Nufinity Review

Nufinity is an anti-aging skin cream which uses the power of phytoceramides to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Find out everything you need to know about Nufinity today in our Nufinity review.

What is Nufinity?


Nufinity is an anti-aging skin cream which comes in the form of a small vial. The vial contains a mix of synthetic and natural anti-aging ingredients, including vitamin E and a proprietary formula called Matrixyl-3000.

Although Nufinity contains synthetic formulas, it claims to be Paraben-free and toxin-free. You apply it once in the morning and once at night because it calls itself a “Day and Night” formula.

The goal with Nufinity is to make your skin look younger and healthier at any age. At the official Nufinity, you can read customer testimonials from women who are 30, 40, and 50 years old and have had tremendous success while applying Nufinity.

The product seems to work particularly well when used around the eyes, where it can eliminate crow’s feet. However, most users report seeing an overall reduced appearance of wrinkles all across their facial skin and neck.

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How Does Nufinity Work?

Nufinity doesn’t fully describe how its anti-aging skin cream works. It does, however, provide basic details about the formula and its methods of action. Here’s what we know about how Nufinity works:

— Nufinity uses natural and synthetic ingredients “blended in the right proportion” to increase collagen and elastin production

— Collagen and elastin are two chemical compounds which smooth and tone your skin and can reduce the appearance of wrinkles

— Fades age lines and dark spots by hydrating skin, restoring firmness, and lifting

— Fortifies cellular membranes and restores cellular structure

— Less invasive than Botox

The manufacturer claims that Nufinity underwent a clinical trial at some point in its life. There is no evidence of that clinical trial anywhere on the internet, and the compound has certainly not been studied by any independent testing group.

It’s also important to note that Nufinity has not been studied or approved by the FDA. However, since Nufinity is neither a food nor a drug, it falls outside the jurisdiction of the FDA – so don’t expect Nufinity or other skin creams to be tested by the FDA anytime soon.

Nufinity Ingredients

Nufinity’s manufacturer doesn’t fully list all ingredients included in the skin cream. It also does not explain how much of each ingredient is included in the skin cream.

Fortunately, we do know that all of the following ingredients are part of this skin cream: marine collagen, retinol, Matrixyl-3000, vitamin C, vitamin E.

Nufinity also heavily advertises the fact that it contains phytoceramides. Unless you’re a chemistry major, you might not know what those are. Phytoceramides are an FDA-approved skin care chemical which contain hydrolyzed forms of various vitamins: usually vitamins A, C, and E. When these vitamins are hydrolyzed and “vectorised”, they can more easily penetrate the skin, which means your body can more readily feel the effects.

You can read the FDA approval notice for “phyto-derived ceramides” here. The FDA approved their use in 2014, which is why a sudden influx of skin care products are starting to use phytoceramides.

Once again, the manufacturers of Nufinity claim that these ingredients have been blended together in the right proportions to ensure patients get amazing outcomes.

How to Buy Nufinity

You can buy Nufinity Day and Night only from the manufacturer’s official website. As of writing, Nufinity is not listed on Amazon, eBay, or other retailers. You also won’t be able to find it on any retail store shelves.

If you want to order Nufinity online, you need to buy it from the official website. It’s as simple as that. It also appears that the offer is only available to Americans, as the site redirects users from outside the United States.

At the official Nufinity website, you’ll see plenty of banner advertisements for a “free trial” or “risk-free trial”. Just like everything free on the internet, this trial is too good to be true: if you order the trial, you will only be charged shipping and handling on day 1, but you’ll be charged the full sale price of Nufinity 14 days later.

Shipping and handling costs $4.95, while the full retail price of Nufinity is between $80 and $100. If you don’t return Nufinity before your 14 day “free trial” expires, your credit card will be charged the full $80 price. That can be an expensive mistake if you didn’t like the skin cream or didn’t notice its effects.

Fortunately, Nufinity makes it relatively easy to contact their customer service department. You can call to cancel your subscription at any time – although you will need to go through the hassle of physically sending your unused skin cream back to the manufacturer.

Nufinity Side Effects

Those with skin allergies may wish to avoid Nufinity because the manufacturer hasn’t disclosed its full list of ingredients.

Making things even more complicated is that the ingredients seem to change depending on which website you’re looking at. Some websites claim that Nufinity contains vitamin C, while others say it’s vitamin E, and some say both, or neither.

This befuddlement can be a nightmare for those who are allergic to any type of synthetic or natural compounds. In any case, you should talk to a doctor or dermatologist before trying any new medical product – even if it’s something as simple as a skin cream.

Who Should Use Nufinity?

If you’re looking for a way to smooth out wrinkles – especially around your eyes – then Nufinity could be the powerful anti-aging skin cream you’ve been looking for. It uses a unique hydrolyzed formula in the form of FDA-approved phytoceramides to penetrate deep beneath the skin, rejuvenating collagen and elastin production from the lowest dermal layers.

At least, that’s how the manufacturer claims Nufinity works: since the product hasn’t undergone clinical trials, it’s difficult to judge the accuracy of these claims.

Nevertheless, Nufinity may be worth a try if you’re looking for any way to reduce wrinkles around your eyes. If mysterious lists of ingredients and shady autoship programs make you nervous, however, then you may want to stay far away from Nufinity.

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  1. to all of you out there, the best options is to cancel your credit card and get the replacement card and inform your credit card company about the scam by nufinity company.

  2. This company is a sham. Received the product in a Thursday and they took $200.00 dollars out of our account that following Saturday! Tried contacting them from Saturday until Monday. Finally spoke to someone and was told that the order was taken 14 days prior to when we contacted them!! Told them we received it 2 days prior to calling! They told us to ship it back and that they would cancel future orders. And oh by the way. . They also told us that they charge 19.99 per bottle for a restocking fee!! Are you serious!! This company needs to be shut down!!! I have contacted my bank to make sure no further charges are made to my account!!

  3. folks, I found my credit card get charged $200 yesterday from this company and was wondering what this is all about. I called my credit card company and have this company blocked right away。you should do this and don’t let these scamming companies get away!

  4. I also made the mistake of ordering the free trials and in looking for a phone number to contact the company found the postings from everyone above. I called the company and held forever to speak to someone. I was informed by a young lady, Katie, that I would be receiving the product every 30 days and my credit card automatically charged. I told her to cancel any future orders and I would return the samples. I was told that I had agreed to the contract and open bottles could not be returned. She said that she could cancel future orders but I would have to agree for her to charge my credit card $200 for the trials. I told her that I did not agree and she offered me first a 25% discount and then a 50% discount and asked permission to charge my credit card $100. I refused and told her that I was going to contact the better business bureau and also call my credit card company to stop any future charges. Upon hearing that she told me that she would cancel any future orders and there would be no charge for the trials. I called my credit card company to alert them of the fraudulent company and to note that charges from them should be not be accepted. I am also contacting the better business bureau. I find it very frustrating that a company can get by with scamming innocent people with no repercussion. I believe it to be theft!!

    • Are you speaking of infinity naturals? Omg the same thing happened to me!!! I can’t even believe it. Do you have a contact no. can’t seem to find it. Thanx. Nance

  5. I ordered the trial size only to pay the $5.98 shipping charges. Then I was charged $94.98. When I received my statement, I immediately called and cancelled. The girls’ name that I spoke with was Jennifer, she was rude and loud and told me I DID order that. She finally said she would credit me half back. On my next statement, I received half back BUT she also charged me 3 more times on the same day, almost $300 and the shipping charges. I immediately called my credit card company and disputed the charges. Several days later, I tried to use my credit card, it kept denying the charges. When I called them, they said someone had tried to buy $58.00 worth of Papa Johns Pizza somewhere in Conn. I said no that’s not me. I had no idea who could have gotten my number to do this. Then it dawned on me, JENNIFER, and when I received the next statement, there were 2 more charges, $80 plus dollars for FTD Flowers in IL, also Ettible Arrangements for $90 plus dollars. Had to dispute that. Please tell Jennifer that I cancelled that credit card so she cant use it anymore. I KNOW IT WAS HER!!! YOU SHOULD SCREEN YOUR STAFF BETTER THAN THIS, ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY ARE HANDLING CREDIT CARDS. I ALSO CALLED YOUR COMPANY TO COMPLAIN AND SET YOU ON “HER” TRAIL. CHANNEL 2 NEWS IS NEXT.

  6. I Did not order any more after I received my FREE /4.95 shipping,did not receive anymore ,but there is a98.95 charge on my credit card. WHAT IS GOING ON





  8. Do not get involved with this company…. They are scamming when it comes to cancelling a product shipment. The representatives on the phone do not follow through and cancel any future shipments. Not only were they rude they did not care about what had happened when I spoke to someone who called me and shortly after receiving the FREE trial which is not FREE. If you do not send it back within 14 days of order date you will be charged almost $200 for the product. When I spoke to someone about cancelling future shipments they did not mention I had to send it back to not be charged. They also thought I could tell them if I wanted to continue using the product when I only had it for one day!!! This is truly not a reputable and caring business.

  9. BUYER BEWARE!! I had ordered on a ‘free trial’ online, received the product in 10 days. A friend indicated she had received ‘automatic shipments’ and charges to her account -no indication her trial committed her to a monthly ship & charge. I phoned the company (877-604-2284) immediately (within 15 day of original order), was told there would be no automatic orders or charges. Last week charge appeared on my account & upon contact they assured me my account was cancelled and nothing had been shipped. I checked again today, they have no record of either of my calls and the product had been shipped this morning (convenient timing and I suspect false since this is a Sunday!) A very nice young lady did offer me a 25% refund and I could keep the product just shipped and again cancelled my account. I requested she have a supervisor call me (Monday) and she said she could credit back 50% on a summer special cancellation program instead, processed and I have another transaction number. The sad part of this unethical business handling is the product itself is good. Had I been called after the first shipment to see how I liked it and offered an opportunity to reorder at a reasonable rate I may have continued to use it. Now there isn’t a chance I’d reorder or recommend to my friends.

  10. I cancelled this last month and talked to two separate people that both told me my order has been cancelled, and this month I checked my bank account and they again charged my account 200.00 dollars, looks like a lawyer might need to get involved.

  11. I just hang up with Nufinity screamers they refuse to refund my money and refused to get back their product. They charge me $200. This is their Phone # 877-604-2284.

  12. These Nufinity people need to be shut down! They take your money whether you want the product or not. Then you play hell trying to get it back – even after you have the product returned! Meanwhile they overdraw your bank account!!!

  13. Nufinity is a scam of major proportions. Never and I mean NEVER, give these a$$holes your credit card info. I’m still trying to get back $195 they stole.

    • Anyone wishing to group together and sue? Should I start a web site for all those robbed by Nufinity? Send me your comments.

      • They told me they would give me 25% back I said no then they brought it up to 50% my alarm went off I had to go to work so I said fine. I called back at work told them 14 days was not up they said yes it is .it starts at day of ordering.I am so mad…yes I would like to sue them. Then they told me I could not change my mind because it was recorded..

    • Dispute the charges with your credit card company. They are all aware of this company and this scam. Everyone, Don’t let these thieves get away with this.

    • Sally,

      If you are wanting to not receive anymore Nufinity products, you will need to contact whoever you purchased through. We only provided a review of their products. We do not sell nor manufacturer the products.

      Why is it that you are wanting to not use them anymore? I’m sure our readers would love to hear your review as well.

      — Supplement Police

      • I’ll tell you why! I am now dealing with Nufinity over ‘limited time only’ free samples ad that I answered from my facebook page. I paid for the shipping and the product arrived 3 days ago. NEVER was it mentioned that I had joined a monthly club. The postcard that came with the samples read Thanks for your purchase! There were remarks about how the product worked and a customer service phone number. My bank notified me yesterday that I was overdrawn. I find out the Nufinity had taken out almost $200!!! I NEVER agreed to any shipments! I called the customer service number to stop any shipments and get my money back only to find that that phone number never rings!!! Are you condoning this kind of robbery and scam? I will spend the day with the bank and ANY customer protection agency I can find and possible go viral. I will mention your site and the fact that you recommended it.

        • Cynthia,

          Thanks for leaving a comment. I’m sorry to hear that you are going through all that trouble. There are far to many shady companies out there that don’t let their buyers know up front that they are locked into an agreement. And then make it difficult to back out of.

          But as you will see in the review, we basically ended the review saying you can try if you want, but the shady autoships make it not worth it.

          — Supplement Police

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