5 Easy Beauty Resolutions for Better Looking Skin in 2017


How to Make Your New Year’s Skin Goals a Reality in Five Easy Steps!

The dawn of a new year means one thing: resolutions. Though we’ve all been guilty of letting our new year’s resolutions slip through the cracks into noncompliance, one desire which can be easily achieved in 2017 is the want for a better skin routine.

We spoke to Tina Alster, MD, director of the Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery, and came up with five of the most important things we can do to get the most out of our skin.

Here are 5 Easy Beauty Resolutions for Better Looking Skin in 2017:

1. Spend More Time in Bed

Sleep is one of the best gifts we can give to our skin. “Resting encourages skin to restore and repair. Anti-aging activity occurs while you sleep– multitasking [has never been] easier,” Alster says. Studies have consistently found that the effects of sleep-deprivation on the skin are harrowing, and never good. The best thing you can do for your sleep? Get some rest this year!

2. But First…Wash Your Face!

It is well-understood that sleeping in makeup can cause infections, clog pores, and present women with a variety of skin-related woes. Too much of a good thing, however, can become a bad thing.

Alster cautions against the over-exfoliation of the skin. Saying that it can cause small “microcuts” which make the problem of acne even worse, Alster views “over-washing” almost as problematic as not washing at all! Additionally, the professional recommends that people keep their phones clean, because “dirt build up can transfer to your face.” In order to most effectively keep the face clean, make sure to wash after every workout, keep the things close to your face (like your phone) clean, but never over-wash.

3. Limit the Samples

“Oversampling can lead to skin irritation and redness,” Alster says. Some products may have fragrances or other ingredients that can cause irritation, or even a breakout! The upside to the threat of a breakout is that many dermatologists are able to measure your susceptibility to a variety of different outside agents.

Once the culprit is identified, your dermatologist can help tailor your skin care based on your individual results. Once you understand where the risk is, feel free to sample as much as you want!

4. Stop Smoking Socially

Even occasional smoking can discolor the skin, teeth, and nails. A key factor which contributes to cancer, premature wrinkles, and even slows wound healing, smoking certainly is on the wrong side of skin health.

Additionally, high-loss and high-gain diet choices like “Yo-yo dieting” are also something to avoid because the repeated weight loss and gain can stretch the skin, causing saggy skin and premature wrinkles.

5. Always Wear Some Sunscreen

One of the most important daily skincare habits to adopt is to wear sunscreen consistently. Even when the weather doesn’t seem to burn the skin, the risk of melanoma and skin cancer still exists.

As a result, wearing sunscreen more often, regardless of the strength of the sun, can help to vastly decrease the risks of terrible illness. A recent study conducted in Australia confirmed the benefits of sunscreen use.

Concluding that individuals who regularly used sunscreen showed a 50% decrease in melanoma rates, the study helps to substantiate the vast benefits offered by sunscreen. Not only does sunscreen prevent skin cancer, but it can also prevent major aesthetic issues like skin abnormalities, textural issues, and even advanced skin diseases.

5 Easy Beauty Resolutions for Better Looking Skin in 2017 Conclusion

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