NooTracker Review

Ever have trouble keeping track of how many nootropics you’ve taken? NooTracker wants to help by providing a multi-platform nootropics tracking system. Here’s our NooTracker review.

What is NooTracker?

NooTracker is a multi-device nootropics tracking platform. You use it to manually keep track of your nootropics intake over a certain day, week, or month. You input the data yourself, and then the device displays that data in fancy graphs and charts.

The app is free to join and helps you keep track of things like caffeine intake. If you’ve ever been worried that your nootropic stack might be giving you a bit too much energy, then NooTracker can help you safely use the nootropics you love.

But tracking nootropics is only part of the value of NooTracker: the app also collects reviews and ratings for all different types of nootropic compounds.

What kind of energy boost do you get when taking DMAA? How do supplements like fish oil affect your cognitive performance? NooTracker aims to help you answer those questions by providing crowd-sourced reviews and ratings.

How to Use NooTracker

First, you have to create a NooTracker account here:

You’re required to enter an email address for your account, but email confirmation is not necessary.

After setting up your account and logging in for the first time, you’ll be prompted to add your stack. Adding a new stack is as easy as titling the stack then adding the various nootropics to the stack.

You can select your nootropics from a dropdown list that includes dozens of nootropics. After choosing the nootropic ingredient you’re using, you choose the dosage (in mL or grams) as well as the frequency with which you use that nootropic ingredient (daily, 2x daily, or 4x daily).

After creating your stack, you can assess the effectiveness of your stack based on your cognitive performance. Your Account screen has sliders for all of the following performance measurements:

— Mental Energy
Mental Clarity
— Focus
— Memory
— Mood

There are also spots where you can input your Dual n-Back test score or other test scores.

NooTracker is accessible from any internet-connected device and features a mobile-friendly design for use on tablets and smartphones. There are no apps – you just access the site using your mobile browser.

The Nootropic Experience Project

In addition to helping you track your personal nootropics usage, NooTracker wants to help you find new nootropics through the Nootropic Experience Project.

That project involves reading ratings from other NooTracker users based on their experience with certain compounds.

There are dozens of nootropics listed through the Nootropic Experience Project, and popular nootropics like aniracetam have 20+ reviews.

The list features everything from major nootropics like Alpha GPC and Noopept to more obscure compounds like PRL-8-53, Pergolide, and Yambushitake.

Each nootropic page is accompanied by a comments thread that lets users share their experiences. At the top of the page, you’ll see Aggregate Ratings for energy, clarity, focus, memory, mood, and Dual n-Back test scores.

There’s also a “common stack pairings” section where you can see how other users have combined that particular drug with other compounds.

Ultimately, the goal of the Nootropic Experience Project is to build a huge database of user reviews for all of the popular nootropics. It’s a great idea – especially considering that most nootropic reviews come from anecdotal reports on Reddit and other sites. By aggregating all of these reviews into a single place, NooTracker aims to give nootropic users a less biased and more generalized view of how a particular nootropic works.

Who Created NooTracker?

NooTracker was created by a single developer who goes by the name /u/zxlk21e on Reddit (catchy name hey?).

The only reason I know that zxlk21e developed NooTracker is because zxlk21e once commented on a thread on /r/Nootropics with the following:

“Hey – I'm the sole, lonely dev of nootracker. If anyone is interested in helping write some code (lamp stack) / whatever – please get in touch! [email protected] or via PM here.”

That post was made in early 2015. The site itself was launched in 2014. There’s very little other information about the site or its developer available online.

To join NooTracker or check out the site for yourself, visit it here:


  1. I have been taking only starting November 2015. So, almost a month. I have not noticed any increase in cognitive thought or increase mood enhancement. I will not be reordering. Another one bites the dust…..

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