Danette May’s New You 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge


The New You 30-Day Challenge is a diet and workout regimen that allows you to continue consuming many of the foods you love, while still losing the weight you need gone. The program is offered online, and will begin on January 9th, 2017.

What is the New You 30-Day Challenge?

With the New Year arriving, you probably already have a list of resolutions that you want to meet. Physical fitness is almost always included on someone’s list, which is why so many gym and personal trainers get their influx of new customers during the New Year.

You may have struggled in the past to be able to drop the pounds, but worry no longer with the New You 30-Day Challenge.

The New You 30-Day Challenge educates you with the right information to take control of your metabolism and work it to your advantage. Most people that make it their goal to lose weight have a high amount of fat that they need to lose, and that’s what the New You challenge caters to.

Rather than just restricting all the food you eat, you need to change the way your lifestyle is, since that’s the key to sticking with your routine and resisting the cravings you have.

By following this regimen, you can lose weight from every part of your body. You can eliminate fatigue for good, improve your self-confidence, and even make yourself look younger. However, you can’t achieve these effects without having the support of people that New You offers you.

What You Get

The only way to make this program worth any cost is by compiling every aspect of the regimen. With the New You challenge, you will receive access to:

  • The 30-day challenge with a complete step-by-step routine for the next month
  • A gentle workout routine that is effective in reducing the toxins in your body
  • A complete meal plan that dictates everything you need to eat each day
  • A list of ingredients that you will need to purchase from the grocery store
  • An exchange list, showing you the different foods you can use in place of the ones you don’t like or are allergic to
  • Access to a private Facebook group that offers support
  • Various recipes that support your weight-loss efforts, including:
    • Banana Pancakes
    • Chicken Stir Fry
    • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
    • Lemon Chicken Pasta
    • Mango Smoothie
    • Southwestern Grilled Tuna
    • Southwest Scramble
    • Yummy Yogurt Treat

With these tools and these recipes, you can shed those pounds that you promised yourself within the first month of the year.

What You Will Learn from the New You 30-Day Challenge

The New You Challenge is a regimen that is unlike any other, since it has the tools that you need to actually succeed in weight loss. Most companies that promise to do extreme things to your body in a short period, but require that you restrict yourself to an unhealthy degree. The New You challenge doesn’t do this at all.

With this regimen, you skip all the parts that are the hardest on your willpower. You go directly to the biggest changes that you need to make. You will learn:

  • How to train your body to eliminate stored fat and toxic free radicals
  • How to change your slow metabolism
  • How to overcome your cravings at any time of day
  • How to take advantage of the natural way your body works to stimulate weight loss
  • How to gain support and accountability for your actions in weight loss

While you learn these lessons, there’s several big things that are missing from this program, like strenuous exercise and long, unappetizing meals. You may want to work out lightly with this regimen, but it’s not necessary to deprive yourself to succeed.

Pricing for the New You 30-Day Challenge

If you want the keys to successfully dropping 30+ pounds in the next month, your total cost will be $47, but you need to be registered in time to start on January 9th with everyone else. Once you complete the payment, you should have access to the program as it becomes available.

Unlike other programs that offer a ton of bonuses with your purchase, you just get the Challenge. The creator of this regimen has only given the opportunity for a select number of participants, since the program’s lessons are so valuable. If you don’t appreciate the curriculum as it is, this is probably not the one for you.

Return Policy

With any product from this company, you will have up to 30-days to initiate a refund. The program starts soon, but you can withdraw at any point before the time is up if you realize that the regimen does not match your goals.

Contacting the Creators of New You 30-Day Challenge

The New You 30-Day Challenge is one of the many programs that has been created by Danette May, who is always present in the fitness industry with her various workout videos. You can contact her with the form on her personal website, or you can send an email directly to:

The website doesn’t indicate how long you will need to wait for a response.

Danette May's New You 30-Day Review Summary

There are thousands of programs you can engage in to drop the weight that you want gone. Some programs even are sold for over $3,000 to get the same results that the 30-Day Challenge offers you.

You don’t need to waste all that money with a program from another company, especially when you’re already getting it from something that costs so much less. There’s no other program that delivers like the New You challenge, which is exactly why you need to sign up before January 9th, 2017 to secure your place.


  1. I just started the challenge and all the links to the different parts of the program are in my email from Danette May.

  2. Paid for the 30
    Day challenge received 3 responses in my mailbox with no information following the heading “welcome”

  3. this is a HUGE scam I have been charged for THREE deliveries only received two. I have tried to cancel and phones have been disconnected email bounces back. I have never even ordered this product but I am unable to stop it. It happened with someone hacking me. DO NOT get involved with this company

  4. It’s not a scam folks. I’m doing it now! It’s amazing!!! There are help lines and tech support if you’re having trouble. Go to fb for the 30 day challenge. Type #mentor for help.

  5. I had to email her to get the first week meal plan. Now on the second week haven’t received it either. Not sure about this…kinda disappointed.

  6. Can someone pls tell me where to find my 30 day Challenge. .. as of right now I have no clue what I paid 47.00 for! Thank you C-

    • I’m in the same boat. Her Facebook page isn’t working either. Is this a scam? No information and I signed up over a week ago.

  7. I just signed up.. & I have no clue where to find mine!!! I’m sorry I wish I could help you..

  8. Lost my diet plan on week 1 day 5 and following to the tee so really disappointed & would like to continue but not sure how to get the plan for next 2days….any advice????

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