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You might be familiar with the term my brain never shuts off. And, this is true, even when we are sleeping. We know, that attaining deep sleep is important to not only being able to wake up feel rested, but it also helps improve memory among other cognitive functions. So, why is achieving a deep sleep posing such an obstacle for so many people?

Basically, because even when we are sleeping our brains are looking for input messages. It is searching for thoughts even in our resting hours. And as a result, makes it difficult to reach that level of deeper sleep because of the search happening.

What Does Research Say?

Research has shown that efforts like pink noise, including this Pink Noise Generator for Sleep Relaxation made by Noisli Pink Noise Generator is key. When there are pink noises playing while we sleep, it helps the brain relax, because it is no longer searching for input messages.

Without pink noise, your brain is picking up other noises – traffic, trains, animals outside, and so on. The pink noise works to provide a constant soft sound, that stops the brain from seeking elsewhere.

Why Is Noisli Pink Noise Generator Needed?

Pink Noise offers a frequency that is audible to humans. This enables you to boost the lower frequency range and black out any other additional or annoying noises that will disrupt your sleep.

This includes falling asleep easier, and more importantly staying asleep. The pink noise, isn't trying to get you to fall asleep; it's trying to keep you in a very deep sleep where you have slow brainwaves. This is one of our deepest forms of sleep and seems to decline in aging adults.

The pulses created with the pink noise are timed to coincide with your entry into slow wave sleep. They sound to the same beat as your brainwaves, and they seem to increase the effectiveness of your very valuable and very hard to reach, deep sleep. That slow wave sleep is critical for memory consolidation or, basically, your ability to incorporate new material learned that day with old material and memories.

To be clear though, this form sound therapy didn't mean participants slept deeply for longer — it's really about quality over quantity. After all, quality should always supersede that.

Why is Deep Sleep Important?

Without being redundant, attaining a level of deep sleep is where our brains can recharge, improve memory and other cognitive functions. Without this, we might describe our sleep as restless, or intermittent. We do not always realize the noises in and around us consciously, but subconsciously can pick up on so much – and in turn, affect us more than we realize.

Many important physiological processes occur during our deep sleep. And, most deep sleep occurs during the first two (2) sleep cycles, with the greatest amount of deep sleep usually occurring in the first cycle. As the night progresses, deep sleep decreases and is replaced by the lighter stage 2 sleep and there is an increasing amount of REM sleep toward morning.

Deep sleep is extremely effective in decreasing the sleep drive that builds steadily over the course of the day

By rapidly reducing sleep need, this stage of sleep is an especially refreshing part of the sleep cycle, unless you are wakened out of it, in which case you will feel very sluggish and may experience “sleep drunkenness,” during which it is unsafe to drive. With use of the Pink Noise Generator, this can be avoided almost in its entirety.

Ever Wake Up in the Night Time and Wonder Why?

You check the time and realize you still have hours before you need to get up. Chances are there was some type of noise that disrupted your sleep. It may have been a sequence of noises – perhaps an animal in your trash can, or a transport truck down the road. Truth is, whatever it was is not relevant – what is relevant is your sleep was disrupted – and the Pink Noise Generator is a prime way to avoid that from happening in future.

So, whether you are using it to drown out annoying noises, or help you stay in a deep sleep – this Pink Noise Generator for Sleep and Relaxation is a perfect addition to your bedtime routines.

Want to Know More About Noisli Pink Noise Generator?

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