NHT Global – Herbal Beauty Wellness & Natural Health Products?


The need to follow a healthy and natural lifestyle is in demand these days. With the type of lifestyle that we follow, we need to make sure that our health is in check. Bad health not only brings you down but also has a huge negative impact on our looks.

People who have a bad lifestyle tend to look older than people who follow the path of a natural lifestyle. For people who are looking to make a difference in their life and are tired of the same old boring unhealthy lifestyle, this article and the products mentioned could change your life for good. We are sharing with you the quality range of products by NHT Global and how they are different from the other companies that are working in the market.

NHT Global, also known as Natural Health Trends, is a leading brand for beauty and wellness products, and has been famous for helping people in more than 40 countries worldwide.

About NHT Global

NHT Global is a well known global network marketing company dealing in products that can help a person look and feel better. They are based in Rolling Estate, California. The company started their business almost two and a half decades back and has been in business since then, reshaping people’s lives.

This e-commerce organization raised revenue of $20 million in the first year. They launched their centers in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Puerto Rico. With hard work and dedication they have managed to build up trust and recognition amongst people. They have been amazing at the work they are doing and have set benchmarks in the industry. They have helped people become better in their lives and have helped them be successful in their career.

There are a lot of products they deal with and have been a large distributor for years. NHT Global has an amazing team of people working for them in over 40 countries and is proud to say they are one of the highest paying organizations.

NHT Global deals with almost all the products that a person would want to have to reshape their lives. We will discuss further about the products in detail. However, you can also visit their website to know more about this company. You will be landed right on to their webpage, where the details of the company and the products are categorically organized.

NHT Global’s Products

The products of NHT Global are divided into 4 broad categories which are useful for the people in their daily life and help them to make a difference.

To understand more about the product and the benefits it has on people’s lives, we will share with you the information about the products in detail. These products are manufactured by NHT Global, and they are all clinically tested. The products are not only famous in the United States market but have gained recognition internationally.


The most confusing and annoying thing a person comes across while buying a beauty products is to decide whether or not they will work on your skin type, or if they are just claiming to be good but are just another ordinary product that is sold for a very high market rate.

There are many beauty products that are available in the market that promise to make you look younger than before, make your hair healthy and shiny, and treat you dry and damaged skin. But after trying them they are all just useless. On the contrary, the beauty products that are offered by NHT are guaranteed to work. The moisturizing skin lotion, smooth hand creams, face packs and tonics, amazing hair growth, and treatment product are just very beneficial for the customers.

All the face products are amazing and have a magical effe

ct on everybody who uses them on a daily basis. These products are good for the skin and hair. The ageing masks and creams can make your skin look fresh and young. NHT doesn’t make false promises like the other brands which also manufacture products like these and provide results that are not satisfying. These beauty products are completely safe on the skin and cause no side effects to the people who are using it.

The Skin Indulgence range is designed for a younger looking skin. If you start noticing fine lines, wrinkles, or spots on your skin, you know that it is time to add a revitalizing product to your routine. The face cream works like magic and the BioCell mask makes your skin look flawless. The Skin Indulgence Facelift mask has proven to work wonderfully well for customers.

Not to forget the hand cream by NHT Global, the results are just stunning. The creamy moisturizer works amazingly on your dry hands and makes them soft and smooth. Their hair treatment mask adds life back to your dull and dry boring hair, but it is a mask so you have to leave it on for a certain period of time. You can then wash it off and see how naturally great your hair will look.

Other companies claim the same results on beauty products and don’t have any visible effects on the person’s skin. But with NHT Global the results are fair and satisfying. People who use these beauty products are very happy and satisfied with the effects it has left on their skin.


Like we discussed in the beginning of this article, due to our lifestyle these days our health is declining each year. A healthy body means a healthy life. It is very important to stay fit, for our families and for ourselves. There are many factors that can cause adverse affects on a person’s body, and whenever someone discovered one of these factors they should make a course correction and start to follow the healthy road. Sometimes this means depending upon Herbal products for becoming a healthy and fit person?

NHT Global’s Herbal products are great. They are completely safe and powerful in treating your body. These are not like all the other products that you will find in the market

The Herbal products offered by NHT Global are:

  • LivaPro
  • Purus
  • Cordyceps Mycelia Cs-4

These products are for the heart, liver, and kidneys. Let’s take a look at the usage of each product.

LivaPro is an herbal health supplement for the liver. Due to excessive drinking and unhealthy eating habits, people don’t realize but it causes harm to your liver. These supplements are made to treat your damaged and degrading liver. This natural product will help you protect your liver against all liver related diseases.

Purus, this herbal health supplement is for your heart. We all know the importance and need for a healthy heart. With the growing stress levels in our life and the type of lifestyle that we follow, it is becoming more common to develop heart disease. The heart is the main support system of our bodies and it pumps blood to all the other organs. Purus protects and provides you with a healthy circulation system. These are made from strong Traditional Chinese Medicine herbalists.

The last product on the herbal product list is the Cordycep Mycelia CS-4. This herbal supplement is designed for the kidneys. Kidneys are very important and maintain the physiological needs of the body. They help in the filtration of the body’s waste. Everyone knows that one can survive on just one kidney and that dialysis can be a very expensive treatment. So one should take good care of their kidneys and add this supplement to their daily life.

Our health is the most important for us and our loved ones, so it’s better to take prevention when we have the time and strength to do so.

All the above mentioned Herbal products by NHT Global are safe and healthy for the people suffering from any of these diseases. And again there are many similar herbal products in the market which claim to be good for health and protect your body, but are not very effective and are too expensive to afford. You can add these herbal products to your life to help you stay fit and healthy. The products of NHT Global can be easily bought online and you can also visit their website for further detailed information.


These products are designed for women’s health. The lifestyle products by NHT Global are the most amazing and high quality products that one can use. These have successfully made their place in the market as leading products for women’s health and feminine hygiene.

Alura Lux is a women’s intimate hygiene cream that is used for the protection of the vagina. They are paraben free and are the best for women. Ladies don’t have to worry about their personal hygiene anymore. This intimacy cream by NHT Global is completely safe and clinically tested.

This product is affiliated by the Board of Certified OBGYN. Women sometimes struggle with the health and cleanliness of these important areas, but with this intimate cream they don’t need to worry about it anymore as this cream can be applied to maintain lubrication and protect from a variety of vaginal infections.

Lavie is another lifestyle product by NHT Global. It is a substitute for a red wine. This is a healthy supplement made from red grapes.

This product is unique, unlike other harmful chemical based health drinks that don’t provide much but do provide a lot of sugar content to your body. This Natural Health product is perfect for a person who likes to work out or is busy with their tight schedule.

A sip of this drink would give you the amazing flavor of grapes that are picked from France. Apart from being a natural health product you can think of this drink as an alcohol free wine, as the great flavors of grape can bring you the amazing taste of red wine.

These products fall under the lifestyle category of the NHT Global product list, and just like all the other products these are also very beneficial and amazing for the people who are using them.


Like we mentioned in the beginning, NHT Global cares about the health and wellness of their customers. They have an amazing and very effective list of wellness products that are easily available for the customers in more than 40 countries. Some of these products include:

  • Enchanted Essential Probiotics
  • OcuFocus
  • StemRenu
  • Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids
  • ReStor Vital
  • Premium Noni Juice
  • ReStor Silver
  • Cluster X2
  • TriotenTrifusion Max
  • Glucosamine 2200
  • Fiber Rich
  • Engergin

These are all for your body’s wellness, and these supplements can be added to your daily life and can help you lead a healthy and a fit lifestyle. It is impossible to mention the health benefits of all the wellness products by NHT Global, so we will share just a few benefits with you here. You can find information on the rest by visiting the company’s website.

Enchanted Essential Probiotics are used for a healthy digestive system. These are made to fight against the bad bacteria. They give relief to people suffering from gastrointestinal distress and promote intestinal health.

Premiun Noni is a daily supplement for the complete body vitamins and energy. They are in the market for many years now. The people who use this supplement have been loyal to it because of the health benefits. They work at a cellular level.

Cluster X2 is a wellness product that has been beneficial for cell hydration in the body. The water level in the body needs to move freely for the easy transport of the nutrients and vitamins in the body. This Cluster X2 is based on a patented formula that is used by NHT Global. This is a completely safe drink for everybody and beneficial for the body.

The StemRenu is complex energy providing tablets, which has avian egg extracts that rejuvenate the body. These tablets are helpful for people who feel stressed. The substances used to form these tables are great in reducing stress.

Another product that we will share the details about is the NHT Global’s Fibre Rich. This product is rich in fiber, which is very important in our diet for healthy body functioning. This product helps you get a healthy and smooth functioning digestive system and also absorbs the vitamins in the body. People who have been using this product have noticed that the blood sugar levels became better and they lost excess weight. This supplement removes toxic waste from the body and helps a person with regular bowel movements.

People who are suffering from constipation or other digestive system issues can get relief from this product .

Our lifestyles are so twisted these days that we forget how important it is to keep a check on the nutrition that our body requires on a daily basis. There are almost no side effects for these products and they only work in favor of your body. It is a good idea to add these supplements to your body at an early stage of life so that you won’t have to suffer once your body starts aging and declining. The effects have health benefits that will help prevent illness when taken over time.

These products are natural and safe for your body. Anyone can take them and use them on a daily basis for a better, healthier life.

The Wellness Plan By NHT Global Review Summary

All the products of NHT Global are healthy, safe, and super effective. They cause absolutely no harm to the person using these products. Their range of beauty products is very effective on the skin and hair, and the herbal products are used by many people now to ensure a healthy body mechanism. Apart from that the lifestyle and wellness products are also top notch.

This company has been in the market for over 20 years now and everyday they are making new customers.

The people who use the products of NHT Global are very satisfied with what they use. Some say that the prices of the products by NHT Global are quite high from what the competitors have to offer. But the products that NHT Global offers and manufactures are just amazing, natural, and healthy for all.

People who continuously use the products by NHT Global swear by them and often recommend it to their friends and families. For a company which has stayed in the market for more than 20 years, it is important for them to keep the standard of their production high and maintain the quality of the products that they make.

They are operating in more than 40 countries and have been equally famous in the international market as well. Their products are genuine and safe and cause no harm to the people who are using them. When people use these products for the first time they can see how great the effect of these products are on their life.

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