NikoStop – Anti-Stress & Irritability Drops Help Quit Smoking?


In the past century alone, the consumption of cigarettes has increased by more than 400%. Medical research has shown that tobacco consumption is one of the biggest killers of humans, only to be beaten by cancer and other serious medical ailments.

Additionally, many psychological studies have shown that cigarette smoking usually commences in most individuals from an early age as a result of peer pressure. However, as we become older, our body starts to rely on tobacco for a mild hit, thereby making us addicted to smoking.

In order to quit, there are now many products like patches, oils, chewing gums that we can choose from. These items help deliver our body with low levels of nicotine (the active agent in tobacco) and helps to slowly eliminate our dependency on cigarettes.

About NikoStop

NikoStop has been described as an “anti stress oil supplement’ that helps us quit smoking in an easy and sustainable fashion. It achieves this result by slowly eliminating the symptoms which cause us to smoke cigarettes.

In addition to this, NikoStop also contains active ingredients that purify any tar and nicotine accumulations that might have gathered within our lungs and air passages. Other key aspects of this product include:

(i) Focus Improvement:

There are certain stimulants in the mix which help us stay focused and reduce our dependence on cigarettes when we start to experience mild stress or anxiety.

(ii) Sleep + Recovery:

Another important aspect of our well being that NikoStop takes care of is our ‘sleep cycles’ and ‘recovery ratio’. When we are rested, we remain calm and composed throughout the day. As a result of this, we are not forced to smoke every time a challenging scenario presents itself.

(iii) Habit Alteration:

When used as prescribed, this supplement weeds out our need to smoke all the time. It also ensures that we do not form other similar habits so as to compensate for our lack of nicotine intake.

What's Contained Within NikoStop?

The core ingredients which make this formula so efficacious include:

(i) Vitamin Complex:

Each serving of this product comes with a unique Vitamins B1 + B3 extract that has been shown to optimize the working of our nervous system. Other than that, it also helps improve brain function so as to eliminate cravings that can come up in relation to cigarettes.

(ii) Hawthorn:

This natural plant extract prevents the degradation of our blood vessels so that we can remain calm and relaxed.

(iii) B6:

This is an underrated vitamin that has been shown to participate in the synthesis of serotonin. As we all know, serotonin is also referred to as the ‘happy hormone’ because it allows for elevated mood states that make us relaxed.

(iv) Tryptophan:

This is an essential amino acid that helps us remain joyful and in a positive state of mind. Not only that it also elevates our mood, makes us more calm and heightens the quality of our sleep.

(v) Melissa:

Another underrated herb that has been clinically shown to protect our bodies against stress, nervousness and depression that can be caused due to an absence of nicotine in our bodies.

(vi) Lavender:

While many may associate lavender with perfumes, this flower is also known to serve as a powerful adaptogen. It has been shown to possess many potent cleansing powers that can help in the elimination of unwanted toxins that can cause mood swings.

Where Can I Purchase NikoStop?

All orders for NikoStop can be placed on the official company website. A single bottle contains 50ml of the solution and is priced at €39. Payments can be made via safe means like PayPal, MasterCard and Visa.

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