additives. They harness natural minerals, vitamins, and phytonutrients which are found all around us in nature and offer them to you in all of their products.

Nutraw Foods has managed to maintain partnerships with many USDA Certified Organic California farmers who are well known for practicing new and innovative methods of farming. These partnerships ensure that all ingredients used in products made by Nutraw Foods are top quality, organic, and natural.

Nutraw Foods Products

Nutraw Foods offers four different categories of natural products which you can indulge in. Raw bars, raw snacks, raw butters, and pure oils are the types of products that they have to offer. Every single one of these categories is made from 100% pure organic ingredients which products 100% pure organic products.

Raw Bars

There are four different types of raw organic superfood bars that are made by Nutraw Foods; each has unique ingredients in them which can be utilized for your unique needs.

The pistachio raw bar offers an astonishing 6g of protein, 3g of fiber, with plenty calcium, vitamin B6, vitamin E, copper, and iron. The key foods used to make this tasty bar are organic pistachios, organic almonds, organic extra virgin coconut oil, organic whole dates, and organic green cardamom. These are top quality ingredients which offer delicious bars that are as healthy as they can possibly be.

The coconut raw bar is a little bit different from the above-mentioned pistachio bar. It offers 3g of protein, 3g of fiber, plenty potassium, calcium, and vitamin C. The four key players in this bar are organic almonds, organic coconut, organic whole dates, and organic extra virgin coconut oil. While this bar doesn’t offer as much protein as the pistachio one, it is still an excellent source of nutrients and minerals which can be utilized by anyone to improve their health.

The whole fig raw bar is yet another exceptionally well-made product by Nutraw Foods. It offers 3g protein, an amazing 5g of fiber, plenty potassium, calcium, and vitamin B6. If you are looking for an all-natural organic source of fiber that tastes like real food, this bar is the perfect choice for you. Using only three key food, organic almonds, organic while figs, and organic extra virgin coconut oil, the result is one of the most delicious and nutritious bars out there with an ingredient list which is not only impressive but also very delicious.

Lastly, we have the chia seed raw bar. Chia seeds are known for offering many vital vitamins and the intent of this bar is to focus on those vitamins. Expect to get 3g of protein, 3g of fiber, a good amount of calcium and omega 3’s, and vitamins B1, B2, and B3. If you need more B vitamins in your system, this is a good start. The chia seed raw bar contains four key foods in it: organic cashews, organic almonds, organic chia seeds, and organic whole dates. This bar is tasty, nutritious, and completely organic.

Raw Snacks

Sometimes you want something pure and closer to its natural form. Organic bars are great but what if we want to nibble on something more wholesome? Luckily, Nutraw Foods offers plenty of different snacks that you can grab at any point to curb your appetite. They offer two different nuts in two different sizes.

First, we have the technically identified seed that Nutraw Foods started from, the pistachio. They offer a snack size package for their organic roasted pistachios which are flavored with sea salt. Each serving size offers 6g of protein, 3g of fiber, Omega 3’s, no cholesterol, and 160 organic calories. This snack can be bought in a smaller snack sized package or in a 1lb container.

The second snack on the menu, which is also identified as a type of a seed, is the almond. These are also offered in a snack sized package or 1lb container. Each serving size of organic raw almonds offered by Nutraw Foods supplies you with 6g of protein, 3g of fiber, which equals to 160 calories in total.

Raw Butters

No, this isn’t the type of butter you are supposed to cook with; these butters are designed as a spread which can be applied to anything you want. You have a choice between Organic Pistachio Butter, Organic Pistachio + Macadamia Butter, Organic Pistachio + Almond Butter, and Organic Pistachio + Cashew Butter.

Nearly all of these butters offer 6g of protein and 3g of fiber, except the pistachio and macadamia spread which has 5g of protein in it per serving. Each of these butters also focuses on different key ingredients.

Organic Pistachio Butter has 35mg of calcium in it, organic Pistachio + Macadamia Butter has 200mg of potassium in it, organic Pistachio + Almond Butter has 80mg of omega 3’s, and organic Pistachio + Cashew Butter has 60mg of magnesium. All of these butters have absolutely no cholesterol and range 155 to 180 calories per serving.

Depending on whether you are deficient in any of these key ingredients, you might decide to indulge in one butter over another or perhaps you will let your taste buds make the choice for you. Whatever the reason is for choosing the organic butter you go with, you can rest assured knowing that each of these delivers nothing but highest quality ingredients without any artificial flavors or additives.

Pure Oils

Lastly, we have the pure oils line of products. Nutraw Foods offers two different oils and if you have been paying attention you can probably guess what they are: pistachio and almond.

Both of these oils have zero cholesterol in them with zero trans fats, which means you can use them freely in your cooking without having to worry about your cardiovascular health, in moderation of course. Additionally, each of these oils delivers an excellent amount of Omega 3, 6, and 9 to ensure your health is at its optimal when you decide to use these oils.

Nutraw Foods Conclusion

The line of products offered by Nutraw Foods is pretty impressive. Considering their past and what their mission statement is, it’s easy to tell that their products are top notch, natural, and completely organic.

Here comes the part where we talk about the prices. We would love to tell you that these products are inexpensive and anyone can afford them but the reality is that with top quality and 100% organic ingredients comes a pretty high price tag. However, considering the types of products you are getting and the nutritional benefits that each of these products has to offer, making the choice to invest into your health by paying more for these products should be an easy one.

In the end, it is completely up to you whether you think these products are worth the price. Is the value there? Yes but all of us are different and have different goals. Choosing to keep a healthy lifestyle doesn’t necessarily mean you have to buy pricey products, although for some it’s an easy way out.


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